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Chapter 5: Why I Love Him

Sasuke wanted to bash his brother in the head and ask for a copy of the picture at the same time. He gave a sigh as he sat in his chair, he looked to the ceiling and stopped when he thought of it 'Wait… If I didn't know then that means…' Sasuke smirked and knew what he was going to do, he pulled his cell phone out and pushed a number when it rang he heard "Hello? Sasuke?" Sasuke smirked and said "Hi mom, can you and dad come down to my work today? There is something you need to know about Itachi and it's better if I told you both face to face…"


Everyone watched as Naruto hit Itachi with his name plate, Naruto was throwing stuff out of his office at Itachi who sat there hardly moving as Naruto's aim was not the best. Itachi smirked softly as Naruto was blushing brighter then a tomato and yelling things like "Your sleeping on the couch for the rest of your life!" and "Damn it Itachi, I'm going to kill you!"

Naruto threw another pencil from his room hoping it would hit Itachi in the eye but Itachi moved his head sideways and blinked not really caring, Naruto ran out of things to throw and he sat on his desk, he could throw the desk but he knew it wouldn't fit through the door. Naruto crossed his legs on it and said "Don't you even dare thinking to came back in here Itachi because I swear I'm going to throw this desk at you if you do!"

Itachi smirked softly and said back "I know you would…." Sakura stared from the two lovers and asked "I know Naruto's violent and stuff but I'd never seen him like this before, and your okay with it?" Itachi stared at the pink haired girl and said "That's just how he is, like this one time we were eating out and a waiter kept blushing and trying to ask him out, so I pulled Naruto onto the table and made out with him for a good half hour and when I was done Naruto started to throw knifes, forks, and spoons at me, but he forgave me when I told him sorry… After that I learned a few things…"

Ino who was watching and listening looked from her desk and asked "What was that?" Itachi smirked softly and said "One, Naruto is very cute when he's pissed off…" Naruto's ear twitched "Two, putting a spoon in Naruto-Koi's hand is a bad idea because only he can turn a spoon into a deadly weapon…" again it twitched as it picked those words up "And three, Naruto-Koi is known not to hold a grudge…" again they twitched and Naruto turned slowly and deadly to his lover, Itachi saw it and was unfazed by the killer intent coming from his younger lover.

Everyone else wanted to go cry in a corner as they felt the killing aura around the blushing red blonde who looked like he was going to kill someone right there, Naruto ran out the door and tackled Itachi to the ground, he glared hard at his lover who seemed unfazed by the lighter boy, Naruto growled and yelled out as he sat on Itachi's lap "Itachi Uchiha! If I wanted to be harassed by someone I would have just let these ass-holes keep doing it! But you're the one harassing me now that you're here! You know how I came home everyday pissed off and angry because of it, so why the hell are you doing it?! You know I hate it!" Itachi smirked softly before grapping the younger boy and pushing him backwards.

Naruto suddenly saw the ceiling and his lovers face in his, Naruto's eyes widened as he gasped slightly, he could hear people trying not to pass out from blood loss from the position, Itachi spoke enough for the office to hear "The reason? Well, now that they know that your taken, I mean have been taken for the past five years, I want them to remember, no I want this memory to burn into their skull so they'll know who you love and who loves you back, I want to them to know only I have the right to touch you, to kiss you, and to sleep next to you, I want them to know why I love you, I want them to know I'll be willing to do anything to make them see that I have the right to be with you, and I want them to know that I've loved you since the day I saw you thirteen years ago when we were kids…"

Naruto didn't know what to say to that, was Itachi really doing it for him? Was that why some people stopped trying to ask him out? Was it burning into their memories as he said? Before Naruto could do anything he felt lips on his and time stopped for a moment, when it started again Naruto stared up into dark night eyes and just stared, he sighed softly with a blush on his face for a moment before muttering "Damn Itachi and his 'I love you' kisses…." Itachi chuckled softy under his breath, he was about to get one more kiss but stopped when he heard "Itachi?!"

Itachi turned back and saw two people he never thought he'd never see in the office, he blinked and said with a none changing face "Mom… Dad…."

His mother was in shook and his father's eyes were wide, they both blinked softly as if trying to pull themselves out of it, Sasuke stood near the door and glared hard at his brother who was above the blonde of his dreams, but he smirked as he knew his mother and father would not stand for this, he saw his and Itachi's mother face change to red, almost as if she was mad but….

