Author's Note: First of all I would like to say that this was NOT based off Katy Perry's 'Waking Up In Vegas', as some of you might assume.
It is very loosely inspired by an episode of Friends. Just the beginning part though. The rest of the plot is original!

Secondly, I'm sorry Runaway readers for not updating sooner. This story was just rotting away in my hard drive and I HAD to publish it. Hope you all understand, and continue to support me through DIV just like you supported me during Runaway. Runaway will be continued of course, it's just that two stories will be updated simultaneoulsy.

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Drunk in Vegas.


"Whoo hooo! Oh yeah! Uh huh! That's the way!!" yelled a very drunk Emmet as he attempted to 'grrooove' as he called it. He was basically swinging his large body around haphazardly and knocking down anything in his way.

A few people looked amused but mostly everyone was either too drunk or too busy feeling each other up to care. Rosalie however was fuming. She was desperately trying to calm him down, and failing miserably by the looks of it.

Unlike Emmet, Rosalie could think normally after two drinks, and realized that anything Emmet broke now, would have to be paid for the next morning. "Emmet! Stop it, right now" she screeched, but was completely ignored by her beau. She waved her arm in front of him to get his attention, but it was of no avail.

Alice giggled at the scene while Jasper watched her with adoration. He glanced up at Rosalie and smirked at his twin sister's desperation to get Emmet to shut up.

"Rose. Give it a rest." he drawled, his southern accent very apparent. "You know as well as any of us that once Emmet gets drunk there's nothing anyone can say or do to get him to sober up"

"Not helping, Jazz" ground out Rosalie.

"I know. That's what brothers are for, right?"

This dialogue caused another eruption of giggles from Alice, while Rosalie looked torn between laughing and screaming.

Where was I during all of this? Sitting right there, on the sidelines as usual.

Well, of course you wouldn't know what 'as usual' is so let me give you some background. Rosalie, Alice, Jasper, Emmet and I were the great friends. We had come to Las Vegas having taken a week long break from work. I was highly opposed to the idea but was told to 'loosen up a little'.

Rose was engaged to Emmet. Alice and Jasper were going strong and I knew that Jasper was going to pop the question soon. You only had to glance at his eyes and it was clear how much he loved Alice.

I had been going steady with my childhood sweet heart Jake, until three months ago, when we mutually decided to part ways. It just wasn't working out between us. I was hardly heart broken; I had fallen out of love with him a long time ago. The only reason we didn't break up sooner was because we were each afraid to hurt the other's feelings. So right now, I was the only single one in our gang and pretty much the fifth wheel as far as any group outing was concerned.

This was the actual reason why I objected to going out with the group, I felt so left out all the time. However I never voiced my issues out loud to the group. I knew then, that Alice and Rose would either insist upon 'girl time' (i.e. mall) or try and hook me up with someone. Frankly, neither prospect was heartening.

I watched with jealousy as Rose slapped Em for his drunken antics and he made it up to her with a big sloppy kiss. Soon enough they were passionately making out, literally eating each other up. He whispered something in her ear, and she turned bright red. Eww! Mental images!

Alice and Jasper were lost in their own world. They weren't even touching each other. They were staring into one another's eyes but it seemed so much more intimate than a kiss could ever be. I hastily looked away, feeling guilty for invading their private moment.

It was a lot more awkward looking at Alice and Jasper sharing a 'moment' than it was looking at Emmet and Rosalie because those Em and Rose were so public with there love for each other while Ali and Jazz tended to be a lot more reserved. When they did kiss in public, it was chaste and sweet, unlike Emmet and Rose who never missed an opportunity to devour each other.

All of a sudden, I was depressed looking at all the love around me. Life was so unfair. I didn't see why I was the only one here who had to be lonely. Unreasonable grief washed over me and a tear or two escaped from my eyes. Luckily my friends were 'otherwise occupied' and didn't notice.

I decided to drink away my sorrows. I would normally never do this but the surroundings got to me. I pushed through the crowd and walked over to the bar. "Bartender, drink", I said, not caring what he gave me.

Before turning to mix my drink his eyes gave my body a once over, and he nodded appreciatively. Well, of course he would! I was dressed like a complete slut, courtesy Alice. The extremely short black dress I wore clung to my body, with a plunging neckline way too deep for comfort. It was either this or come in my underwear. I am not joking. My supposedly best friend had given me the ultimatum, and so here I was looking like a hooker.

I gulped the contents of the glass the bartender handed me and it burned my throat. I had a very low tolerance for alcohol and was already feeling a bit woozy. I couldn't see very clearly.

However the drink had served its purpose and an artificial wave of happiness overcame me. I couldn't quite remember why I was sad in the first place. "More!" I demanded, slamming my glass down.

The bartender grinned and filled my glass to the brim with whatever it was that I was drinking. I gulped my second glass down in a single shot as well. I signaled for another glass.

