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Maybe, just maybe Green Eyes wasn't so bad after all.

Although it was a long walk back to the hotel, neither of us felt the distance. It seemed like we had hardly begun talking when the hotel came into view. Edward was easy to talk to, and had I been in a different situation, I would have dated him in an instant. We spoke about everything under the sun; from his dream car (a Volvo) to my fear of cats (don't you dare laugh at me! Cats are scary, mean creatures). I felt like I was back in High School, and going on a date with one of the 'popular guys'. It was simply…surreal

However, I knew that I should stay away from him, because it just wouldn't do if I developed any real feelings for him. We were in a convoluted enough mess as it was, with him not only being my neighbor, and my best friend's cousin, but also (unwittingly) my husband. It really annoyed me that I couldn't stop looking at him that way. Of course, the fact that he was the first person I had slept with in a really long time only made things worse for me.

I had a vague memory of the previous night.

I felt his moist lips on my neck. He sucked and nibbled expertly, before slowly making his way up back to my face. Our lips molded together passionately, and I sighed in ecstasy. All too eagerly, I pulled his shirt off…

I hoped my face would not betray to Edward what I had just been thinking about, but of course my blush gave it away in an instant. He noticed, but he didn't say anything, instead choosing to smirk in that annoying way of his. I wish I could just wipe that smirk of his face…with my lips. I hated when Horny Bella was in control of my thoughts. And she was most definitely in charge right now. Luckily Sane Bella managed to keep me from attacking Edward, and taking him then and there.

A 'ding' brought me back to the present. It was the lift. I had been so immersed in my thoughts, that I hadn't even pressed the button repeatedly, as was usually my habit. I fidgeted nervously as we entered the tiny space. Being so close to him in an enclosed area was really not helping my case. Luckily, soon enough, another 'ding' sounded, indicating we had reached our floor.

Since our rooms were on the same floor, we passed mine before reaching his. I gingerly pressed my ear to the door to see if it was safe to go in. The loud moans I heard were enough to convince me otherwise. Edward heard them too, and grimaced. We quickly went past my room to his.

The first thing I noticed when we entered his room was what a mess it was. Clothes were strewn everywhere, a can of shaving cream lay in the middle of the bed along with a pair of dirty sneakers, and a half eaten bag of chips sat on the window sill.

I crinkled my nose in distaste. "Eww Edward! What is up with this room? How come you haven't packed your stuff yet? We do have to leave today, just in case it slipped your notice."

He grinned at my obvious annoyance, waved his hand dismissively and said, "Why is packing such a big deal anyway? All you got to do is dump all your stuff in a bag, and you're good to go! Anyway, we're going to unpack as soon as we arrive, so why bother with all that effort in the first place".

I think my jaw must have hit the floor at that statement. I was a 'Clean Freak' as Rose had so eloquently put it. I cannot stand untidiness. It clearly ran in the family, because Ali was an ultra slob as well. We used to constantly have fights, when she'd accuse me of losing one of her numerous accessories when I cleaned up the house, and I'd snap back, saying that it wouldn't happen if she made an attempt to be a little tidier. Ah! Those were the times!

Over the years, we had learnt to be more tolerant of each other, and worked out a compromise. Alice's room was her 'territory' and she could be as messy as she liked in there, as long as I was allowed to clean the rest of the house.

But Edward took the cake, when it came to sloppiness. Alice had nothing on him. Quickly putting my hair into a bun, I began picking stuff off the floor.

"Lets get this place cleaned up, Mister."

Edward's face tensed up for a moment, before relaxing again. "I thought I heard you say you wanted me to clean up around here."

"You heard right. Come on! This mess isn't gonna clear itself up."

"But…But I don't wanna clean up. I like messes!" he said, pouting like a stubborn two year old. Or rather like a stubborn Alice. They are so alike, it scares me.

"Aww! Is pretty boy afraid of getting dirty?" I cooed, to get him annoyed. I turned around, not waiting for an answer. All of a sudden, I felt his lips near my ear. "I didn't peg you down as the trash talking type Bella. You're seriously turning me on here. And by the way, I'm not afraid of 'getting dirty'. Especially with you."

He lightly kissed my neck before pulling away to admire his handiwork. He had gotten the desired result. I was hyperventilating, sweat covering my palms. My hormones were on major overdrive, and it took me a minute or so to calm them down. The nerve of that tease!

"Shut up, Edward" I said firmly. At least I intended to say it firmly, but it came out a little stronger than a squeak.

Damn. He was good.


I got my way, even after that little seducing stunt he pulled. Two hours later, we were sitting exhausted on the bed, and looking proudly and the room around us. All his stuff was neatly packed into his suitcases, and there was not a thing out of place.

The hotel staff should thank me. I just saved them a whole lot of work.

We figured that Alice and Jasper would be done 'packing' by now, and decided that we had better go meet them. Our flight was at three in the afternoon, so we'd just have enough time to grab a sandwich and hit the airport.

On a whim, I checked my phone just before leaving Edward's room and saw that Alice had sent me a text message.

R, Em, J& me will b waiting for U & Ed in the lounge at 1. Have fun, use a condom!

Alice is dead. Especially since Edward happened to be peering over my shoulder. He smirked (surprise, surprise!) yet again, and let out a low whistle.

Just wonderful! Now he thinks I fantasize about him. Lovely.

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