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It has been a month since we both became an official couple. And if I were to be perfectly honest with myself, the past month has been a mixture of two undeniably queer aspects in my otherwise tragically average life: one, Kyouya (yes, I am really trying my best to drop the honorifics) has been spoiling me rotten to the point in which I am much too used to it for my own good. Two, people now recognize me everywhere I go, despite the fact that Kyouya isn't exactly what you'd call a 'celebrity'. Sure, those two conditions were good for other people. But seriously, it was very distracting and nonetheless, I try my best to keep up with my averageness. And yes, I was failing miserably.

I should be happy; indeed, being Kyouya's girlfriend had its advantages, like I wouldn't have to worry too much about transportation or safety. But they were coupled with great amounts of disadvantages like that fact that I have no privacy and much less a little time to breathe my own air. And with much strength, courage and utter idiocy, I decided that it was time he and I had a talk about this issue.

Today was the usual freezing December air. I stepped out of the tiny apartment and breathed heavily, rubbing my hands together. I looked up at the sudden looming shadow from my left and was not surprised to see my bodyguard Morita-san standing beside me.

"Good morning, Fujioka-sama, where to?" he asked in his light, almost feminine voice. There was something to be said about the irony of this man. He was tall, and his black hair was in the usual 'bodyguard' brush-up. Despite wearing a uniformed black suit, the evidence of an ostentatious set of muscles was very much clashing with his girly voice.

I sighed, "Good morning to you too, Morita-san. I already told you that you didn't have to call me by that. Please call me Haruhi."

Morita-san nodded and smiled slightly. I knew that was one order he wasn't going to follow. Even though he was under my command, the higher powers (aka, my over-protective boyfriend) were set in higher priorities than mine. I knew that Kyouya without a doubt would have told Morita-san that he was to call me by that.

"Anyway," I said as my train of thought drifted away. Morita-san was waiting as patiently as he usually did. It was amazing how different he was from Kyouya, "I need to go to the Ootori mansion. There are some things that I have to—discuss—with Kyouya-sama."

As you can see, even though I was allowed to call him 'Kyouya' to his face, I was still very much respectful to his name in public and to other people. I knew I didn't have to be... the choice was very much mine. But I chose to be respectful, not only because I wanted him to be respected, but because despite the casualty of our feelings for each other, I respected him above anyone else in my life. And that was something huge—I was never really the type to bow down ever so subtly to anyone.

"Ootori-sama is currently in his working quarters in the Ootori Grand Ballroom," stated Morita-san. I blinked and bit my lip. It has been a while since I last been to his office. The last time being a fairly long time ago when he and I experienced our first date out.

I wondered if it was ever alright for me to barge into his privacy like that without preamble. There was a high chance that I was only going to get kicked out. I grimaced at the thought and yet I held myself firm. I had to talk to him if I wanted to get my privacy back. Of course, I could speak to him some other time... but then I realized that my sudden burst of feeling was pretty much the epitome of my will. I knew that if I decided to confront him some other time, it would be easier for him to bend the chances in his favour.

"Alright then," I muttered, somehow a little flushed at the way the bodyguard stared at me. Morita-san nodded in response and spoke swiftly into his expensive looking Bluetooth earpiece. There was a soft hiss as a light coloured beige car pulled up in front of us. I noted that this looked brand new for I haven't seen it before. Plus, the lack of a plate number was evident. Though I was a little flustered at the fact that the Ootori family purchased another new car, I was relieved to see that it wasn't as grandiose as the usual but still quite flashy in some ways compared to the other run down cars across the street.

The bodyguard held the door handle and waited for me to get in. I watched from the window as he looked around him, obviously making sure that nobody was having any strange intent to kill me or whatnot before he strode over to sit beside the driver. The air from the outside was cut abruptly as we zoomed smoothly out the commoner village.

On the way to the Ootori Grand Ball, I started to think of what to say to Kyouya. Sure, I was decided to telling him what I really felt about the bodyguards, the drivers, the service, the constant delivery of food supplies and overly expensive goods, but I didn't know how to tell him without it ending up in a fight.

