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As the streetlights began to one-by-one turn on across Japan, what seemed to be a boy feel from the sky. He was hurtling towards earth, his eyes closed, and his face set in a small frown. As he neared the roof of a skyscraper, his eyes opened. He twisted himself upward, and a pair of large black, leathery wings, that looked as if they belonged to some sort of large bat, unfurled from his back. They began to flap, and slowed his decent so that he lightly landed on the roof. They disappeared into his shoulder blades (Revealing two large rips in his shirt, but no blood,) and he walked to the edge of the roof. He whispered to himself:

"I finally made it."

And with that he jumped off, falling about 100 feet, before large white feathery wings unfurled from where the bat wings of earlier had been. They flapped and he flew forward and a bit upwards, letting out a large, excited shot, and he twirled around, doing tricks and flipping. He flew off to a place where he knew he could stay.

"Misha-san, let go of Kotaro-chan!"

"But I'm happy'su!"

"Seriously Misha-san, get off of me!"

Kotaro was on the floor, Misha with her arms wrapped around him. Koboshi was trying her best to separate them, but was failing.

"Doesn't that get a little old Kotaro-chan?" Takashi asked from above.

"It was old when it started! I don't have a choice though, do I?" Kotaro shouted Angrily from the ground.

"Excuse me." A voice asked. Everyone turned their heads to see a boy with snow-white hair, and deep black eyes. He had a rather handsome face, and was wearing a uniform.

"Hey." Takashi said casually.

"Hi. Can you tell me where the sixth grade class is? I'm supposed to see the teacher." He said casually.

"Yeah. We're in there, so I can show you." Kotaro said from the ground.

"Although, it looks like you're a bit busy right now. Maybe someone else." The boy said with a nervous smile.

"I'll take you." Takashi said with a smile, starting to lead the boy towards the school.

"Don't leave me!" Kotaro pleaded. Takashi laughed and walked away with the boy.

"So what's your name?" He asked.

"Morai." The boy told him.

"Morai? Are you a new student or something?" Takashi asked.

"Yup. I just transferred." Morai said with a smile.

"From where?" Takashi asked.

"Well... Let's just say it's a foreign school" Morai told him.

"Oh…" Takashi said blankly.

"So…" He said casting around for a topic. "What's your family like?" Takashi asked.

"Well my Mom and Dad are pretty much the two most different people you'll ever meet, but they both love each other a lot. It's kinda hard to explain. And I have 7 brothers and 10 sisters." Morai said.

"Wow! So you have 17 siblings? Your parents must be pretty wealthy to take care of all of you!" Takashi said in amazement.

"Well, some of them were born before my Mom and Dad met, so I have half-sibling too, but yeah, 18 siblings. My Dad's the head of a big company, and my Mom is the head of a competing business. So either way, one of them gets a big pay, and me and my family can live comfortably." Morai said happily.

"Your family's amazing Morai. My parents are just normal people. Sort of." Takashi said with a sigh. Morai laughed at this. The two talked more as they made their way to the classroom. They walked in to see their teacher writing on the board. He turned around.

"Ayanokoji? What is it?" He asked.

"Uh, I'm Morai Tenkuma. I'm a transfer student." Morai spoke up.

"Oh Tenkuma, right. I got a notice about you. Thanks for coming, but it wasn't really necessary. You can just wait outside the door for now. Class is about to start, and I'll introduce you when everyone's here." The teacher said as the bell rang. Morai bowed and exited.

"So you made friends with Morai?" The teacher asked.

"Yup. He's pretty cool." Takashi said, taking his seat. The class slowly filed in, each taking a look at the white-haired boy leaning casually against the wall outside the room. They were whispering to each other, some girls giggling, and then Mitarai came in.

"Ayanokoji! I, Hiroshi Mitarai, am impressed that you came to class so early, but you still cannot beat me with your futile attempts to suck up to the teacher!" He yelled passionately. Morai listened interestedly as he heard the yelling from outside.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Takashi said casually. The teacher interrupted before Mitarai could respond.

"Take your seats everyone. Go on, sit down. Alright class, today, we have a new student joining us from-"

"Another new student? I, Hiroshi Mitarai, am supposed to be the new student here! I will not allow another to upstage me!" Mitarai yelled.

"Well it's not up to you, so please stop yelling and behave!" The teacher said angrily. Mitarai bowed his head.

"As I was saying, his name's Morai Tenkuma, and he transferred here from another country." The classroom instantly started buzzing with whispered conversations.

"Settle down! Alright Tenkuma, you can come in." The teacher called, and in walked Morai.

"Hi, I'm Morai Tenkuma, and I'm glad I could be here. I hope we can all get along, and I hope I don't cause too much trouble for you all." Morai said happily, with a slight nervous tone. " "I'm one of 19 children, I moved her from America, my parents are wealthy, and my hobbies are piano, basketball, fencing, and cooking." Morai said, introducing himself. The class remained silent. When the teacher told him to take a seat, he walked to a seat near Takashi and sat down.

