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Title: Sacrifice

Author: Raythe

Pairing: Kirk/Spock

Fandom: Star Trek XI (2009 Movie) – Abrams Universe

Warnings: Slash, First Time, Romance, AU, WIP

Summary: Set soon after the end of 2009 Abrams' movie. A new home for the Vulcan people has been found, but it is a planet owned by the Cerberus Corporation, a shadowy organization run by a man, Damascus Raine, whose advances James T. Kirk rejected when only a teen. In order for the Vulcans to get their new planet, Kirk must give himself to Raine. Will Spock allow Kirk to make such a sacrifice?

POV: This chapter is done in Leonard McCoy's point of view, but that will change in the next chapters, switching between Spock and James T. Kirk.


Leonard "Bones" McCoy gave out a surprised hiss of breath when James T. Kirk exited the ocean with a surfboard tucked under his right arm. Bones' gasp was not brought on by the fact that the youngest Captain in Starfleet's history was striding towards him with his strong muscular body put on perfect display in his tight fitting wet suit or that Jim's piercing blue eyes and wide welcoming grin made him look even more handsome than usual. After all Bones did not swing that way, but even as a mostly heterosexual male he could appreciate Jim's beauty. No, what caused him to exhale so sharply was not how Jim looked but at what Jim did not look at.

Two string-bikini clad women had walked right by the Captain, practically stepping on Jim's toes. Yet Jim's eyes did not follow them, his head did not turn to track their movements as they strode past, nor did he call after them, 'hello, ladies' which Bones had begun to think of as the Captain's catchphrase. Instead, Jim's gaze remained forward. The easy smile on his lips purely for his friends. It was as if the women did not exist.

"I don't believe it," Bones whispered under his breath.

"What do you not believe, Doctor?" Spock asked, delicately brushing sand off the palms of his hands, the only part of him other than his head that was not covered by clothing. For even though he and Bones had been watching their Captain surf most of the afternoon under the broiling Californian sun, the Vulcan was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt, black pants and knee-high black leather boots.

"I'm surprised you haven't developed heat stroke with all that black on. But you aren't even sweating," Bones groused good-naturedly, swiping at his own sweat-drenched hair.

"You must remember, Doctor, that Vulcan is … Vulcan was … a desert planet. A mild day there was the warmest of your days here. I am actually quite comfortable dressed this way," Spock answered as he continued to remove any remaining particles of sand from his skin. "But you did not answer my question: what don't you believe?"

Bones suppressed a sigh at the Vulcan's attempt to remain neat and tidy despite their surroundings. "He didn't look at them."

"Who are you speaking of?" Spock asked.

This time Bones allowed the sigh to escape. "Jim did not look at the scantily clad women." Then he muttered, "He must be sick. I should schedule a physical for him."

The Vulcan's only reaction was a slight rising of one delicate eyebrow. "Why would Jim look at them?"

"Why would he? Why would he? Good God, man, are you blind, deaf and dumb?" Bones asked, his voice rising. "Jim notices and flirts with anyone that breathes. Especially when they … when they … well, when they have less than their full accompaniment of clothes on."

"Perhaps having the responsibility of Captain has sobered him, quelled other interests," Spock offered.

Bones snorted. "Now that would be the day. I highly doubt the weight of responsibility is doing this to him. Work hard, play hard, has always been Jim's motto. No, there must be another reason. The only thing I can think of is that he must be really interested in someone," Bones stopped, his brow furrowing, "Yet honestly even when he's in a relationship he still looks. I wonder who it is that's completely captured his interest."

"What are you two talking about?" Jim asked as he stuck his board in the sand and sank down onto his towel beside them.

"Ah, nothing," Bones answered quickly. "Did you have fun?"

"Yeah. This Iowa farm boy is doing pretty good at surfing, if he does say so himself," Jim said, his eyes sliding from Bones to Spock as though only the Vulcan's opinion mattered.

"Your performance has improved greatly since you first picked up the sport, Captain," Spock observed.

Bones felt his eyebrows rise as a slight blush heated Jim's cheekbones and he ducked his head at Spock's compliment.

"Jim, remember, Jim not Captain when we're not on duty," Jim corrected. "But thank you. I know I'm hardly a pro, but just being out there, facing nature's fury is …" A wild grin lighted his face. "Well, it's the closest to heaven I will ever probably get."

"You're not that much of a Hellraiser, Jim. I'm sure they'll open the pearly gates for you … especially if you flash them one of your smiles," Bones dryly observed.

Spock's gaze flipped from one man to the other as their teasing banter continued. Bones often wondered what the Vulcan thought of their easy camaraderie, if he felt more a part of the Enterprise's crew or more isolated by it. Spock rarely joined in, merely watched, catching every word. But Jim was intent that even if Spock did not choose to engage with them that he had the opportunity to do so. Bones had no idea why it meant so much to his friend that the pointy-eared finicky First Officer got that opportunity. But what Jim wanted, Jim usually got.

For a moment, Bones had a flash of insight into why Jim might want the Vulcan to be with them all the time, but his thought process was derailed when Jim spoke.

"You've only known me since I joined Star Fleet," Jim responded with a smirk.

"What, you managed to do something unforgivable in diapers?" Bones clucked in disbelief. He was always razing Jim about his age. Jim was 24, only the 17-year-old Pavel Chekov was younger than the Captain. These two made Bones feel ancient at 35.

Instead of a spirited reply, a shadow crossed over Jim's face, his smile dimming slightly, before he said, "You never know, Bones. You never know."