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Unexpected Things

Chapter I


"Are you barking mad?"

"You're joking, right?"

"That's insane."

"Harry, have you lost your mind?"

Harry looked around him. He could see that the occupants of the room had various expressions on their faces, ranging from shocked to incredulous. A few people however, such as Kingsley, Moody, Snape and Professor Dumbledore, didn't show any outward emotion.

"Calm down everyone," Professor Dumbledore's voice rang out, effectively cutting off the arguments. "Now…why don't we give Harry the opportunity to explain his idea?"

All eyes in the room turned to Harry Potter. The very same Harry Potter, who just a few seconds ago, suggested that Hogwarts hire Lucius Malfoy as the new Defense Against the Dark Art teacher.

All of this started a few weeks ago at the Ministry of Magic. Voldemort couldn't resist attacking Harry again despite his previous failure at the graveyard because of their wand connection one year ago. This time the priori incantatem effect not only called the souls of the dead but also turned the spell against Voldemort, thus killing him in the end. And Harry, once again, became the savior of the wizarding world.

Unfortunately for the auror and Order of the Phoenix, most of the Death Eaters managed to escape, including Bellatrix Lestrange, who had killed her own cousin, Sirius Black. Harry was outrage when he found about that and vowed to avenge Sirius' death. Not only were his parents dead, now Sirius was as well because of Voldemort and his followers. Harry would never forgive Bellatrix for that.

Lucius Malfoy also managed to escape. He was sent to Azkaban for a short period of time, but eventually bought his way out of the place No doubt because of his connection with that stupid Fudge. Money, in this case, definitely could buy anything. Malfoy was freed, but Sirius had been sentenced for something he had never done. Where was the justice in this world? Okay. So Sirius was declared innocent finally but Wormtail was still free. That hardly seemed fair.

Bellatrix was out there, Malfoy was a free man, still as powerful as ever and most of the Deaths Eaters were still free. And that's the order main problem. The Death Eaters now probably want to avenge their master's death. Especially since they're being lead by Bellatrix. Malfoy at least wouldn't be that stupid without thinking about the consequences. He at least was a sane man. Bellatrix however was mad. Harry didn't understand why she married her husband if she was that devoted to Voldemort. She undoubtedly would cause chaos in the wizarding world with Harry being her main target.

But what about Malfoy? The man was an enemy to be reckoned with because of his wealth and his influence in the Ministry. Mr. Weasley once told Harry that Malfoy had donated a large amount of money over the years, creating a good connection between him and important figures in the ministry. It wouldn't be hard for him to call them in should the need arise, seeing as they were in debt with him.

A few attacks had happened in the last week, targeting both the muggle and wizarding world. It was done recklessly, showing that Bellatrix was most likely behind it. Clearly, she was emotionally unstable as Harry had witnessed personally. Harry wasn't allowed to go aid the aurors or the order anyway. That's too bad because he couldn't wait to meet Bellatrix again. Malfoy senior must know about her whereabouts. They were in-laws after all. Bellatrix even might stay in Malfoy manor. That thought made his blood boil. Two people he hated the most in this world staying together.

Harry stayed in Grimmauld Place number 12 now as he had inherited Black's fortune. He never realized that Sirius was that rich. Well, considering that Sirius came from the most noble and ancient house of Black, that was to be expected. And he occasionally went to the Burrow to visit the Weasleys but didn't live there.

"Oh my," said Mr. Weasley, staring the front page of Daily Prophet as they were having breakfast that one morning.

"Anything in the paper today, Dad?" Bill, who sat nearest to his father asked. "Can I borrow the Prophet?" Puzzled, he said, "It's only news about ministry gala."

"Not that," Mr. Weasley shook his head. "The picture," he pointed.

Everyone at the table moved closer, including Harry. It's a picture taken in yesterday at the ministry gala. One look closer revealed that Lucius Malfoy was in it. He was standing in the corner of the ballroom, talking to another man.

"It's Lucius Malfoy," Bill said.

Malfoy definitely had courage, Harry thought bitterly. Either that or he had no shame at all, for showing his face so soon. Malfoy should still be locked in Azkaban. But then again a generous donation to the ministry did help his case. Once more, Harry blamed that idiot Fudge for this.