"Alright class, today, I've planned a pop quiz for you." The teacher announced. The class groaned as one.

"Don't worry, it shouldn't be hard for those who study like they're suppose to. Tenkuma, you don't have to take it if you don't want to, since I know that American education is different. You might not be as far along as we are in math and-" Morai cut the teacher off.

"No, I'm fine with taking the quiz." Morai said happily. The teacher shrugged and handed him a test, while the class stared. They slowly started working, with Takashi finishing first, then Mitarai. Mitarai looked smug as more and more students passed by, while Morai continued to work on his paper.

"So Takashi, how do you think you did?" Morai asked Takashi casually.

"Ten-chan always does the best out of everyone in class." Koboshi piped up.

"Oh really? Interesting." Morai said with an interested smirk. "Well then I guess you better get used to 2nd."

"We'll see about that. And who knows, maybe Mitarai will make you his "Eternal Rival" just like me." Takashi said sarcastically.

"Eternal Rival?"

"Don't ask." Takashi said with a sigh.

"Well anyway, I can't wait to see what kind of people I'll be competing against. Although my old classmates were lazy morons, so I guess I might have to work to keep my place."

"Just like me! I barely study, and I get the top grades." Takashi bragged.

"It's true. He helps us sometimes with things we don't understand. But he's still and idiot when it comes to anything else. Right Koboshi-chan?" Kotaro said with a smile.

"Yup. And even though he tries to act cool, he's an even bigger idiot around Shia-chan!" Koboshi said with a smile.

"Hey, don't say stuff like that!" Takashi said angrily.

"Who's Shia-chan Takashi? I didn't think someone like you would set your eyes on one girl." Morai said, a playful grin on his face.

"I don't like her like that!" Takashi yelled. They laughed.

"Hey quiet! There are still tests out!" The teacher scolded them. They apologized, and stopped talking.

"So what did you bring for lunch Kotaro-chan?"

"Eh? Oh Shia-chan made me lunch today."

"Shia-chan made you lunch again? Lucky!"

It was lunch hour, and many of the students were worried about test scores, talking about it while eating whatever food they had brought with them. It reminded Morai more of what his brother described High School as then of an Elementary School.

Morai watched silently as the three friends talked to each other.

"So Morai, what did you bring for lunch?" Takashi asked.

"Me? I made my own lunch. It's not much, but I like it." He said, pulling out a small bag.

"What? You're parents are rich! Surely you can do better than that! Here, have some of Shia-chan's food! She's a great cook." Takashi said cheerily, taking some of Kotaro's food out from the box.

"Hey! Don't go offering my food to other people!" Kotaro said angrily.

"It's okay, I'll just go on with my sandwich." Morai said with a smile.

The four talked for a while, and they told each other all about what kind of friends they had, while Morai told them about his siblings. After a while, Morai started to dig into his backpack. He pulled out a a few boxes wrapped in cloth. He handed one to each of his three friends.

They looked at them for a while, and when they opened them, they revealed three decorated desserts.

"What are these?" Kotaro asked.

"I like to cook, so I thought I'd bring some for school. A sandwich is great, but it's boring."

Takashi's had a cake that was made in the shape of the Yin-Yang symbol, but instead of the dots in the centers, there was an angel in the dark side, and a demon in the white side, and Kotaro's held a large cherry pie, with chocolate crust and whip cream, with a strawberry on top.

Koboshi's held a red box. In it had rows and rows of multi-colored and different shaped candies.

"Wow!" They exclaimed at once.

"These look really good. You seriously made these yourself?" Takashi asked in amazement.

"Yup. I've had one of our chefs give me lessons since I was 6."

The three stared at him in disbelief.

"What? I like to cook." He said defensively.

"Wow…" They all said, and went quiet. They sat in silence for a minute or two, until Morai asked loudly, "Alright, why is everyone so quiet?"

"Sorry, sorry, just got caught up in the moment." Takashi said with a smile.

"Sure… Whatever." Morai said with a confused expression, and finished the last bite of his sandwich as the bell rang.

After school ended, Morai waved goodbye to the others and walked home with Kotaro.

"So you and your family live in the same apartment building as me?" Kotaro asked.

"No, just me. My parents and my siblings are still in Japan. But I got tired of changing houses where it took me a month to find everything, so I decided to get a small place. Which is how I found your apartment building." Morai told him.

"Oh okay. It just seemed like a big coincidence." Kotaro said. Morai and Kotaro began talking for awhile, and said goodbye when they got there. Kotaro wasn't exactly sure why Morai stopped outside the building, but went into his room anyway.

As soon as he was sure no one was looking, Morai expanded two white, feathery wings, and flew straight to the roof. He lightly landed on top, and his wings folded back. He sighed, and walked to the center. He sat down, closed his eyes, and crossed his legs Indian style. He focused hard on something, and suddenly felt a jolt go through his body.

"So there are some here. I'll drop by to see them tonight. But for now, time to go have some fun." Morai whispered to himself. He stood up, walked to the ledge, and jumped off.

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