Ending 2

Sam pulled a clean change of clothing out of the bag and light reflected briefly off of the silver flask Dean had given him for his 18th birthday—"Good for kicking back, or kicking ass." as Dean had put itas Sam tucked the clothes under his arm and replaced the flask. He zipped back up the duffle and cleared his throat as he turned back to Dean.

"Listen, we should go back to the cemetery tonight for Adam. Give him a proper funeral." Sam's eyes flicked around the room, hardly focusing on Dean when they finally stilled on him. Dean just nodded somberly, still sorting through what he was seeing as he continued to look at Sam.

"Yeah." Dean grunted after a quick throat clear. Sam smiled wanly and headed back into the bathroom. Dean watched him go with a heavy heart and a sick feeling in his stomach. Sam seemed to have completely recovered from his close encounter with the ghouls...he looked like a totally different person.

Dean's eyes fluttered closed and he leaned forward to rest his head in his right hand, elbow propped against his knee. He rubbed hard at his face and tried to make sense of how fickle life could be sometimes. Just like that, Sam wasn't familiar anymore. Dean mourned the change as if it had been a complete loss instead. He dropped his chin down and threaded his hand through his sleep-styled hair.

Sorrow gripped icily at his chest and nauseatingly at his stomach. Dean could feel a prickling sensation cruelly teasing his sinuses. A moment later, the always paired pressure pushed at the back of his eyes. It wasn't fair. Just a day before, he'd had Sam—his Sam—back. But today...Dean pulled in a shaky breath and looked towards the sound of the shower starting behind the bathroom door. What the hell had taken place during the night? What had caused Sam to do such a complete one-eighty while Dean slept unknowingly? Dean had gone to sleep feeling so content, peaceful in a way he hadn't felt since he had set eyes on Sam for the first time in four months and felt him in his arms, solid and real. But night makes a fool of us in day light. The lyrics came unbidden to Dean's mind. He had no idea where he had heard them, but he was unable to ignore the truth they held nor the significance they had to his current predicament.

He had woken up to find his contention quickly shattered and his world completely turned upside down again and he did feel like a fool. A fool for convincing himself that this was a new beginning for him and Sam. For thinking that they had gotten back across every mile of ground that had separated them for the past year. Did Sam even remember any of that? The apologies? The unspoken and mutual forgiveness? His behavior? Dean's heart gave a achy pound. Or had Sam just been too out of it to have control over his actions?

The muscles in Dean's jaw hardened as he teeth firmly met with a click. "No." That hadn't been just some loopy victim the night before. It had ben Sam, one-hundred-percent-in-his-true-state-of-mind Sam. "You're still in there somewhere, Sammy. I saw you. And you can't hide forever." Dean brushed absently at his eyes, threw the blankets back, and pushed himself out of bed. He began moving around the room retrieving his various scattered belongings and putting them back into his duffle, fueled by duel forms of motivation. Frustration, that Sam was still somewhere in there, but for some reason was deciding to hide. Hope, that he was in fact still there to hide in the first place.

Dean would come up with something. He didn't know what, but he would. He could wait. He would figure out what it was that was keeping Sam locked away inside himself and he would find a solution that would bring his little brother back out into the open, once and for all. Dean always swore he would protect Sam no matter what. Even if it meant protecting Sam from himself.

The End



And there's ending number two. Admittedly their both almost exactly the same, but as I was writing, they both just sort of...came out, so figured there was no harm in allowing the option.

The "unbidden lyrics" were from the song Yes! by Coldplay. And there's a short story behind its usage. I do realize there are multiple self-harming things Dean would rather do than be caught dead listening to Coldplay, but as I was writing this, those exact lyrics actually came "unbidden" to my mind, so I sort of ran with the idea. And actually that song always reminded me of the Boys, so it worked out kinda cool.

Cookies for anyone who caught which song it was while reading; )

Anywho, for those who might have read both...which one did you like better? Either?

Anywho, I hope ya'll liked the story! I know it was a bit over the top with the broness, but I was trying to make a point...and like I said, I'm deprived...and I'm prone to go overboard when that happens. Tehe:D

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