I Told You I Have A Boyfriend!!


Naruto is sick and tired of his coworkers hitting on him everyday, he has a boyfriend for crying out loud! He told them every time someone tries to hit on him, but they just don't listen, so when Naruto tells his boyfriend whats been happening it was final straw, in the morning, he, Itachi Uchiha was going to teach them, not, NOT ever hit on Naruto again. To bad that the more possesses ones aren't giving up...

Pairing: ItaNaru

Wow a story that is yaoi but not SasuNaru, this is a first…. O.o

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Chapter 1: Final Straw

Black eyes went to the door as they lifted off the newspaper he was reading, he heard the screeching of a car and the slamming of a car door, he heard the cussing and swearing from the person who was getting closer to the small house, the man put the newspaper down and sipped his coffee.

He then heard the door being kicked open and then slammed fast shut, he heard the cussing and swearing closer, and his eyes looked to the doorway to see a young, beautiful, golden haired, sapphire blue eyed, man with tan skin looking like he was going to kill someone, let the wolves eat the body, and whatever was left he was going to dump in a toxic landfill and then hide the body in the sewers after he was done.

He saw his angel throw the car keys on the table, and kick his shoes off sending them flying far into the house, he the heard his angel yell "THOSE FUCKING BASTARDS! I SWEAR TOMORROW I AM GOING TO KICK THEIR NO GOOD FUCKING ASS WHEN I GET BACK TOMORROW, THEY'LL WISH THEY NEVER MET ME!!" Itachi Uchiha sighed softly as he saw his 'Angel' swear like a sailor again, he smirked and thought 'Angel my ass, damn angel is a devil in bed when he wants to be…'

He then said to the swearing young man "Let me guess, they hit on you today again?" Itachi, looked at his lover of five years, everyday since his angel got a job at Konoha Photography he had come home almost everyday pissed off for the past two years, why? Well, some bastards at the work seem to keep hitting on him, no matter how many times he said he has a boyfriend, but it seems that they just don't seem to get it.

But lately when Naruto Uzumaki came home pissed, Itachi would be pissed too, he remembered that last week Naruto told him that the males and females of his work have gotten more daring, they would touch him in places only Itachi had the right to touch, Naruto had to make sure that the bathrooms at work didn't have hidden cameras, and he had to make sure no one was watching him, and they always tried to get his number and asking him if he wants to go eat later, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Itachi watched his lover slam his hands on the table that had Itachi's dinner on it, his face flushed with anger and embarrassment, he yelled out "Itachi-Koi I swear the next time I have another hand on my ass I will kill that person!!" Itachi smirked a bit but said "Really but…. What if its me who has my hand on your ass…" Naruto blushed more but said "I won't kill you, I gave myself to you a long time ago, you're the only person who can touch me…"

Itachi smirked at the beat red kitsune angel "Good to know I have that right…." he stood slowly and stared at his lover, Naruto noticed the sudden rise and rolled his eyes, his boyfriend seemed to like the fact that only he, Itachi Uchiha, could touch him in so many ways and in so many places that no one had the right too. Naruto felt hands on his body and he smiled softly, he turned and met his lover's lips, as they kissed softly Naruto pulled away and said in a ticked off tone "Guess what…"

Itachi bit his lip and said "What?" knowing whatever his lover had to say was going to tick him off too "Today some asshole followed me into the bathroom and he tried to make out with me, then at lunch I went to the lunch room and Sai had the nerve to ask if I was part of the lunch menu, and then I went to pick something up and some bastard decided that would be the best time to smack my ass, oh and it turns out, your brother, Sasuke has transferred over to my work area yesterday, and he tried to.. Kiss me today, right when I was about to get to the car…." Itachi froze for the moment and held onto his blonde, Naruto felt the hands go tighter and he looked up, Itachi's eyes where blazing with anger, he then said "That… is it….. Naruto… Go to bed, I'll be in a few minutes..."

Itachi let his blonde go and he went to the house phone, he waited for the footsteps of his love go far down the hall, he picked the phone up and dialed a number, a few moments it rang and someone said


"Sasori, its me, tell the boss I'm transferring to the Konoha Photography Company for a few months, I need to teach some people not to mess with what is mine…"

"Oh, I see, you can't take it anymore can you?"

"Nope, today was the final straw…."