It should be easy, if he were just another regular guy. But he wasn't a regular guy at all. He was going to be the heir of the Ootori name, and he was a billionaire without even trying. Not only that, he was incredibly handsome with his dark brown hair, and his strikingly mind blowing set of eyes. I suddenly felt a surge of equivocal affection and pleasure as I remembered how his amazingly simple deeds would cause my heart to palpitate to the point of discomfort. How he would hold my hand when we would walk, not a care in the world who was watching. How he would place his hands on the small of my back leading me to places both known and unknown. How he would whisper nothing more than three words—I love you—and how it would cease to give me a heart attack. How the tiniest of kisses from the end of the day would force me to admit—there was no one in the world who can drive me as incoherent than Ootori Kyouya.

In the past month, I learned things about him that were revealed from the days that we would spend with each other. I found that he owned two charities, one which supported rape victims and another which focused on the less fortunate. I never thought of him as the 'giving' type, as he wasn't exactly one to throw money away—at least, that was how he would have distinguished it.

"I only started recently," he admitted almost flushing red as I raised my eyebrows at him.

"And what exactly inspired this sudden force of kindness?" I asked in a dangerously low voice that spoke implications. I knew what his inspiration was, but I didn't know if I liked it or not.

"Well, in time, I realized that I haven't exactly been sharing my riches despite the fact that I have a lot of it—"

"Wait, when did this start?"

He laughed his gloriously smooth laugh and reached up to stroke my cheek, "You're really too curious, Haruhi."

"I think I have every right to know, as I seem to be the inspiration for your helping the poor," I said almost scathingly. He smirked.

"I didn't say you were the inspiration," he pointed out. I rolled my eyes at him, waiting for his explanation.

"I was merely stating the obvious," I said, resisting the urge to stick my tongue out. It was easy to be childish with him around—a quality that was established despite the fact that our relationship was still in an early stage. Oh wait, never mind.

He paused and then his smile slipped away, "It started when your dad was in a comatose state. I wanted nothing more than to help you, but instead you decided to shove my intent away..." He then looked straight into my eyes as I gulped slowly.

"What does that have to do with...?" I was not able to finish my sentence, and yet it trailed off into silence before he spoke again,

"I was overwhelmed with emotions; I didn't know how to help you without going against your wishes. I knew that I had to transfer some of my feelings and the need to help to something else—I was overly upset to the degree that I had to do something. I had a lot of money, so it wasn't much, but I decided that doing charity work was the way to go..." he finished and then he smiled gently at the look on my face. I knew that my face was heated, in a painful grimace as I remembered the past... the wounds of my father's death was everything but healed,

"Haruhi, please don't think badly for yourself. It's because of you that I turned into a better person who can see beyond the flashing bright lights of the rich and the famous. You, my love, are the reason why I stand happily despite the troubles that I continue to face."

In the past month I also learned about his fears. I was curious. Ootori Kyouya rarely showed emotion to anyone else, and when he did, they were usually marred by the past—things that he experienced without anyone else to guide him. He did not have a mother to hold him when he cried... and so I asked him one day, my curiosity getting to me.


"Yes, Haruhi?" he asked, an amused smile on his face as he heard his name being called out loud without an honorific. I ignored his delight pointedly.

"I continue to wonder, what do you fear other than the usual?" I asked softly. His mouth twitched upwards further.

"The usual?"

"Yeah, you know—the fear of a loved one and the fear of death," I said as matter-of-factly as I could.

"I do not fear," he whispered before he looked away. I grimaced and raised my eyebrows.

"Nobody is fearless, no matter how much you deny it," I said quietly, though I started to doubt myself. This was Kyouya after all. Maybe he was dauntless... maybe he simply did not have any sort of fear in him. I almost felt disappointed.

Kyouya looked up from the paper he held and his glasses tipped to his nose, revealing his stellar beautiful eyes. I stared into them, intent to see beyond his blank posterior.

"What do you fear?" he breathed out. I didn't understand why we were so quiet, as if we were afraid of being heard. It was impossible though, as the confine of his room was soundproof enough to keep away the eavesdropping people. Though really, I couldn't imagine anyone even trying to eavesdrop any of the Ootori siblings in particular.

