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Well, here I am. In Melbourne, Australia. The house my parents purchased was nice, it is a single story. When you walk in you have the parents room to the left it has an open closet that you can walk through the entrance on either side of the bed. The bathroom had double sinks and a double shower. A little bit further down on your right there is a billiard room with a bar and raised carpeted area, it also had bi folding doors that led out to a decked out area, with a pool that has a small moat going around the spa which was under cover and had this water fall thing on the roof which if you turned on caused a water curtain around the spa. Then there's the laundry and some mini family room. Then the kitchen with lounge/dining. Next to the kitchen is a theatre room. The kitchen also had bi folding doors that led out to the decking area.

Then there is a powder room, 3 more bedrooms, one of which had a walk in robe. There was also and bathroom and a mini kids lounge room. The house was nice to say least. I took the bedroom at the end, the one with the walk in closet and purple feature wall. Emmett took the room farthest away from mine; he had a light blue feature wall.

My Nan took the room opposite me. This is just fantastic! Not.

I hadn't spoken to my parents the whole trip on the way over here. I was disappointed... angry and upset that they had to move here, as they like to put it.

I missed Edward... so much already. I hated knowing that we couldn't see each other, or climb across that stupid ladder and jump onto the others balcony whenever we felt like.

I sighed as I continued to unpack my stuff. Everything was already moved in, thanks to my dad's friend, whoever that might be, all I had to do was put my clothes away.

"Bells?" I looked up to see Emmett standing in the door way fiddling with his thumbs

"What's up Em?" I asked

His eyes were filled with sadness, his voice raspy and dry. He looked lifeless

"I, ah just came to see how your going and if maybe you would like to come for a walk with me? You know, get some fresh air"

I gave him the best smile I could muster as I put the last item of clothing away in my closet.


I followed him out of my room and down the long hallway into the kitchen/lounge where our parents where re-arranging the sofa.

"We are going out" Emmett told them in a cold hard voice.

"Alright, don't go too far" Renee said.

Once we were outside, we sat down at the end of the driveway. I looked over to where two guys where kicking a football... apparently they kick them here, not throw them like they do back home.

"I miss home" Emmett said "I miss Rose"

I looked at him to see a few tears trickling down his cheek.

"I miss everyone" I told him.

I looped my arms through his and put my head on his shoulder "I miss Edward" I said. My own tears streaming down my cheek.

I used my free hand to try and wipe the tears away, but there were too many of them so I gave up trying.

"I hate this" He sobbed "I hate mum and dad"

I sighed shakily and as much as I hate them now as well, I know deep down that eventually we will both forgive them.

I hadn't even been away from Edward all that long and already I felt empty and alone. I had no idea how I was going to get through this without him, or what I would do without him by my side.

"We will get through it" I reassured him and myself at the same time. Even though I wasn't sure how. I sighed again, clenching onto his arm trying to hold back the tears.

"I fucked up" He whispered, not looking at me.

"How?" I asked as I continued to watch the two guys kick the football

"I told Rose to move on... not to wait for me. I regret it now" He scoffed

"I told Edward the same thing Em, there isn't really much we can do I mean we are half way around the world..." I shook my head trying to clear it "We can't give them what they need if we are half way around the world"

He sighed and rested his head on top of mine, gently rubbing my hand.

"I'm going to go inside, lie down and maybe have a sleep" He said, after a few minutes of silence.

I gave him a slight nod and watched him disappear into the house.

I let my mind wonder to the conversation Edward and I had when I told him we were defiantly leaving, remembering how I couldn't breathe, how he cried with me, how I clung onto him for dear life and then how I told him not to wait for me, breaking mine and Edwards heart. I told him he needed to move on because a relationship with me half way around the world just wouldn't work and although it tore me up inside I knew it would kill me more to know he was at home, worrying over me, missing me, and not being able to touch him or be close to him.

