Author's Note –

Hey anyone who's reading this story (because I know it's been forever) I'm really sorry I haven't updated =( Life's been exceedingly insane (I know, excuses, excuses) but anyways here is another chapter!

Her lips landed on his, but instead of pulling away as he had in the elevator, he pulled her closer still. As Spock's hand spanned her lower back, the other moved to her neck, the tips of his fingers tangling themselves into her midnight-colored hair. Powerfully he gripped her to him, ensuring that the entire lengths of their body's were touching.

"Still not close enough," he thought to himself, not knowing that the exact same thought was simultaneously running through Nyota's head.

They broke the kiss at the same time, as thought their minds were still connected. Moving a fraction of a step backwards and placing both her hands upon his chest, Nyota looked up into his eyes, silently asking permission. After all, he had just told her he loved her – she didn't want to push him too far and overload his Vulcan circuits… Well, maybe she did, but not against his wishes.

Spock answered her unspoken question with the raising of one eyebrow and a quirk of the corners of his mouth, these slight actions not escaping Nyota as he leaned down to gently kiss her. He deepened the kiss, and she took this as a sign that his answer was yes. Spock felt her hands gathering the material of his blue Starfleet uniform top. Slowly she was raising it, first up over the top of his trousers, then to his waist, and then to his arms, where she waited for his logical mind, or the part of it that was still thinking logically at least, to realize that she could go no further while he still held her face. It took him 3.2 seconds to catch on, and another 7.4 to finally force himself to let go. He was not sorry he did though, for as Nyota finally peeled his shirt completely off, there was no longer anything separating his skin from her warm, soft hands.

If she had had as logical a mind as the being in front of her, she might have remarked to herself that, judging on what she could see of his body so far, he was in peak physical condition. However, at that moment, Nyota did not use logic to evaluate Spock's chest; she used her hands. Running them from his broad shoulders downwards, she explored his defined musculature.

Truth be told, she had not expected him to be as well defined as he was. As her hands explored his front, she felt a lean, athletic build that made him strong to the core. Her lips gave a quirk reminiscent of that of her love when her fingers came across a faint trail of hair that ran from his naval to below his pants…

"Time for that later," she thought.

Her lips now followed the trail her hands had laid out, kissing the areas she previously punished, once more apologizing, but this time without words. She resolved to herself at that moment that she would never again treat his body with anger or violence, just love.

Her lips made the journey back up towards his face, pausing for a moment to kiss up his neck and along his jawbone before settling once more on his lips. Spock had not moved previous to this, not knowing what was expected of him, but if there was one thing he had learned from his time with Nyota Uhura, it was how to kiss.

As their lips moved against each other's, Nyota's hands left their usual position at the base of his neck, her fingers slowly gliding down his back until they reached the waistband of his pants. Moving to his front, her hands quickly found the buckle and promptly undid it. With a sudden swiftness that Spock couldn't have stopped (even if he had wanted to) the remaining piece of his uniform fell to the floor. Spock stepped out of the discarded trousers, and slipped off his boots, finally standing before her in only his underwear.

Nyota stepped back slightly to better see what had been hidden under all that, in her opinion, unneeded material - some plain, black boxers, which stood out from his pale, solid legs. They stood out for another reason too, but as she went to finally remove his last piece of clothing, a strong yet gentle hand stopped her.

"My turn," Spock murmured into her ear, feeling slightly more confident. He mimicked he actions, and reaching down to the bottom hem of her shirt, he tugged upwards, smoothly pulling the confining garment off of her. He continued on this mission, moving his arms around to her lower back, and thus to the top of her skirt. Grasping the zipper with one hand, he slowly pulled it downwards, the fingers of his other hand trailing down the newly exposed skin. As the skirt fell to the ground, she moved to step out of it, but stayed in Spock's embrace.

Nyota didn't know how to feel. Nobody had ever stared at her like Spock was right now. She imagined she felt like a live wire, with every nerve on her body crackling with anticipation, energy.

Another man, a lesser man, might have gaped at her, not being capable in the presence of her beauty to do anymore. As it was, Spock was entranced, admiring each detail in full. The curve of her hips, her long legs, and the way she stood in front of him so confident, so full of love. Yes, a lesser being would've been held immobile by such a being in front of him, but not Spock.

Nothing seemed to move, but suddenly he was in front of her, and in an unspoken agreement they both frenziedly did away with the remaining barriers separating them from each other. Accomplishing that task, they moved onto the bed.

"Slow it down," she thought to herself, kissing him gently. Moving only so that she could see his eyes, she stared into them. She wanted to be sure.

"Is there a problem Nyota?" Spock asked wonderingly. It was not as though he had thorough experience in matters like these, and he began to worry that he had done something wrong, or had offended her in some way.

"No Spock, everything is perfect. I just want to make sure you're okay with this, and that I'm not pressuring you into something you don't want to do," she rapidly replied.

Looking over her, Spock quirked his mouth and raised an eyebrow in amusement. Of course she would be concerned about him. As he continued to sit there, taking all of this in silently, he observed her getting more nervous, and figured he should say something.

"Nyota," he responded," I love you. And the only thing I don't want to do is leave you."

Smiling up at him, she pulled him down onto the bed with her, and he proceeded to make her aware of just how he felt.