"I already told you... I fear the loss of a loved one... I fear death..." I said slowly, trying my hardest to keep my voice straight. Kyouya flicked the paper he held carelessly as if it were simply just a piece of trash to his side. He looked straight into my eyes, as if he was looking for something beyond my words.

"Why?" he asked after a moment, when he saw nothing. I maintained a blank disposure, unsure of where his curiosity was coming from.

"I don't have to explain really," I murmured, staring at my hands. His eyes narrowed and then he picked up my chin with one long finger. I found myself a few inches from his mouth, his breath fanning my cheeks. I flushed madly, unable to look away.

"Explain," he commanded in a low voice. I sighed heavily.

"I don't want to lose anyone else in my life anymore... I lost my mother, and now my father—I can't even imagine the pain I'd experience thinking of how it would feel to lose a friend... I can't imagine the excruciating agony—even the thought of you dying is enough to kill me mentally," I said as naturally as possible. The laugh that followed sounded painful, and I knew from his expression that he was not fooled.

"And the fear of death?" he followed. I sighed again, this time in exasperation.

"Like I said, these fears are the usual. They are rational fears most people experience, especially when they are loved and are loving someone in return—I imagine you fearing these too, despite what you say," I said. He grimaced and I continued plainly, though I was already eager to move on from the conversation, "I fear death—easily, I don't know what I'd find in my other life. And... I really can't imagine myself leaving anyone in our world... I can't imagine leaving you just yet."

He seemed to ponder this as I stared at his right cheek. His eyeglasses were low on the tip of his nose, as his head was bowed. I waited, wondering if he was going to say anything in response. Soon, after what seemed like a whole minute, he spoke, his voice muffled by his hand,

"I only have but one fear," he stopped as if he continued to think of what that was, or maybe he was only simply pondering on what he should say,

"As a child, I grew up without a mother. It never really bothered me much, as I didn't remember much about her—I loved her, do not get me wrong, but I simply was too young to remember all the memories we had together. I was too young to feel the gravity of my mother's death as much as my family did...

"My father, as you know, made a big show of bringing me up in a strict household. He had me in an iron clad fist. I grew up, one fear only enveloping my mind... I feared failure as much as the rest of human kind feared the loss of their loved ones or their own death. I did not think I loved my family, because I was all too eager to leave—and at the same time, I wanted to stay, to prove to my father that I was worth it.

"Failure brought the worst and best in me. My fear for it drove me to perfect everything, and soon, I learned to succeed in everything I did. The horrible thing was that the one person who brought me this much pain continued to look past me, as if I was nothing but a child that only spoke in gibberish."

There was silence.

"Failure?" I voiced out, as if trying to get it clear from him exactly. He nodded and then he grinned, flashing his dazzling white teeth in my direction.

"Would you believe that as of today, my fear isn't failure anymore?" he asked. My eyebrows shot up in response and he laughed, pressing his hands on my forehead, as if he was checking if I was sick or something.

"Ever since I found love, my fear—as of late—is only seeing you die before I do," he said. I blinked and he shook his head, his words coming out slower than usual, "Quite selfish, I must say... but believe me, I do not think I can live another day in this earth without you with me..."

I stared up at his eyes, and then I chuckled, stunning him.

"How odd, I think I just realized I can't live without you too..."

He smiled. I smiled. He reached closer to me to brush his lips against mine. I reached closer to him to kiss him full in the mouth.

I laughed loudly at the memory, and then I could see the driver in the front watching me from the rear view mirror. I grinned at him and he shook his head, probably wondering what on earth was wrong with me... or if he should just skip instructions and bring me to the mental hospital instead.

After a few more minutes, I could see the familiar outline of the stark white building of the grand ball greeting me as the car pulled up with a smooth stop in front of the gates from around a mile away. I wondered why we couldn't get in, but then it was soon answered by the soft buzzing from Morita-san's earpiece.

"Hai," he said crisply, "I will inform Fujioka-sama of this."

I looked up expectantly at him and he turned around from his seat, his huge body awkward against the small seats.

"The guards have called. They said that car entry has been banned at the OGB until further notice. Ootori-sama has asked to be alone until then," he said.

I frowned. Why was he banning entry from his office if there are only a few people who know about it? That would be me, him, and his body guards. I couldn't see the point of banning entry at all. My frown deepened as a thought flashed into my mind uncomfortably. Kyouya doesn't want to see me.

