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CHAPTER 1: Going Camping

Zoe tossed and turned in her bed when her alarm clock starting ringing like crazy. It was the very first day of summer vacation and today was the day her and her closest friends Takuya, Kouichi, Koji, J.P, and Tommy will all go camping for an entire week!

"Is it really morning?" Zoe yawned as she sat up "Stupid sun, can't you come up in like an hour from now!" She grumbled and threw a pillow at her window

Zoe then remembered about the camping trip "Oh boy!" She jumped "I better hurry up and get ready; they're picking me up at noon!" She smiled and leaped out of bed

Zoe did her morning rituals and ate a small breakfast before getting out her luggage into the living room to check everything. She pulled out a small clipboard to make sure everything was in check for her camping trip.

"Let's see...Seven days worth of clothing and undergarments…Check!"

"Canned food, can opener, and extra plastic plates and utensils…Check!"

"Emergency survival equipment and cozy sleeping bag… Check!"

"A pan to smack Takuya's head with…Check!" lol

Zoe had everything prepared and it was close to noon, the last thing she had left to do was say goodbye to her mom and dad.

She rushed up to them and gave them a great big hug "I'll miss you guys!"

Mrs. Orimoto patted her daughter's head "Honey, take care and remember to have fun!"

"And dear, if any of those boys tries to make their move on you…Use this" Mr. Orimoto added and handed over a steel pan to Zoe

She pushed it away "Don't worry dad, I got a special pan in my bag to smack them with!" Zoe winked

"Now that's my girl!" Mr. Orimoto smiled proudly

A few seconds later a loud honk came from the pavement…

"Well that's my ride, bye guys!" Zoe waved and ran out the door with her backpack slung around her shoulder, and her luggage bag sliding down the dry cement.

"We raised her right" Mrs. Orimoto sighed

"Yup! Only an Orimoto would smack someone with a special pan like that!" Mr. Orimoto smiled

"I remember when I smacked you with the pan, mister" Mrs. Orimoto giggled

Mr. Orimoto flushed in embarrassment "Oh you never get over that, do you???"

Zoe rushed to the van and was greeted by all her best friends.

Tommy rolled down his window "Zoe, put all your stuff into the trunk and get into the van!"

She grabbed all her luggage and threw it into the trunk "Wow Z, never knew you were so strong!" J.P laughed

"Gee thanks J.P!" Zoe smirked and punched him on the shoulder as she sat in the van next to Takuya.

"Okay brother, you can go now!" Tommy said

The van pulled out of the garage area, and began driving down the street towards the highway.

"Wait, Tommy's brother is driving us?" Zoe asked

"Yup, he just got his license!" Kouichi grinned "And if we ever get into a crash, this van has some good air bags and cushioning!"

"Geez Kouichi you sound like you actually care about that" Koji smirked

Kouichi crossed his arms and lifted his head "Well…Sorry for caring about people's safety!"

Zoe giggled "Kouichi you can be such a nerd!"

Zoe turned around in her seat and saw Takuya staring at the window

"Hey Takuya, are you…thinking?" Zoe asked amazed. Takuya turned to her and smiled "Oh…I was kind of starring at this bug that was following the car…"

"Wow, for I second I thought you were actually thinking!" Zoe smacked her forehead

He gasped "Are you saying I'm dumb!"

"Well, let's just say the light bulb in your head, really isn't going off" Zoe laughed

"What is THAT supposed to mean!?!" Takuya said angrily

"…No really, I don't know what it means" He added

Zoe slapped her forehead "Boy, you really are stupid"

"Now I understand that!"
This will be a LONG camping trip… Zoe rolled her eyes and stared out the window for the rest of the ride

Kouichi nudged J.P "Hey, wouldn't it be funny if we left Zoe and Takuya alone with each other in the forest for the entire week!"

J.P, who was already over his crush with Zoe laughed "Yeah, I think it could actually help them bond together better, or get Takuya killed!"

"I think we should try leaving them!" Kouichi said

"Let's talk more about it later" J.P whispered as he realized Takuya and Zoe were really close, but didn't hear them

After a minute or so Tommy's brother began to talk

"Okay so we're getting near the forest where I'm dropping you off. I'm gonna pick you guys up in exactly one week here at sunset, so in case any of you get lost this is basically the meeting place" Tommy's brother instructed

Zoe yawned since it has been a two hour trip and her feet fell asleep "Finally, I can't wait to get out of this cramped van!"
"Don't we all" Koji smiled

The van finally came to the forest and Tommy's brother parked right where the road ended. Everyone got out and took their stuff before waving goodbye to their driver.

Tommy's brother smiled at them as he drove "Remember to take care, and have fun camping!" he yelled

"Well guys" Takuya grinned

"It's time to go camping!"

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