"Hey, you alright?" One of the guys I saw kicking the footy asked

"Huh?" I said, feeling a bit dazed "Yes, I am fine" I told him

He smirked at me and sat down "You're not a very good liar" He chuckled

I tilted my head to the side and raised an eye brow at him "Your crying" He said, stating the obvious. He clearly didn't get that I didn't want to talk to some stranger about my problems

"What's it to you?" I asked, sounding a little nasty.

"Whoa I was just being friendly" He said, holding his hands up in a surrender position.

I sighed and tucked my hair behind my ear, and then I looked at him again. I mean really looked at him.

He had dark eyes, russet skin and short black hair. He looked well built as well.

"I'm sorry" I said "I'm Bella" I held out my hand for him. No need to make enemies with the neighbours Bella. I thought to myself

He smiled at me, his white teeth standing out against his dark skin

"Jacob, but call me Jake" He said taking my hand in his.

His hands were big; I could barely see my own under his palm and fingers. I sighed Nothing like Edwards...

"Nice to meet you Bella" He said

"You too" I pulled my hand out of his and put it back in my lap.

"So, you're new around here" He asked


"Not much of a talker are you?"

I looked over at him "I am... Sometimes. I just... Need to work a few things out" I told him

It was weird how I suddenly felt comfortable around him. He seemed so relaxed and at ease.

"Wanna talk about it?"

I looked at him for a moment, furrowing my brows.

"Well" I begun, who knows, maybe it would help to talk about it "I use to live in phoenix, America. I moved here with my Brother, Emmett and my parents. My dad found a job down here so we had to move"

He gave me a smile and a slight nod.

"I left all my friends there, including my boyfriend, Edward... or my ex boyfriend now" I finished. More tears started to run down my cheeks

"Tell me about your friends" He said, looking at me like he was really interested

"Well there's Alice, who is my best friend. Really short, pixie like girl with black hair. Always happy and full of energy and although she was small, she scared the shit out of me" I laughed "I love her; she is like my sister and has always been there for me. She is obsessed with shopping, and loved dressing me up, it was torture. And even though I hated it, I'll still miss those times with her"

I smiled to myself for a moment remembering the last party we had together and how she forced her wrath upon me.

"Then there is Rosalie. She is tall and thin, blonde hair and blue eyed, my brothers girlfriend... or ex now. Everyone referred to her as the bitch on wheels, but only her friends saw the real side of her. She wasn't scared to put people in their place." It made me sad thinking about her, and how much Emmett was missing her.

"Then we have Jasper. He is my ex boyfriend, but we became good friends. He cared about me and was always there for me if I needed him. He is now with Alice, they make a cute couple. Sort of weigh each other down, she is hypo all the time were as he is always calm and so down to earth"

"They were my main friends, the ones I would hang out with most. The others are the people I hung out with at school. Sharleen, Claire, Natalie, Sam, Tyler and Michael. They were all good friends too. We always had a good laugh with each other"

"Sounds like you have a good bunch of friends back home" Jake said

"Yeah, I do" I replied sadly. "I'll miss them... all of them" I sighed

I missed Alice, and although I would never admit this to her I wanted to go through the torture of her playing Barbie Bella and take me shopping.

"And what about Edward?" Jake asked carefully

I furrowed my brows at him trying to hold back the urge to burst into tears.

"I love him" I stated, a few tears escaping "And I miss him so much. We were friends when we were younger but sort of grew apart in some way and hated each other for a few years. Then, slowly we began talking again. There was something there, between us and eventually we became a couple. He was always so sweet and caring. Treated me like I was a queen...." I trailed off.

I covered my face with my hands and buried myself into my knees letting the sobs come out.

I felt a hand rubbing soothing circles on my back then embraced me in a hug, and although they weren't the arms I wanted wrapped around me, I still leaned in and entranced the warmth that was flowing off his body and ravelled myself in his comfort.

After what seemed like hours I finally pulled myself out of Jake's hold and rubbed my eyes, sniffling a little bit.

"Sorry" I whispered

"It's ok" He replied giving me a warm inviting smile.