Somewhere between my sixth and seventh glass I noticed a pair of brilliant green eyes watching me intently.


The next morning

I awoke with a start. I couldn't recognize my surroundings as I groggily looked around. I turned back to where I had been sleeping and to my immense surprise saw a beautiful bronze haired stranger asleep on the couch I had been on a few minutes earlier. I couldn't recognize him.

I tried furiously to recollect the events of the previous night but failed. All I remembered was a pair of startlingly green eyes. Indeed a weird thing to remember. I couldn't think of anyone I knew who had green eyes.

I stretched lazily, and yawned. I must have woken him, because the man on the couch shifted slightly and lazily opened his eyes. They were startling green, the exact shade I had remembered. So whatever I had done last night, he was a part of. I blushed at the thought.

The gorgeous stranger looked around as confused and disoriented as I had been a few minutes earlier. He finally spotted me and his eyes widened slightly. He composed himself and said in a velvety voice, "Umm… who are you? Do you have any idea where we are? Because I haven't got a clue."

How could someone sound so good when they had just awoken?

Before I could reply, a cheery woman of around fifty ambled over to us. "You two are finally up!" she remarked. "My manager wanted to throw you both out but you two looked just so cute snuggled up together on the couch. I blushed again. At this rate my cheeks would be permanently stained. "Where are we?" asked the green eyed stranger.

"Oh! So neither of you remember? That's hilarious! " she said and barked out a laugh.

"Would you please tell us where we are", I asked impatiently

"Don't rush me, dear. I'm getting to the good part. Are you sure neither of you remember anything?"

I didn't trust myself to say anything without screaming in frustration, so I let Green Eyes take charge.

"No, ma'am, we don't" he said charmingly. "But it would be of great help if you told us where we were"

See? I could have never pulled the whole charmer act of.

"Why dear, you are at a wedding chapel. If the records are right you and this lovely girl here got married at 11.45 last night. You were both so drunk and immediately fell asleep on the couch." She let out another laugh.

The boy and I stared at each other, confused.

"What?" I whispered.

"Oh, just give me a minute" the lady said, as if she had forgotten something, and bumbled off to another room.

We both stood there shocked for a few minutes. He recovered first.

"Hi! I'm Edward Cullen. You must be Mrs. Edward Cullen!"

"Ha! Ha! Very funny!" I said, annoyed at how lightly he was taking this whole situation. Somehow his name rang a bell.

"Well, aren't you going to introduce yourself?" he asked.

I glared at him. Reluctantly I stuck my hand out and said "Bella Swan. Sadly under these circumstances it's not very nice to meet you."

He shook it. I felt an electric current rush through my skin but ignored it. He looked like he had felt something too but I dismissed the thought.

We were interrupted by the lady (I now noticed a badge saying Catherine pinned onto her blouse) who was back with two files.

"Getting to know each other, eh?" she said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively.

It was only then I realized how much my body hurt. I was feeling so sore. I hadn't felt this way since…

Shit! Somebody kill me now. I hadn't felt this way since the last time I had had sex. I had slept with Green Eyes too? Just great.

Catherine handed each of us a file. "These are your marriage certificates. Keep them carefully."

I stared at the document in my hand disdainfully. I saw a similar reaction from Green Eyes, my husband.

"You'll both have to leave now" said Catherine. She literally shoved us out, so we soon found ourselves outside some random chapel in Las Vegas.

Actually, not so random. I looked around, and saw that my hotel was just opposite the chapel.

"Okay, see ya" I said to Edward, and started walking off in the direction of the hotel. Just as I entered the hotel, I noticed that Green Eyes was right behind me.

"Why are you following me?" I snapped.

"Well genius, if I don't know where to find you, how are we going to get an annulment? Besides, I'm not following you. I happen to stay here as well."

I was about to make a sharp retort when my phone rang. "Excuse me" I muttered, before taking the call.

"Where the hell are you, Bella?" shrieked the caller.

"Two minutes away from our room. I'll be right there." I muttered hastily, before hanging up.

"I have to go now" I told Edward, hurrying toward the elevator

"Which room do you stay in?" he asked, coming after me.

"1206" I replied, before pushing the elevator button constantly, waiting for the damn thing to come.

"Stop that!" Edward said irritably.

I was about to retort when the elevator doors opened. Pressing the button a million times totally does help.

We reached the twelfth floor. Edward happened to stay on the same floor. He took my phone and programmed his number into it. Then he asked for my number and saved it.

He entered his room without a word and shut the door. I sighed and pushed my door open.

"Isabella Marie Swan!! Where on earth where you?" screeched Alice.

"In a church, getting married to a random stranger", I replied.

"What???? Bella please don't mess with me right now."

I sighed before beginning my explanation.

Today was going to be a long day.

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