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AN: I was awake tonight with a bit of insomnia and started thinking about what would happen if Harry traveled back in time to try and stop Tom from becoming Voldemort…and this scene kinda popped into my head. It's just a flashfic but I posted it in case some of you enjoy it. =)

Love, Friendship, and Impossibilities

Harry was humming under his breath while he cooked, when he felt Tom encircle his waist with both arms, hugging him to his body and placing a quick kiss to the back of his neck. Harry shivered at the by now familiar sensation and pulled away.

"Hello Tom, you hungry? Dinner will be ready in a few."

"Hn." Tom answered with a sigh and leaned back on the kitchen counter to watch Harry finish up dinner. "I read today's report already. Your latest escape attempt injured 10 of my men and 3 of them are still in the hospital wing."

Harry frowned. "I'm sorry, may I go see them? Maybe I can heal them-" Tom waived his concern aside with an annoyed hand.

"I don't care about that! I have countless guards to replace any you take out. I just don't understand you. You could have anything you want, you have but to ask and I will give it to you. I offer you wealth and power beyond anyone's wildest dreams and you're worried about some useless guards?!" Tom cried out, his red eyes flashing in exasperation.

"They are not useless; they are human beings, Tom. And you know I don't care for power or endless wealth. I'm happy just being your friend, but I don't share your beliefs." Harry said while waving his hand at the food platters he'd prepared, wandlessly enchanting them to follow him to the kitchen table.

Tom arched an eyebrow and followed him. "Wandless magic?"

Harry shrugged. "I've had to adapt since you broke my wand."

"I apologized about that, I had only been trying to take it away. I will buy you another one…as soon as you accept my proposal."

"Would you really be satisfied with that? For me to accept in your offer in order to live in peace and spend the rest of our lives pretending I love you like you want me to?"

"Of course not! I can help you. You will have to take a potion at the beginning but with time you'll come to desire me like I desire you, and you won't need the potion anymore." He walked over to stand in front of Harry and lowered his head to place a chaste kiss upon Harry's lips. "Just say yes, be mine, and I will give you the world."

"I don't want the world…I only want to be free."