"Bella, you coming inside? We got Bi- Jake? Is that you?" My father asked... how on earth does he know Jake?

"Hey Mr. S" Jake replied, waving at my dad

"How do you know my dad?" I asked. It was too confusing for me at the moment. My brain felt like it weighed a ton.

"He and my dad use to be best mates in school... so, wow your Charlies daughter ey" He chuckled, softly nudging my ribs

"Yeah" I laughed. It's a small world...

"How ya been boy?" My dad asked, pulling Jake up from the ground and shaking his hand.

"Good, sir thank you, how about yourself?"

"Not bad, not bad at all. I haven't seen you since... well you defiantly weren't as tall as you are now" He laughed

"Two years ago, sir"


"I saw you two years ago on your last visit here" He laughed

"Oh, that's right!"

"I thought you went on a business trip" I said to my dad with a frown on my face.

"Your mother and I sorta did a round trip bells" He placed his hand on my shoulder.

I raised an eyebrow at him "Right, well I will see you later Jake" I said, and then walked away. Back towards the house.


I missed her... It hurt... I didn't feel whole anymore, it was like every part of my being was slowly shattering. I couldn't eat, or sleep. In fact, I refused to move from the spot on my bed.

My pillow smelt like her, my clothes smelt like her, it was the only comfort I had at the moment. And I was too scared to move, or leave the room in case the smell faded. Then I would have nothing but the pictures she put around my room.

I ignored my mother's attempt to get me out of bed; I ended up locking my door because the perfume she wore over powered Bella's scent. I could tell I was hurting her, but she couldn't be hurting anywhere near as much as me. I had a big part of me missing, and I knew I would never get it back. She owns my heart, and my soul, and although it hurts, I don't care. As long as she has a piece of me with her.

My dad didn't have much luck either, no matter how hard or how long he pounded on my bedroom door, I refused to move or answer him. I just drowned myself in all thoughts that had Bella in them, good or bad I didn't care because she was there.

Alice was as much as a wreck as me. So was Rose. Rose screamed, cried, kicked and punched against Jasper once Emmett disappeared through the gates at the airport. My father was holding me back, refusing to let me go. If he did I would have been after her in two seconds flat. I cried, in front of all my friends and everyone at the airport. Alice clung to my waist, her face pushed hard against my chest, she didn't watch as Bella and Emmett left.

She had been gone three days, three god damn fucking days. Her smell was fading, and I was feeling more and more lonely with every second that passed. I felt as if I were dying, my air supply was gone... empty.


"I'm sorry" She sobbed, clingy onto my shirt.

I could feel her tears seeping through my shirt.

My heart clenched tight as I held onto her "Please don't go" I whispered, resting my forehead on top of her head

"I have to" She cried "Please Edward, never forget that I love, I will always love you"

I squeezed my eyes shut tight, tears pouring out of my eyes and onto her hair.

"God" I breathed "I can't do this Bells... I can't let you go" I whispered

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry...I'm sorry"

"It's not your fault baby... I'll wait for you" I told her, trying to hide my shaky voice but failing miserably

I hated her parents. I hated my parents, they supported this... They actually fucking supported their leaving. Like they didn't care that they were tearing us apart... like they didn't care that we were madly in love or that Bella and Emmett have friends here and they were taking it all away. At least that's what I thought, they had to support it... Right? Otherwise they would stop them, they wouldn't let them leave. I knew they Knew about this, Bella's parents have to of told them.

She shot her head away from my chest, looking up at me with those big sad brown eyes

"No... No...No" She shook her head "Don't wait for me... As much as it kills me to say this, I want you to live your life. Enjoy your friends... go to college. Don't lie around miserable day after day because of me. I want you to move on, I want you to be happy" She said. I could see the hurt in her eyes as she spoke each word.

I cringed... I couldn't even think about being with anyone but Bella... and I certainly couldn't see myself being happy, not for a long time at least. She would be in my mind constantly.

"Please don't ask me to do that" I whispered, pushing my forehead against hers I closed my eyes

"I need you too" She told me

"Bella...." I begged

My body was trembling and I could feel my knees grow weak.