I racked my brain of the last time we have seen each other. The last time, I remembered, was around a week ago. He brought me to work after we had breakfast with Honey-senpai, Mori-senpai and the the twins.

It was a small event that was also the day when we announced our relationship to the others. There were mixed emotions from the Hosts. I could see that Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai was happy for us (though really, Mori-senpai was as blank as ever, so I honestly couldn't tell), but it was the twin's reactions that caught me off guard.

I didn't expect them to become angry—or even stand against Kyouya for even a second. How many times have I seen their expression? I did remember that they showed this when they were jealous... I thought about it, and I almost laughed despite myself. What was to be jealous about? I knew that I could get them to accept our relationship, even though it would be quite a task, but it wasn't the time to plan.

When he dropped me off to work, he didn't look angry or upset at all by my actions. I couldn't understand his reason for not wanting to see me at all.

My thoughts lingered for a few seconds before I looked up at Morita-san's curious face.

"Wait," I almost shouted. He waited. I beamed as I looked at my reflection in my bodyguard's shades. "He did say that vehicle entry has been banned, but he said nothing about a person sneaking in, right?"

Morita-san raised his eyebrows. I flung the door open without another thought, running to the gates, not thinking of how much time I had left before Morita-san's bulky body or the guards would catch up to me. I could hear heavy footsteps a few paces behind and suddenly, my feet started to ache.

I looked down to see a pair of high wedges on my feet. I grimaced, realizing that I shouldn't have worn heels. It was so unnatural of me, and it only brought me pain—how stupid. I should've known heels did nothing good to me.

With that final thought, I slipped out of my open toe wedge heels and ran faster. I laughed, exhilarated, realizing that they were far away—confused looks on their faces as they stared at my discarded shoes. It felt nostalgic to be back, my bare feet leading the way as it always did.

Determination indeed brought me to absurdity. My actions usually got the best of me. But sometimes it did well to not think... sometimes the best decisions come from sudden actions. And I knew one person who wouldn't agree with me there. I can almost hear him:

How stupid. How idiotic. How absurd.

I laughed. I was fairly sure I was losing my mind, and yet I laughed.

How stupid. How idiotic. How absurd.

"Fujioka-sama! The pole—"

I didn't realize that I was running into a tall metal pole. My mind was too thrilled, to filled with an inept high and so I bumped my head. I fell to the ground. I twitched.

How stupid. How idiotic. How absurd.

I laughed and closed my eyes.


I didn't know how long I was asleep, but I could feel something soft and halcyon on my forehead. I realized that it was a piece of cold cloth wrapped just right on the painful bump. I pressed my fingers on the bump and winced. My eyes opened and it took some time before they adjusted to the sudden bright lights. I could see that I was in a beautiful room that smelled of the Jasmine and Lilacs that were placed decorously on a tall white table nearby.

My body shot up when my mind reached coherency. I looked around, ignoring the pounding pain on my forehead. The room around me was one place that I have never been before. It was decorated with a bright pink and yellow combination (very bright, considering that there was no shred of light out the window). Its furniture—a desk that held an expensive looking laptop and a telephone, an armchair and an ambry wardrobe—was painted in a creamy white.

I smoothed my hands on the bed that I laid on, and the touch of silk almost made me want to creep back into a deep slumber, but then I knew that this wasn't good—I had to get out of this place, at least to know where I was and why I was there.

"Ah, hello?" I croaked out. My voice was so different sounding; I wondered how long I was asleep. I guessed vaguely that I was asleep for the most of the day, since the dark sky teeming from the huge window across the bed was obvious. Nobody answered, so I jumped out of bed. When I looked down, I realized I was wearing a white pinstripe pajama that looked too big for it to be mine. It also smelled wonderful, as if it was simply brand new. I blushed, wondering where on earth my clothes were.

There was a soft knock on the door and my head whipped ingeniously to the sound. My eyes narrowed as my head pounded along with my heart. I didn't know what I was doing in this strange, alien-like room. I didn't know who was behind that door. I sure as hell didn't want to open the door and let some axe murderer in. It was almost laughable, my thoughts, but I exhausted all my hilarity and it led to stupidity beyond belief.

