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As Morai walked up the stairs, he started to regret using so much demon power. It was fun and all, but it caused his body to overload on demon energy, so that his angel wings couldn't come out until his body went back to normal. Until then, he had to hide his demon wings under a jacket, and act like a normal human. His demon wings couldn't fly like the angel wings, so he was stuck taking the stairs. It didn't occur to him until after he reached the roof that he could have just teleported.

"Damn. I hate when that happens." He cursed under his breath, and went over to the bed that he had moved up there when no one was looking, and plopped down on it, putting his arms behind his head and looking at the stars. He turned his head to the T.V. that he had brought with the bed, and turned it on with the remote.

"And just minutes ago, a minor earthquake erupted where I'm standing. No aftershocks are expected, and there are no casualties. Although it seems normal, some authorities believe that it had a more sinister cause. For all the late breaking news, this is Late Night News."

"Idiots. Sinister cause my butt. It was just a little fun. No one got hurt." Morai said angrily at the T.V., turned it off, and heaved a large sigh.

"Man, humans need to learn to loosen up. I could have done a lot worse than that." Morai said casually, and lifting himself off of his bead.

"Well, I guess I should go pay them a visit. They should at least know what I am." Morai said. Grabbed some bags from his backpack and opened the door leading downstairs, and walked down the stairs. He stopped on the third floor, and knocked on one of the doors.

A girl with short black hair and black eyes, who was wearing an apron answered it.

"Hello?" She asked.

"Hi, I'm Morai Tenkuma. I just moved in and although I'm new here, I thought I'd get to know some of my neighbors." Morai said with a smile. The girl smiled back and let him in. Morai bowed and walked in, looking around.

"Nice place. Much better than mine." Morai said immediately.

"It's not mine. I live here with my friend."

"Oh, well I still think you should have some credit. Judging by that apron, I'm guessing you do a lot of work around here." Morai said. The girl blushed.

"Oh well, I guess you could…"

"Shia-chan! Who's at the door'su?" A voice called.

"I-It's just a new neighbor Misha-san!" Shia called back.

"Wait a minute… Shia… That seems familiar." Morai said suddenly, trying to remember where he had heard that name before.

A girl with long pink hair appeared in the hall.

"New neighbor'su! Yay'su!" Misha exclaimed excitedly and ran forward, and began shaking Morai's hand very forcefully and saying random things like: "Hi'su! What's you're favorite color? Where do you live? What's your name? Are you happy?" And things of that nature.

"Um… Blue, On the roof, Morai, and sort of." Morai said blankly. Misha's face brought back a memory.

"Oh yeah! That's where I recognized your name Shia! I heard Takashi and those other guys talking about you. Something about you and Takashi." Morai said.

"Oh yeah'su! You're that boy from earlier! Nice to meet you'su!" Misha said excitedly.

"Nice to meet you too Misha-san." Morai said with a slightly freaked out smile.

"Why don't we have a seat in the living room. I'll make us some tea" Shia said with a smile.

"Sounds really nice." Morai said, and followed the two into the living room. Shia hurried into the kitchen, and began making tea. Morai looked around while Misha bounced up and down in excitement. They waited for a few minutes until Shia brought in a tray of tea cups. She filled two cups and gave them to Morai and Misha.

"Why don't you have some Shia-san?" Morai asked.

"Well, I didn't want to use too much. It's getting expensive." Shia said quietly.

"Nonsense, here I'll make you some with tea ingredients of my own." Morai said, standing up.

"No no, you're a guest." Shia said. Morai sighed and sat back down.

"Well at least have some." Morai said, offering Shia his cup.

"Shia-chan can have some of mine!" Misha said, practically forcing her cup into Shia's hands.

"O-okay." Shia said. All three smiled. Morai took a sip. He set his cup down and began to talk.

"So… I have something to tell you guys, but first I need to explain something else." Morai said.

"Okay." Shia said happily.

"Alright. Well, do either of you know about that earthquake from earlier tonight?" Morai asked. The two nodded.

"Well… That was me." Morai said quickly. Shia and Misha became confused.

"Now, you both know about the demons and angels and all that stuff." Morai began.

"How did you know about-?" Shia began.

"Let me finish. Well, how I know about them is because I am one." Morai said, taking off his jacket to show his demon wings. His shirt was ripped where they protruded from his back.

"You're a demon'su?" Misha asked.

"Wow." Shia said quietly.

"Welll actually I'm-"

"So, you're a demon kid?" A voice asked. Morai looked around, wondering where the voice came from.

"Down here."

Morai looked down, and saw Nyaa looking at him.

"Uh, did you're cat just talk to me?" Morai asked Shia.

"I'm no cat!" Nyaa said angrily.

"Oh yes, I forgot about that other black fuzzy whiskered animal." Morai said sarcastically, forgetting that he was arguing with what he thought was a cat.

"I meant I'm a demon in disguise!" Nyaa yelled.

"Seriously? A demon cat?" Morai asked with a smirk.


"Alright, alright! I get it you're a demon, not a cat. No cat. Got it." Morai said.

"Anyway," Nyaa said, trying to cool down, "Did you say you caused that earthquake?"

"Yeah." Morai said.

"Well it was pathetic." Nyaa snapped at Morai. A vein twitched on Morai's head, and he snapped his fingers. Nyaa let out a yelp as electricity passed through his fur.

"Now what was that about my earthquake?" Morai asked menacingly.

"It was weak! No casualties! No one hospitalized! Not even one concussion! What kind of demon causes an earthquake without any one getting hurt?" Nyaa said angrily.

"I'm not a demon." Morai said.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I'm not a demon. At least, not a full one. That's what I was trying to say before you showed up." Morai said, sitting down again.

"You're aware that 20 years ago, something weird happened. It was an event that no one had ever seen before then. An angel and a demon had gotten married."

"I know that. I still hate that man. Marrying an angel, what was he thinking?" Nyaa said.

"Don't talk about my parents that way." Morai said angrily.

"You're parents? You're the kid of those two? " Nyaa asked in shock.

"Yes. I'm one of 18 kids actually. I'm half-demon, half-angel. I'm the 12th of my kind in existence. That's why I didn't hurt anyone. My good angel personality prevents me from hurting people. I can go crazy if I kill someone. But thankfully, that's pretty much the biggest effect my angel side has on me. And my powers don't affect each other very much." Morai explained.

"You've gotta be kidding me! A boy with a part angel personality caused more havoc than my own apprentice?" Nyaa said angrily.

"Not only that, but I let my secret about angels and demons get out faster than she did. I'll show you my powers tomorrow if you want. I usually have a new way to use my powers every couple of nights.

"Hmmm…" Nyaa said, deep in thought. He apparently made up his mind.

"Fine. We'll see tomorrow just how good of a demon you are. And maybe Shia will get something out of it." Nyaa said officially.

"Alright then." Morai said, standing up and heading for the balcony.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow." And with that, angel wings burst out from the holes in his shirt, and he flew up to the roof.

"What a weird kid." Nyaa said, walking back inside.

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