"Itachi! Your dating someone!?" she seemed happy, Sasuke blinked and so did Itachi, Naruto stared and blushed brighter than before in his life and said to himself "Great… I finally get to met my Itachi-Koi's parents and they see us like this… Great…. Just great…" Itachi glanced and chuckled to himself for a moment before getting up.

He held his hand out and helped his lover up, he patted his head softly and said to his parents "Yes… I am…" he turned to his parents and said "Mother, father this is my boyfriend, Naruto Uzumaki…" Naruto blushed deep once he felt the eyes of his lover's parents on him. Naruto looked down and started to fiddle with his hands, he blushed deep and said "I-It's nice to finally meet you, Itachi-Koi has told me much about you both…"

Itachi watched the office go to a surprise when Naruto's attitude changed fast from anger to embarrassment, Itachi smirked softly, this was another reason why he loved his blonde. He stopped when he looked to his parents face, if they disapproved he didn't care, he'd still date and love his blonde, he felt like smacking his brother for bringing their parents into this but he didn't mind that much, I mean they were going to find out someday.

Itachi's mother stared at the blonde up and down before muttering things and saying "Itachi…" they both looked at the mother, she suddenly hugged attacked Naruto and started to smile bright, she said "Why didn't you tell me sooner that your dating such a cutie?!" Naruto's eyes widened and so did the Uchiha brothers standing there, never in their life had they seen their mother act… motherly before.

She started to spin Naruto around and around until the blonde felt like puking his lunch up, Itachi was able to stop his mother and said as he watched his lover fall to the ground dizzy from the spin attack "I did tell you I was dating…" Itachi's mother blinked and said not believing it "What? When?" Itachi thought and said "Five years ago, you, and dad were late for your meetings and Sasuke was getting ready for a party and I sat at the table and told you guys, no one said anything so I went and dated Naruto-Koi…"

Itachi's mother looked down and sighed, she regretted that, she realized right after Sasuke left that… She was alone now, sure she had her husband but she had no one to give her motherly love too, she regretted working all hours, she regretted not going to her sons games or even to his parent/teacher meetings or anything like that. If she could she would turn time back and not waste one day with her sons, whenever Sasuke came home she would try to bond with him but he would say he was too busy and it was rare to see Itachi return to the house, but now, she had a chance to try to be a real mother…

Naruto saw her look and touched her shoulder, she turned back and stared into deep blues, now she knew why her son fell in love with the blonde, those eyes looked right into her soul and saw her and did not over look anything. Naruto smiled softly and said "Itachi-Koi… Is a great man, you and your husband raised him well, all my life he treated me with respect and love. Not once in his life had he ever looked at me with pity but he looked at me like I was a normal person…So thank you for being him to the world, without him I would be dead…."

Itachi's mother's eyes widened softly as she heard those words. How did the blonde knew what she wanted to hear? She stopped and heard a low whisper from her son "Naruto-Koi has always been able to do that, always knows what to say and when to say it, its like just by looking at you he knows when someone is hiding fear, anger, sadness, etc. That is just one more reason why I love him, he can always tell what I'm feeling when no one else does…."

Itachi's father stared from the blonde to his son, was he always so busy that he never stopped and looked at his son when he was growing up, was he so busy he couldn't see the anger on his face when no one was around in that house, was that why Itachi would leave and not come home until three in the morning? Was that why when his son came home he would come home smiling softly. He looked to Naruto and muttered the last name, something about that name reminded him of something…

But before he could ask anything he watched his wife ask "What do you mean by not once in his life had he ever looked at me with pity but he looked at me like a normal person?" Naruto blinked softly but looked to Itachi, Itachi's face unchanged he nodded softly.