"Haruhi let me in. I know you're awake," Kyouya's voice called behind the heavy looking white door. I flushed a deep pink, as his faint voice echoed in my mind.


"Yes. Let me in. We have to talk."

I didn't like his tone. He sounded upset and tired at the same time. Was he angry that I attempted to barge in his office unannounced, ignoring his rules and orders? It seemed likely. He wasn't very lenient when it came to ignorance. Swallowing my saliva, I crossed the room and opened the doorknob apprehensively.

When the door opened with a silent squeak, Kyouya pushed pass me quickly, his face blank and dark. I stared at his back, unsure of what to do or say.

"Close the door, please," he murmured. I followed obediently. When the door shut slowly, he turned to face me. And I stared back.

"Okay, before you say anything—"I started, but he cut my sudden burst of speech with one raise of his hands. He walked to me and he took my anxious face gently into his hands. He didn't look into my eyes; instead he gazed into the huge bump on my forehead. He brushed his right index finger tenderly. I winced again.

"Does it hurt much?" he breathed into my ear as he finally peered blankly into my eyes. I shook my head, ultimately in denial. He cracked a sinister smile before he grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. He placed both his hands on my shoulders, forcing me to sit.

Seconds passed as he took a small box from inside the white desk's cabinet. It had a huge red cross on it. He took my face—this time none to gently—and took one small cotton bud that smelled of some sinuous liquid. My nose wrinkled in response, and his eyebrows shot up at my expression.

"Your bruise needs to be treated with a mixture of cabbage leaves and apple cider vinegar at least until it lightens," he explained as he dabbed it expertly on my bruise. I blushed, not because of the pain, but because Kyouya's intent eyes were burning deep in concentration, enough to kindle a familiar feeling of want in me, "I don't understand why you had to run into the grounds like that. But I'm appalled that you got yourself into an accident because of such an act—did you know that I was worried to the point of absurdity thinking about your condition?"

"Well," I paused, my face turning redder as his blazing eyes narrowed into mine, "I had to talk to you, and yeah, you sort of decided not to have any visitors... so I decided to run in and surprise you."

My explanation sounded stupid and juvenile. I could see that his thoughts were in the same line.

"Did you not think of calling me before hand? I had a reason for keeping vehicles out of the grounds, Haruhi. I didn't say that I didn't want to see you," he said tempestuously. I winced as the pressure in his hands deepened. He lightened his touch with an apologetic glance and he sighed heavily, "What is it that you wanted to talk about exactly?"

"I-I... I think it's time we talked about your um, over protectiveness," I stuttered. He stopped dabbing, and he leaned a little bit backward to stare at my face. His head cocked to his side, almost amused.

"Over protectiveness? Damn it, Haruhi, you didn't have to act so like an idiot to talk to me about something that I am not even guilty of!" he sounded appalled. I looked back at him, a furious frenzy ebbing in.

"Yeah well, my feelings were burning with determination! Anyway, how can you say you aren't guilty of such a crime when I don't even have a chance to get out of the house without a battalion of bodyguards and secret service dwelling around me? How can you say that you aren't over protective when you installed a call block into my phone, having your assistants answer it before it gets handed to me? Do you not know how frustrating it is? I don't have a life outside anymore, just because my other friends are afraid of speaking to me, thinking they'd get hurt by those damned bodyguards in the process!" I shouted at him, my words coming out in a flurry. When my speech was done, my chest heaved up and down, the anger abating almost as quickly as it came.

Kyouya stood up and the amusement was gone in his eyes. I watched as he sat slowly next to me, and I could see that his chest was heaving too.

"I'm sorry," he said.

I blinked, not expecting an apology, "You don't have to apologize, Kyouya—"

"No," he replied almost sternly, crossing his legs in the process. I suddenly felt small, "I apologize. I didn't realize I was crossing the boundaries. I don't want you to feel like you are in a leash. It's just that, though I want nothing more than to let you be happy and do whatever pleases you—the thought of you getting hurt in the process is..."

His words trailed off, as if he didn't know that right word to use. I understood what he had to say, so I clamped my hand gently on top of his. He did not move away, nor did he make a move to acknowledge my touch.

