Previously on the Totally Unexpected:

I stood there, looking stupid with my mouth opening and closing. I couldn't find the word to tell her now wasn't the time. That I didn't want to hear what she had to say, that even the thought of talking to her for two minutes made my stomach twist and turn. I felt sick.

Edward grabbed onto my hand, lacing his fingers through my. Giving them a gentle squeeze. "I don't think now's a good time, Hailey" He told her, his voice was gentle and kind. Something I wouldn't have been able to manage "Maybe you should wait until Bella's ready, she'll come to you" with that, he pulled me away and back up to my room.

If possible, I loved him even more in that moment.



Chapter 27


A few minutes later, I heard the front door slam. I silently prayed to myself that Chelsea had managed to get Hailey out of the house.

"It was bound to happen sooner or later" Edward stated, closing my bedroom door. I looked over my shoulder at him giving him a slight nod of my head.

"I have a feeling it's not going to be the last time we see her" I said, sliding down the end of my bed, and sitting on the floor "I think we'll even see Gavin at some point as well"

Edward ran a hand through his messy bronze hair as he joined me on the floor at the foot of the bed "Think you'll ever forgive either of them?" He asked

I sighed, how could I forgive either of them? After everything I'd been through. I'd opened myself up to both of them, trusting them with my feelings… My private life, only to have it thrown back in my face. I felt more than a little betrayed by the both of them. "I'm not sure" I told him "Maybe I could, further down the track… In a few months, maybe a year… Or maybe never, I just don't know if this is something I'll ever be able to wrap my head around. Especially when, if I forgive them, I'll have to see their baby. It will just be a constant reminder of what they did to me"

Edward nodded his head, he understood what I meant. And that's why I loved him, he understood me. "I don't think there are many people out there that would be able to forgive someone for something like this"

I was about to tell him that I knew that when my cell phone started ringing. Edward reached up onto the bed to grab it for me; I took one look at the screen and smiled when I answered it.


"Bella! Rose and I are heading out this afternoon, you want to come?" She replied

"That depends" I laughed at her bubbliness.

"On what?"

"On where you're going"

There was a short pause and I heard soft whispers on the other end of the phone "Alice?"

"Oh, uh well you see… It's a... it's uh, erm"

"Oh for god sakes Alice, give me the damn phone" I heard Rose snap on the other end "Bells?"

I laughed "Hey Rose"

"We're going shopping, there's a sale on down Macy's and we rea-"

"Stop" I told her "Why on earth would you or Alice need to go clothes shopping when you can just... you know, make you own clothes?" I rolled my eyes, though they couldn't see, it did however, make Edward laugh at me. I smiled at him "You two DO own a fashion boutique, if you haven't forgotten"

I heard Rosalie sigh "No, Bella we haven't forgotten, but that doesn't mean that we don't like to go out and shop every now and then. We still enjoy it just as much as we did before we opened the boutique"

"Isabella Marie Swan" Alice had taken the phone from Rose; she used her best authority giving voice. I had to stifle my laughter "You are coming shopping with us, we're your best friends and we want a bit of girly time with you. So please don't argue with us and just come!"

My earlier smile vanished, and I whined. Sounding like a five year old child "But I don't wanna"

"Did you really just whine at me?" She asked I could just imagine her little face all scrunched up with disapproval at my childishness.

"If you want to spend time with me why can't we just go out to a movie or something...? Have dinner, or lunch… Or both, please anything but clothes shopping"

"We'll see you at three" She told me, completely ignoring my pleas.

I felt like throwing my phone across the room, but my smarter self over powered my childish side and settled for chucking the phone onto my bed.

"I take it you lost?" Edward laughed, poking me at my ribs.

"Wipe that look off your face mister, or you're coming with me"

His cocky smirk was quickly replaced with a soft smile, though his eyes were still dancing with amusement. He knew I hated shopping, and he was enjoying every single bit of this.



I was making Edward and myself lunch when my mother decided to walk into the room, she looked at me with a sad expression on her face. And with no way out of the kitchen, other than the entrance she was currently blocking I knew I had no choice but to talk to her and sort through my issues.