"Please Edward... I would love to stay with you, remain your girlfriend.... but I'll be on the other side of the world... It's too hard to keep a long distance relationship and I know it will hurt both of us, not being able to hold each other. So please, do this for me, just this one thing. Be happy, that's all I care about. Live your life and move on"

I sniffed, unable to hold myself up anymore I fell to the ground, bring her with me. She pulled me closer, holding me tighter "I'll always love you Bella... Always and forever until the day I die"

"I n-no Edwar-d" She whispered "I'll always love you too, for all eternity"

The words eternity echoed in my head, over and over... torturing me to no end.

**End Flashback**

I was brought out of my thoughts by the vibration of my phone. I picked it up and looked at the caller I.D Alice

I sighed and answered

"Alice" I said, not bothering to sound cheery or happy or any of that fucken shit. I didn't need to hide the fact I was broken and torn apart.

"Hi Edward" Her trembling voice replied. I heard her sniff and sob on the other end

"How are you holding up?" I asked

"Not so good" She cried "I miss them Edward" She whimpered "I miss them so much"

I squeezed my eyes shut tight as tears started to run down my cheeks

"I miss them too Alice" I whispered, knowing if I spoke any louder my voice would crack and break

"I feel so empty... I don't e-even remember what they l-look like" She sobbed, her voice sounding a bit muffled

"Her smell is fading" I told her "I can't smell her anymore" I whispered

Alice was really the only person I felt I could talk to about this. Her and Rose, just because I knew they would understand what I was feeling and wouldn't think of me as some pussy whipped bitch.

I pulled the pillow over my face and inhaled, long and hard taking in the last of her scent.

"When will it stop hurting?" She asked

"I don't know" I shook my head As if she can see you I thought to myself

I could hear her breathing heavily on the other end of the phone, she sniffled.

After another half hour of talking, we eventually hung up. She was a mess, and I knew she wouldn't be the same... At least not for a while.

I could feel my whole chest clench, making it harder to breath. I took deep breaths through my mouth "I need a fucking cigarette" I muttered to myself, rubbing my sore eyes.

I climbed out of bed, my legs feeling slightly wobbly and unstable. I turned on my stereo and switched it to the radio. I grabbed a smoke and my lighter and walked out onto my balcony.

I sighed and sat down in my chair; I lit my smoke and took a long drag. My eyes wandered over to Bella's old bedroom, Images of her being tortured by Alice flickering through my mind... Bella looking at herself in the mirror... Her watching me, only in her bra and closing the curtain...


"I... Bella.... I.... You are the most amazing person I have ever met. Your fun... and sweet... and caring... I have never felt like this before, not with anyone. I care about you, an awful lot. And I don't ever, ever want to lose you. You have the kindest heart, and are the most forgiving person I know. I guess... What I am trying to say is that... I... I love you, Bella" There I said it

Her eyes grew wide and she covered her mouth with her hand. I watched her carefully as her eyes filled with tears. She didn't move... Or say anything

"Please say something" I whispered

"Edward...." She breathed "I... I don't know what to say"

I nodded my head and looked down at the carpet "It's ok; I didn't expect you to say it back. I knew there was the chance you wou-"

"Shhh" She put her finger over my lip. Causing me to shut up and look up at her "I love you too, Edward" She grinned at me

**End Flashback**

I shook my head... It seemed like it was only yesterday that I admitted my love for her. I remember feeling so happy and buoyant. My stomach did flip flops... and now, I fell empty... Like I'm nothing. Just another human placed in the world, like I had no meaning to exist.

That stupid ladder was leaning against the edge of my balcony. Every single fucken thing I seemed to look at reminded me of her. Not that I wanted to forget her, because I don't... I love her, more than my own life. But it's like god is making it his duty to make me even more miserable; filling my head with all these memories, that, just for a minute I don't want to remember. I'm already hurting enough.

My head weighed a ton... My chest felt empty... My life, meaningless.


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