Everyone in the office listened softly as Naruto said "I guess I should tell you why I love him…" some people nodded and others wanted to know, wondering if they could do the same thing Itachi did so the blonde would fall for them. Naruto smiled softly and put his hands to his chest, he gave a sigh and said "When I was born, I was born with a very weak heart, every hour on the hour I would almost die from a attack, my parents were devastated when they found out…"

Everyone stopped and stared at the blonde wondering if it was so bad how could he be standing and running around like he did, Naruto then said "I was in the hospital for half my young life, four years I stayed in a white room not being able to run in the grass or anything…But when I turned five the doctors said I was well enough to leave, now that was I growing my heart was too but I wasn't well enough to go to school or anything…. So until I was seven I was home schooled and never allowed to leave my bed for too long, my parents feared for my health…"

Everyone just stared at the blonde who clutched his heart softly "But one day I went to my window and started to sing because I was bored, when I was done I looked down and saw Itachi-Koi staring at me and I waved uneasy, never in my life had I ever seen anyone like Itachi… dark eyes, dark hair, enough to make a moonless night seem brighter then his, when I went back inside to tell my mother I looked back down and he was gone…"

Naruto smiled softly as he stared for a moment at his lover and said "But the next day he came back and waited for me to see him, when I did he stared at me and I stared back, I didn't know what to do so I sang softly to him….After I was done he left but he waved bye to me, for the next few months it happened again and again, after school he would wait and would not leave unless he heard me sing at least once… When I told my mother that someone loved my singing she smiled and hugged me deep, one day I was waiting for Itachi-Koi to come by so I could see him again but I fell asleep, my mother was working in the garden when she saw him coming down the road, she invited him in telling him I was happy that someone loved my singing and she said she could visit me anytime he liked, when I woke up he was in my room, in a surprise I punched him in the face…"

Naruto chuckled at the old memory in his mind as Itachi rolled his eyes saying 'Caught me off guard, to busy looking at a sleeping angel..' Naruto smiled a cute smile and continued "So each day Itachi would come over and tell me things about real school, he listened to me and played with me like I was normal kid, but one day… I got another attack right in front of him, my mother came rushing to the garden were we where playing and she had to start my heart again, I was afraid, not because I might die, no I was afraid Itachi-Koi would take pity on me and treat like I was a different… When I woke up he yelled at me for not telling him sooner and that I was crazy to think he'd treat me any differently then who I was…."

Naruto gave a soft sigh while everyone stared at the blonde who seemed lost in bliss, some didn't know what to say, Naruto kept going "So years went by and Itachi-Koi became my best friend, but one day, everything changed, I fell asleep when my mother left for some things from the store, my father was at work, some kids next door were playing with fireworks and it landed in my house as it broke a window, my house caught on fire…." everyone gasped to themselves as Naruto stared to the floor, Itachi glared at nothing but the ceiling as he remembered those kids from next door, when he found out what cause it Itachi nearly beat them to a pulp for endangering his friend.

Naruto took another breath and said "I woke up to burning wood, when I realized what was happening I ran to the hall, my house was already in a blaze, but right as I near the door…. My heart gave out and had one more attack, I kept cursing to myself as I landed on the floor with the flames all around me, and I didn't want to die…I wished for someone to help me but no one could get in, but suddenly I felt like I was being picked up and when I looked I saw it was Itachi. Itachi risked his life for mine, he saved me that day… He was only fifteen and I was twelve… When he got me out the doctors rushed to save me but I wanted them to heal Itachi-Koi but my mind went blank after that, I woke up a few days later and I heard talking all around me, when I got up my mother and father hugged me and cried for a long time…"

Naruto smiled again and then said "Itachi saved me and when I saw him I knew at that moment I was in love, because not only did my heart break when I saw those burns and cuts on him, I felt my heart flutter for a moment when I remembered him holding me…"

Naruto sighed once more before saying "After that the doctors were acting strange, when my parents asked they said that they checked my heart to see if the fire did anything to worsen it and it turns out, that my problem was gone, they said that they had no idea why it was gone it just was, in other words I could go on and live like a normal kid now, when I heard those words I couldn't help but smile, but the doctors wanted to double check and they made sure I stayed in the hospital for three months before I got the okay to go, I was very happy after that, so were my parents… I went to night school with Itachi-Koi because I needed to catch up with the work and Itachi-Koi was smart, it was then in high school he asked me, he asked me if I would go out with him, I said yes…. Itachi-Koi had always been there for me for a long time you see, he supported my dream, and he loved me for me, nothing else nothing more. He's a good man, and you both raised him right… That is why I love him with all my heart…"

Everyone was quiet at that moment, Sasuke bit his lip and thought 'Damn it, how the hell am I suppose to compete with that, he fucking saved Naruto's life and now Naruto is in love with him like a puppy…. Great just great…' Itachi looked to the sky at that moment remembering….

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