"Heh, okay then, just don't go killing anyone, I'll tell the boss first thing when I see him…."

Itachi smirked a bit before hanging the phone up, those people at his love's work were going to dead once he got his hands on them, he walked down his small house hall and opened the last door, he saw his love dressing and Itachi's eyes roamed over him.

Itachi couldn't balm all those people at Naruto's work that they would want him, it was just, Naruto was his, and his alone. He smirked as he remembered what Deidara said that day he and Sasori met the blonde...


"Itachi how on earth did you get such a cute angel?" Deidara asked as he stared at the smiling blonde who got Itachi's ice cream. Sasori held onto his boyfriend's hand as he too stared at the blonde who was maybe three to four years younger then the Uchiha boyfriend.

Itachi smiled softly and said "He was born with a weak heart and his parents never let him go to the school or even outside, I was walking by his house when I was ten, I then heard singing, I looked up and saw him singing to the sky, corny I know, but once I saw him, I fell in love… He looked down to me and smiled and waved, and after that I would stop by his house just to hear him sing… I didn't even know his name until his mother saw me and invited me inside saying Naruto is happy that someone likes his singing and that I could come in and visit him…"

Itachi stopped and saw his coworker Deidara go all teary eyes and he was holding onto Sasori who rolled his eyes, Itachi just stared at the two before hearing "Itachi-Koi! Look I got your favorite!" Itachi looked up and saw his boyfriend holding his favorite ice cream and was smiling at him…


Itachi smirked and thought 'Just image what will happen if he wasn't born with a weak heart, he would have been in school and everyone there would have been after him too….' He slowly walked over and held onto his blonde who asked "Itachi-Koi what happened?"

Itachi smirked and kissed the shoulder and neck of his blonde and said "Don't worry about it, I'll tell you tomorrow…" Naruto blinked but softly smiled and blushed at each soft kiss…

(Next Morning, Remember this is rated 'T' )

"Itachi-Koi, I'm heading off now, there's a huge meeting today and everyone from the morning and night sifts are going to be there…" Naruto said as he tied his tie around his neck, Itachi nodded as he drank his fresh coffee, Naruto waved and said "See you after work…" Itachi nodded again before feeling a kiss on his cheek, he looked to his lover and saw his blonde blush and say.

"It's just so you know I love you…" Itachi smirked softly before taking his blonde by the chin and pulling him into a kiss, Naruto eyes widened as he felt the kiss, it was the types of kisses when Itachi had something up his sleeves.

Naruto had learned how to tell his boyfriend just by the kiss, there was his 'I love you' kiss, his 'You are my angel' kiss, his 'I want you now' kiss, his 'I'm sorry I got you mad' kiss and his most important kiss of them all was the one Naruto liked the most his 'You are mine, no one else's, I'll love you even in death, and I'll hurt anyone who hurts you…' kiss.

Once Itachi let him go, Naruto blushed bright and his face was flushed, he smirked and said "I love you too, Naruto-Koi…" Naruto smiled soft still red in the face as he made his way to the door, he picked the car keys up and left their home still blushing deep.

Itachi smirked softly before getting ready to leave soon, 30 minutes later he heard his cellphone ring, he went to it and answered it and said

"Itachi here…"

"Hey Itachi, its me Sasuke…"

"………………Oh… Hello foolish little brother…"

"I thought I told you stop saying that!!"


"Tch, fine whatever…."

"Now why did you call?"

"I just wanted to tell you about this damn fine guy at my work, really good looking, golden hair, sapphire blue eyes, tan skin, looks like an angel…."


"Itachi you there?"

"………Yeah… and so why are you telling me this?"

"I tried kissing him yesterday night but he hit me pretty hard yelling something I don't really remember, anyway I'm going to try to get the blonde to go out on a date with me, so the next time you see me, you might see me with a golden god…"



"Sasuke, I have something to do, now leave me alone…"

"Oh oka-"

But before Sasuke could finish Itachi shut his phone and clutched it tight, how dare he, how dare his foolish little brother think about going out with his blonde, HIS! Itachi got from his chair and went to get his motorcycle keys, sure Itachi was going to go in during lunch to surprise his blonde but now, now he was going now.

He knew his brother would get there just in time, just in time for the meeting and since his Naruto was editor, chief and the best photographer in the whole company, he knew what he was going to do so all of them would know who Naruto was with….


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