Sasuke's Lesson

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***********************HylianHeroine2*********************** "No! Itachi nii-san, I'll be good!" Sauske whimpered as Itachi Uchiha dragged him by the arm through the deserted streets of the hidden leaf village. "Your time for arguing and pleading is over Sasuke." Itachi answered quietly.

Sasuke didn't like it when his brother got quiet like that. It usually meant Sasuke was in trouble. Itachi and Sasuke arrived at the Uchiha compound in a matter of moments.

Itachi dragged Sasuke into their house and sat Sasuke on the couch and said "You wait right here and Do Not Move." Itachi left to tell his Aunt and Uncle that Sasuke was found and returned safely. He walked slowly back to the house in order to calm himself, he didn't want to punish Sasuke when he was angry. The result was a wailing Sasuke and a guilty Itachi.

After counting to ten itachi walked into the house and confronted sasuke. "Now sasuke I have but one question and I want you to answer it truthfully you know how I feel about lying." Sasuke gulped and nodded. "Good, now why did you run off like that? You had me worried sick".

Sasuke straightened up and said with a little attitude. "You said I could do anything I wanted because mother and father are not here." Itachi looked Sasuke in the eye with a glint of dissatisfaction and said with a cold tone, "Do not use that back talk with me, mother and father may not care but I do, so cut the attitude!

"Yes brother." Sasuke gulped.

"Now, yes I did tell you that but that doesn't mean you can run off into the village by yourself." Itachi stated "Don't you like it how I get to watch you and not auntie?"

"Of course brother! Sasuke felt tears welling up and tried to blink them away.

Itachi inwardly smiled that got Sasuke every time; he knew how sasuke hated it when auntie shoved cookies and other sweets down his throat. Which is why Sasuke now extremely disliked sweets.

"Look I want you to relax around me and see me as the best friend you want, but tonight you probably took what was rest of my youth away." Itachi said. Sasuke whimpered and a tear fell down his scuffed up face. "Sasuke I'm going to have to spank you." Itachi said sitting down and pulling sasuke up off the couch. Sasuke went owl eyed and started to try and pull away "No please itachi nii-san don't! I'm sorry!"

"I'm sorry sasuke but I have to." Itachi said pulling his brothers shorts down and then pulling sasuke over his lap. "Itachi, I'm too old to be spanked! "Sasuke cried trying to get up.

"Sasuke Uchiha until you cannot fit over my lap you are never too old to be spanked." Itachi said pulling his brothers underwear down to meet his shorts. "Sasuke give your free hand." Itachi said. Sasuke obeyed and clung to his brother's leg like his life depended on it. I'm sorry sasuke I'll make this quick. Itachi thought.

Itachi swatted to the upturned bottom and more stinging flesh on flesh swats fell. Smack! Spank! Swat! Smack! Itachi didn't miss a beat swatting each cheek an even amount of times in a pattern.

"Wahh! Please Itachi nii-san no more I'm so sorry." Itachi knew to start the lecture and lifted up his left leg a little and started to spank the sensitive under curve. He knew Sasuke would be hurting for a few days. "What is this spanking for Sasuke Uchiha?"

"F-for running off and worrying y-y-o-o-u-u-u! I'm sorry!" Sasuke wailed. A dozen more swats fell then it all stopped. Itachi rubbed Sasuke's back a said calming words. "Shh! It's okay now, I have you."

"I'm sorry nii-san." Sasuke cried quietly Itachi carried his worn out brother to his bedroom and placed him on his stomach. "Good night my foolish little brother." Itachi smiled and turned out the lights.