"Not him. But that man Lucius was talking to," Mr. Weasley said again.

"What's about him?" Fred and George asked in unison.

"Paris Levefre," Percy interrupted. After the fiasco at the Ministry, he had apologized to his family and went back living at the Burrow. And his personality was improving. At their questioning look, he explained. "He's a frequent visitor at the ministry."

"And?" Ron asked, confused.

"He's a socialite back in France," Fleur Delacour interrupted. "He prefers relationships with men. Rumor says that he's involved with some British wizard with high standing in society."

Harry's eyebrows rose. "Did you mean that Malfoy is…"

"Yes." Mr. Weasley confirmed. "Almost every pureblood knew about that. As you know, many pureblood were betrothed even before they were born. That was the case with Lucius and Narcissa. It's a marriage of politics or money. After the marriage and producing an heir, usually the husbands and the wives have their own affair. Everyone knows about that. Although," he added, "this picture alone is not a proof if Lucius is having relationship with that man, of course."

"Wow," Ron shook his head. "I wouldn't have believed that the ferret's dad swings that way."

"Ronald Weasley!" Hermione reprimanded him. "His choice isn't our business." Typical for Hermione, she hated discrimination after all. Even when the object of their conversation was none other than a person who looked at her as if she were nothing.

"Well, as interesting as this is, let's eat," Arthur said quickly before Ron had an opportunity to open his mouth. The news was forgotten as they continued their breakfast.

And that's how Harry got his idea. So, when Dumblodore held the order meeting, he voiced his opinion.

"Well, Harry," Dumbledore asked again.

Harry cleared his throat. When he felt he had everyone's attention he pressed on. "As we all know," he began, "Bellatrix Lestrange escaped from the ministry. We don't know about where she's hiding but I bet that Lucius Malfoy knows about where it is. In fact, she might be sipping tea with him right now." Several people nodded his head in agreement.

"Seeing how Malfoy once more bought his freedom, he wouldn't be a fool to try anything that might endanger his position now. If I were him, I would sit back in the corner, accessing the whole situation meanwhile wait for an opportunity to strike back, along his sister-in-law and his Death Eaters friends. They could even plan Voldemort's resurrection once more."

Most of people in the room shuddered at this. "We must prevent that!" one of them shouted.

"That's why I suggested hiring him as defense against the dark arts teacher at Hogwarts. That way we could keep an eye on him all the time, making sure he wouldn't do anything. Malfoy himself probably would see that as a chance to redeem himself in the public eyes. We could also drop a hint here and there for him. He might be interested in joining us."

"Harry, this is Lucius we're talking about." Mr. Weasley said. "It's impossible for him to change his perspective with just a few words."

"No," Harry shook his head. "It wouldn't be that easy of course. At least, we have him at Hogwarts where we could spy on him easily."

A few arguments occurred but, in the end, everyone agreed. Professor Dumbledore would contact Malfoy to offer him the job. Harry knew Malfoy would take it. He was that kind of man after all. Malfoy agreed with that pureblood supremacy stuff that Voldemort spouting all the time but he was also an opportunist who would save his own skin first as he had proven after the first wizarding war years ago.

What Harry didn't tell anybody was that he had his own plan. He planned to get information about Bellatrix from Malfoy. How would he do that? Let's say that the news Mr. Weasley had inadvertently given him would come in handy.

Even though Harry had never been attracted to his own gender before that thought didn't repulse him. Luckily, Malfoy was easy on the eyes with his good looks and his aristocratic manner. Harry could pretend to like him, seducing him with his power first. No matter how much he hated that man, he would give it a go. Malfoy, after all, had given Ginny the diary that opened the Chamber of Secrets, tried to fire Dumbledore and sent Hagrid to Azkaban, nearly had him and his friends killed at the Ministry just a few weeks ago. He was the third on Harry's top ten people I hate list. The first being Bellatrix of course since Voldemort was dead, and the second was Wormtail, who had betrayed Harry's parents.

The plan sounded cold but Harry didn't care. He was after all doing this for his godfather. Lucius Malfoy wouldn't know what hit him.

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