"I only think for what the future holds, Haruhi. If I think that I can prevent any hurt to happen to you, then I would do all I can to prevent it from happening. That is how I care for you," he said.

I grinned unable to help myself. And his brows deepened as he frowned. "That wasn't a joke."

"I know, I know," I assured him, laughing, "It's just that, if you really want to show me that you care, you don't have to shell out a thousand bucks and all that just to do it. As my boyfriend, I don't need a battalion of body guards, all I need is you. A simple act as bringing me to work is enough for me to know how much you care."

Kyouya rolled his eyes to my logic, "Don't be stupid. Bringing you to work won't ensure your safety."

I sighed as his hands wrapped around mine protectively. It was warm, despite the cold air from the outside.

"I'm a big girl. You know me. I can handle myself. I've been trained since birth to take care of myself without a trillion servants following me," I said. His thumb started creating small circles on my hand. I could feel my concentration slipping.

"I know," he said and then he admitted, "I guess I've overdone myself with the whole 'protection' thing..."

"Exaggerated would be a good word there," I said quietly, my eyes dropping as his hands continued to massage mine. He chuckled lowly before he nodded.

"Okay, we'll talk about this tomorrow when you're more coherent," he whispered into my ear sweetly. I frowned through my almost closed eyes.

"You promise that?" I asked. He nodded again as picked me up bridal style. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he kissed my forehead softly.

"Indeed, we have a lot to discuss tomorrow morning," he said, his eyes darkening for a mere second. But I could see it as he lowered me gently on the bed. I wondered what about. I breathed the sheets and his scent deeply before I spoke in a slurred tone,

"Hey, Kyouya?"


"Why is it that you banned car entry from your office when there are only a few chosen people who know about your office?" I asked. He grimaced.

"It's to keep Hitomi out," he explained. Then he could see the curious expression on my face and he sat down next to me, brushing a stray piece of hair from my cheeks, "I know I told you that only a few chosen people know... but I do recall telling you that those are the people in our country. On the contrary, another person knew about it... and that would be her."

"But... But... Why do you think she'd want to visit you in your office?" I asked, my curiosity instantly replaced by anger. A small smile crossed his face.

"Because I know that she wants to talk to me—and having that in mind, I would surmise that if she doesn't see me around the city, she'd instantly assume that I am in my workplace."

"Why only vehicles, though?" I asked.

"Hitomi is the granddaughter of the prime minister. There is no chance that she'd enter the grounds without her limousine. Also, I thought about you... I knew that you would've wanted to visit me sometime, so I decided to limit only cars," he said and then he shook his head with disapproval, "I thought your mind would have at least registered that you should've called me so that I could pick you up in the gates. But instead, you decided to sneak in and bump your head on a pole."

I smiled obtusely, embarrassed, "I'm sorry. I guess I shouldn't act before I think."

"Yes, you shouldn't," he agreed with a smirk, "I assume you are sleepy?"

I shook my head, realizing that discussing Hitomi drove all the sleepiness out of me. "What time is it, anyway?"

He glanced at his watch quickly, "I believe it is dinner time... Would you like to join us?"

My eyes widened, "Us?"

Kyouya laughed and patted my head as if I were a puppy, "Where did you think you are?"

"Um, a really weird looking hotel?"

"No," he said, his amusement evident now, "You are currently in the Ootori Mansion's guest room. And you are sleeping in my brand new designer pajama set."

"Oh," I said, biting my lip and looking down, wondering if I should take it off. He shook his head at my lowness and he picked up my chin.

"Get dressed," he ordered, "I'm going to get one of my maids to deliver up a dress for you... I'll see you at dinner, Haruhi."

"Wait, will your whole family be there?" I asked, nervousness colouring my tone. He stopped midway from the door and turned around, staring at me thoughtfully.

"I think so," he said in a much lighter tone than before. I gulped and then he winked at me unexpectedly before the door shut behind him.

I didn't have time to even think of what I was going to do next before the door opened again, and Kyouya's handsome face peeked in with a huge, not-very-Kyouya smile on his face.

"By the way, fix yourself up well. I think it's time I formally introduced our relationship to them, they seem very suspicious."

The door shut with a loud click as I stared at it in horror.

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