Hey guys so Don't Touch Me was written by (me) Alisa but the sequel will be written by both me and Roxanne (Roxymar). So the updates will take a little longer but the chapters will be longer and more edited and more thought out and just better…. we are really excited to be writing this and have been brainstorming a lot… anyway we are excited enough for everyone about this story…so obviously for this story to really make sense you need to read don't touch me first…but trust me it is worth it cause this story has a lot of crazy twist you will never see coming in it. Oh and Also Ali (who shares this account with me) will also be betaing for us when she has time.

School started in less then a week and I couldn't be more excited. I was going to college, a dream I never thought would become a reality for me less then two years ago. But here I am at college! Living with my brother, my boyfriend Edward and my best friend Alice. Rose and Jasper decided college was not for them, so Rose and Jasper (along the help with their parents) were opening their own club. Actually it was set to open this Friday and the whole gang was going. Jasper was going to be in charge of the financial aspects of the club while Rose would be in charge of hiring and she would also work as a bar tender.

I still keep seeing my psychologist once a week though we both agree I have made enormous progress. Edward comes to our sessions every once and a while though I really don't like it when he does. But I never protested because I know it helps him worry less when he knows what is going on with me. I just feel like sometimes he is just to damn protective. I feel like he never lets me have any fun anymore and he's always looking at me like I could break any second.

I am stronger then anyone really gives me credit for. I mean, Edward won't even kiss me like he use to. Thanks to Dr. Fetto, my psychologist. See, Edward came to one of my sessions with me. Everything went on as usual, but then he asked if there was anything he could do to help. Dr. Fetto just suggested that he shouldn't move too fast with me. Edward took that suggestion very literally. He doesn't even kiss me the way he used to!] I sometimes just want to scream. I want to just roughly grab him by his messy bronze hair and shake him until he understands I am not that damn breakable. I am stronger then he really gives me credit for.

But other then the whole my boyfriend is afraid to touch me, things are great. Dr. Fetto gave me a new journal to write in when I am feeling over stressed or at my breaking point. But she also encouraged me to write in it good things or happy times I remember. I even titled my journal 'Learning to trust.' This way it is not full of just depressing stuff, like my last one. Dr. Fetto has helped me so much, even if she did kind of screw me over with Edward and the whole kissing thing. But that's all ok, I should soon be off my meds in a month and Edward will have not choice but to see I am not breakable.

Tonight is movie night and that means we are all going to Blockbuster after Emmett gets back from the gym. Speaking of which, I think I just smelt Emmett walk in. Emmett really does smell horrible after he goes to the gym; I am not sure how Rosalie can stand a man who can stink so badly. I mean I am in my room with the door closed right now and I can smell Emmett.

"Hey Bells….miss me?" Emmett said as he swung open my door and crossed the room to hung me. His shirt had sweat rings that went from his armpits to his waist. His face was glistening with oil and did I mention the smell! He smelt like he just went dumpster diving though used baby diapers.

"Don't take one step closer Emmett Swan or I will-"

"Or you will what Bella?....you have nothing to threaten me with little girl, I hold all the cards!" Emmett said trying to stifle a laugh and at that Emmett lunged across the room at me and engulfed me in a smelly sweaty gross hug and I let out a shrill scream.

"STOP!! PLEASE STOP" I pleaded

"What's wrong-" Edward said sprinting into the room with a bat. But laid it down once he saw it was only Emmett. See what I mean extremely over protective! he came running to my room with a bat. Just because I let out a little scream….I mean seriously who did he think could get into our house with the 3 dead bolts he had just installed?

"Emmett…stop it…she doesn't like it." Edward said sounding a bit retarded…I mean of course I didn't like it. Who would like to be hugged by a sweaty Emmett?

"Oh lighten up Edward….we were just having some fun…well let's go to blockbuster!" Emmett said sound a bit like a 5 year old.

"We'll get kicked out if you don't take a shower first….I am pretty sure Blockbuster has a policy that if you smell like a rotting rat your not allowed in." I said flatly to him trying to get away from his smell that now covered me. "Plus I think I need to take one to get your smell off me!" I said rather annoyed but still playful.

"Oh fine….party pooper!" he mumbled. And with that Emmett left the room.

Once I thoroughly scrubbed Emmett's smell off me, I headed to the living room where I found everyone waiting on me and talking about Rose and Jasper's club.

"Are we going to get a VIP table Friday?" Emmett asked for like the 100th time.

"No Emmett, everyone but you because you asked too many damn times." Rosalie snapped at him. Though I couldn't really blame her, that's all Emmett asked for the past week.

"Hey…you guys ready?" I said making my presence known to try and break some of the tension in the room.

"Yea let's go!" Emmett said completely ignoring that Rose had just snapped at him.

Edward took me in his car and everyone else went in Emmett's jeep. While we all could have squeezed into Emmett's jeep, Edward insisted on him and I taking his car because it was quote "safer". And while I am sure that was part of his reasoning, I also know that another part of it was that he thought I could not handle being packed into any place that tight due to how I use to react so badly to people touching me. Edward insisted and I never protested because it was a nice thought. But all his 'nice thoughts' were starting to wear on my last nerve. I mean know he's just trying to be caring boyfriend, but I have to draw the line somewhere. I'm an adult now after all.

We got to blockbuster and I joined everyone in the new release section. Everyone started picking out the movie they wanted to watch and then we would all vote in the end on the winning movie.

I picked "the grudge", Alice picked "Marley and Me", Rose picked "Hell rider", Jasper "Mr. and Mrs. smith" (but that was no shock for some reason he loved that movie), Emmett picked "scary movie 5" and Edward as always picked a movie that was rated G, no not PG, just G because he didn't want anything to ever be remotely sad or scary around me. He thought it would 'push' me over my limit. Edward picked out wait for it…wait for it…Aladdin.

"Seriously Edward, Aladdin" Emmett mocked "Do you really think any of us are going to vote for Aladdin?"

"Hey it's a good movie." Edward lamely defended his lame movie choice. It was times like this I just wanted to scream.

"ok…ya….well time to vote, all in favor of my movie?" and Emmett was the only one who voted for his movie. "Fine ok all those in favor of the movie Jasper picks every single stinking time?"

"Hey this is the new extended version…its got extra scenes and behind the scenes footage!" Jasper stated excitedly. But still no one but Jasper raised their hand.

"Ok now for Alice's…..Rose's" But Rose did not even vote for her video.

"Ok Bella's" At this both Rose and I raised our hands. We had originally picked out the same video, but she just picked up another one to make Emmett happy and not throw a fit that everyone had not picked out their own video. This is one of the many stupid rules Emmett had for things.

"Ok well then the grudge it is" Emmett said placing all the other movies back onto a random shelf.

"Are you guys sure you really want to watch that, um I mean it is like rated R. And I mean, it's rather graphic and I just think a different movie would be better you know?" Edward said sounding like a complete idiot.

"We are all 18 over here, so we'll be fine Eddie" Emmett teased.

"And…if you're really that scared I am sure Bella will hold your hand" Rose shot back at Edward.

Edward quickly crossed over to me and whispered in my ear, "Want to go out to dinner instead of watching the movie?"

"I picked out the movie Edward I'll be fine." I whispered back at him. I picked this movie on purpose because I wanted to prove to Edward I could handle a scary movie and not freak out.

Gosh he really needed to let go a little or I was going to go insane and god only knows what I would do then. Man I can't wait till Friday when we go to Rose and Jasper's club!

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