sorry for the long delay in an update. my muse has been on vacation and just won't answer her damn cell phone. this is a lil interim chapter for your... amusement. :) MAD THANKS to the spectacular shipperatheartrealistbynature for her late night feedback/betaing!!


it's dark in the empty lab and i sit at my desk, entering data. the numbers are right, but somehow it just doesn't fit. i can't figure out what is out of place. i check that my fingers are on home row.

before i realize it, soft hands from behind me are touching either side of my neck.

what to do? spin and attack? retreat to a safe distance before facing the stranger? wait for a "guess who?"

i can't help it, i realize, i remain still and stiff until a voice whispers into my ear.

trust me.

and i can't explain it, but i do.

i trust him enough to let him wrap dark cloth over my eyes, to pull me from my seat and turn us so that i am pressed against his chest where he leans against the desk.

and i trust him enough that i don't object when a second set of hands rest on my arms and draw across to the middle of my chest.

i trust them when they nimbly pull at the buttons of my sensible shirt, and when the One behind assists at removing the garment.

oh god, the chest behind me is bare. it is firm and warm and he smells familiar, smells something-like-but-not-quite-sandalwood. and cherries. the press of his torso against the small of my back is so delicious and so right. i'm certain i couldn't lodge an objection if i tried.

i have to testify next week on the case of the bubbly blonde. mackin on my man goes for five to ten these days, i'm told. but that's next week.

right now it's all confusion and warmth and relief as sandalwood pulls me to him, swallows me in his strong arms.

i'm wet, oh god i'm so wet at the sensations from behind and the hands drifting down my front before me. i reach forward to touch his body, and find that the strong, flat stomach is bare as well. and his hips. and his...

my pussy is suddenly exposed to the air of my office. the freshness tingles my moist skin like mint.

simultaneously fingers touch my core and scratchy face nudges my head into a tilt so that his lips can suck at my skin.

did i order coffee? i can't remember... if i've ever had an experience like this before. despite my sexual openness, i don't think i've ever been intimate with two men at once.

but it's happening now, oh it's happening now and i can't decide if my coffee should have cream.

definitely sugar though.

i'm suddenly aware of a mouth down below, a tongue darting out to ...oh sweet fuck... and there's a new feeling against my back. sandalwood's hips rock so subtly that the movement of his hardness, nestled against my sacral curve, is almost lost. almost.

i moan.

i should be examining the bones, i should be irritated at the new security cameras in limbo, i am frustrated that i can't see the spiky blond hair laboring away at my hips. i wish i could see sandalwood's deep brown eyes locked on mine as little whimpers trail from my lips.

i can hear too many cars outside for 4 o'clock in the morning. i can hear the mutter in my ear... bones.

i suddenly clamp around dean's fingers and ride.

booth, i only ever ride in the SUV. can i drive?

and then dean is inside me and he thrusts tight and fast. i have to hold on, we're going so fast with the sirens wailing and i reach behind my back to hold on, to stroke his length.

now he moans and tells me that i can't drive.

why not? i'm an excellent driver.

i don't doubt that, bones. he grunts rhythmically, in time with my hand and with the plunge of dean's hips.

the siren wails. i wail. rapture is coursing wet down my face.


"Bones," Booth said.

Brennan started and sat upright in her desk chair, face flushed.

"You alright?"

"Yeah. Yeah, I guess I just drifted off." She rubbed her face with her hands and clenched her thighs tightly together, trying to lock down her arousal.

"Bones, what's wrong?"

Brennan composed herself and remembered her anger. "Nothing. What are you doing here?"

"Since you don't like to call me these days, I thought I'd come over to see if there are any updates on our pile-of-bones."

"It isn't a pile anymore, Booth. We have separated the sets of remains and arranged them as usual." She stood and moved toward the door, not waiting for her partner. "Come on, I'll show you our latest findings."