"I'm sorry" She said, her face was filled with sadness and complete honesty

I nodded my head, waiting for her to continue.

"I'm sorry that you feel as though your father and I did the wrong thing by you, I'm sorry that I didn't give you the attention and closeness you needed from me" She was whispering now, looking down at her hands as she continued, that knot that had formed in my stomach tightened at the sight of her tears dripping from her face "We only wanted you and Emmett to have an experience with us, yes we need the money, but living in Australia would have been a wonderful experience for you both. I get that it may be a poor excuse but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do. You're my daughter, Emmett's my son. You're both a part of me, and I couldn't have left you behind without feeling like I had left a piece of me behind as well"

Nodding my head again, I replied "It was a good experience" I agreed "And that is a poor excuse… In my opinion anyway, we were old enough to make our own choices, mom. I wish you had of spoken to us both, sat down and really spoken to us about it... Our thoughts matter as well, and neither of us was ready to leave our lives here behind us. We had school we had our friends and we both felt as if you and dad had just ripped us away from our life, from everything that meant something to us. We had nothing in Australia" I was almost in tears looking at my mother, she was crying and had grabbed onto my hands and held them tight.

"I know that now" She said, looking me straight in the eye "But I need you to understand that leaving you two behind would have been the hardest choice in my life. You're my children, my babies. I would have worried sick over both of you, wondering how you were, if you were OK… I just… You'll understand one day when you have kids of your own"

"Perhaps I will" I shrugged "I'm sorry for acting so childish, mom. And I forgive you." I pulled her into a hug and squeezed her tightly, I wasn't 100% sure if I had completely forgiven her but I could deal with what was left on my own, for now, and I just need her to cheer up. I hated seeing her so upset, it completely broke my heart. I could feel her body shake as she cried in my shoulder "I love you" I whispered to her.

Pulling away, she grinned at me through her tears "I love you too, baby"

"Aww wasn't that a beautiful reunion" I gazed over my mother's shoulder to see Emmett standing there with a cheesy grin on his face; he took two big steps towards us and wrapped both his arms around the both of us.

"Can't… Breathe" I managed to squeak

"Sorry Bells" He laughed, releasing us from his death grip "It's about time the two of you started talking again, I was starting to get sick of the phone calls mom kept giving me"

"Emmett Swan!" Rose walked into the room and slapped him across the back of his head "That's no way to speak of your mother" She chastised, pointing a slender, beautifully manicured finger at him.

I laughed at the look on his face "Sorry Rosie" He grumble, grabbing her by her waist and pulling her to him, giving her a soft kiss on her temple.

My eyes darted my Emmett to Rose and back again "So uh, are you two like… Official now?" I asked

Rose smiled at me, and Emmett's eyes were gleaming with pride "Yep" He said, popping the 'p'.

"Aww, I'm so happy for you two" My mother gushed, hugging them both

"Thanks Renee" Rose replied, returning her hug, she then turned her attention to me "You should probably get dressed, Alice will be here soon" She eyed Edwards white t-shirt that I had just thrown own once we eventually made it out of bed.

I blushed, knowing that she knew what we had been up to "Soon" I told her "Just let me eat my lunch first" I plated up two toasted cheese sandwiches and squeezed through my family to make my way upstairs.

Edward was lying on the bed, his arms behind his head. He smiled at me when I entered and sat upright taking one of the plates out of my hand.

"I spoke to mom" I told him, liking my greasy fingers "We're OK now"

"That's great" He replied, he placed both of our empty plates on the floor then pulled me too him, laying us both on the bed. I rested comfortably on his chest.

"I really should get ready" I sighed, looking at the clock on the bed side table, it told me the time was 2:51pm "You know what Alice is like if I'm late"

Edward pouted, and god help me was it cute. I flicked his bottom lip with my finger then gave him a gentle kiss before climbing off the bed "Don't worry, I'll be back later tonight, and I'll give you all the hugs in the world" In my mind, my definition of that was a heap lot dirtier, and the little wink I tacked onto the end gave that away.

Edward beamed; his sparkling green eyes and wide smile almost made me want to jump his bones… again.

"Can't wait" He replied as I reluctantly walked into the bathroom.



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