Uchiha Obito, the race official and 3 year record holder, was on his way home after working in the racing arena for that day and taking a few laps around the field.

"Hey Obi!"

A voice called, it was his friend, Hatake Kakashi or the White Lightning as he was known, said and waved at him holding a cup of coffee in one hand.

"Why don't you stick around for a while?"


The official shook off, throwing his racing jacket into his locker and grabbing his backpack.

"Izuna-sama may yell at me for being late at one of our company meetings again… Speaking of which, shouldn't you get going too?"

Obito said and opened the door.

"Our meeting doesn't start in an hour so I guess I'll stay for 30 more minutes before I leave…"

The silver haired teen said, taking a sip of his coffee.

"Fine… It's your life. Well… see you at the Plaza later ok? And say hello to Sakura for me while you're at it!"

He said and dashed out the door, pressing the down button on the elevator call.

"Will do…"

Kakashi answered in the dullest of all tones as he got off his chair to join the other racers in the after party they usually had.


Obito waited patiently for the elevator to come while watching his friend go wild with other people.

"Hmph… Party animal…"

He chuckled.


Went the elevator bell, signaling it was already there. The doors opened and the official stepped in.

Once he was inside, he pressed the G button and the elevator began its descent.

Sora wo miagereba

Hoshitachi ga hora matataiteru

Kono hoshi no hitotachi mitai ni

Samazama na hikari wo hanatte

Sou sou dakara boku mo

Hitokiwa kagayaite itain da

Me wo tojite kokoro ni chikau

Nagareboshi ni yume wo takushite

Went an awfully familiar ringtone from his pocket. He fished for his cellphone and brought it out.



It wrote. Obito stared at the number for a while because it wasn't familiar to his eyes and then he pressed the answer button.


He asked skeptically.

"Where do you think you're going?"

A voice prompted on the other line. Judging from his worried expression, this person was no one he knew…

"Hello? Who is this? Izuna-sama are you calling from some other guy's cellphone or what?"

He asked, trying to make a joke to calm his nervous nerves.

"Are you trying to run away?"

The voice asked, ignoring Obito's question.

"Ok… Who are you?"

He asked, getting more nervous.

"I will have… my… vengeance…"

The voice said as it faded away, leaving the noisy beep of the busy tone.

"Who the hell is… Wait a minute…"

Obito said, coming into a realization.

"…How… How did I receive that call? There's no signal in elevators…"

He thought and dropped his phone in fear then suddenly, the elevator's lights flickered on and off and the level indicator went into random numbers as the elevator went beserk.

"Oh Shit…"

He cursed and pressed the emergency stop button.

"Stop… Stop dammit!"

He screamed, going into a panic.

The elevator stopped, on level 13… He was on the 21st floor afterall…

"Thank Kami…"

He sighed in relief, but not fully yet… He was stuck and Izuna-sama may kill him when he's late…

The door was partially open and he had to figure a way to get out of that elevator car, if he does, he'll just take the stairs down.

Just then, came his Nagareboshi ring tone again…

He nearly fainted as the numbers 6644 greeted him again.

Obito's hand remained frozen and held the cellphone.

Just then, the elevator just began to move again, but this time, it was much more frightening… it fell as in it was no longer tied to its cables and the elevator car crashed to the basement grounds… Leaving Obito's dead body lying there, eyes wide open and his hand still gripping on the cellphone, the numbers 6644 glued on the screen.