Ouran High School Vampire Club

I do not own Ouran High School Host Club and I'm very grateful that Bisco Hatori allows us common writers to play around in her world.

Introduction: Well it is Ouran just like anybody knows it, except- amongst the students of the richest families in Japan there are also the heirs of the wealthiest vampire families of Japan. The sons of six of the oldest Vampire Clans founded a club to bring happiness and entertainment to those bored human girls- and profit of them by drinking their blood. As every vampire has the ability to charm a human and to erase a humans memory and as bite wounds from vampires heal very fast, they exchange a bit of their immortal lifetime against some blood…

So we start right at where chapter one begins, though we are currently in a parallel universe where all kinds of supernatural creatures exist…

The gender-unaware honour student Haruhi went through the halls of Ouran high school, looking for a place to study in quiet. With her messy hair and her grandfather's glasses, not to mention the clothes that would be better fit in an house for homeless people than a prestigious high school, she looked like a completely out of place-found stray boy.

She sighed. Mother in heaven…Ten years have passed since then.

She looked around. Currently she was in a corridor that led to an unused music room.

This could be the place I'm looking for.

When she opened the door, it was silent in the room until she heard a woman whisper:

"Tamaki-senpai…" She looked in the direction of the noise and saw something what was incredible. A good looking blonde boy sat on a sofa, holding a girl in his arms that seemed to have passed out. Though she first couldn't believe it, the boy had bitten the girl with unnatural long fangs in her neck and right now-he was drinking her blood.

Mother in heaven I don't even want to know what this means…

The blonde looked up and saw her.

"Sorry it seems I got the wrong room." Was everything she said when the blonde looked at her in shock. She turned around and left the room. When she went towards the direction she came from, she heard steps behind her.

"Please wait a moment. It seems you stumbled about a secret you shouldn't have discovered."

A voice said. She turned around and saw a black haired good looking boy with glasses and a laptop under his arm standing in front of the doors of the third music room. He was probably the one who had spoken, going from the coldness of his glare that resembled his voice.

Behind him stood a taller boy who looked older and who didn't show any expression when he looked at her and a smaller boy who had blonde hair and was holding a pink bunny. He would have looked cute if he hadn't actually been giving her a very serious gaze.

Haruhi got the feeling that these guys meant TROUBLE. Big fat TROUBLE.

She decided not to answer and to try to ignore them and turned around to leave again, only to find two red haired boys standing directly behind her. They resembled each other so much that they had to be twins. They were smirking at her and didn't seem to consider making way for her to leave.

"Look, Kaoru, we found a curious commoner." One of them said.

"I wonder if he saw what tono was doing." They bowed down to her. ""You want to tell us what you saw?"" Haruhi blinked. She suddenly got a feeling like something was mentally pulling her to answer their question immediately and honest. She shook her head a bit and took a little step backward. "What do you want from me?" she asked.

They seemed to be surprised and looked at each other. Then they looked at her again, their faces not readable. "Well, what Hikaru wanted to say earlier-" one of them said and slang his arm around her hips "-was would you like to join us in drinking some- tea?" the other one finished. They dragged her back to the music room and went in. The blonde from earlier was putting the unconscious girl on a sofa in a corner of the room. When they got in he turned around and looked at Haruhi. He smiled and said: "Oh, I'm glad you found him. I will handle this as I failed to lock the door properly." He said.

"You really should be more carefully, Tamaki." The boy with the glasses said annoyed.

The blonde ignored him and went to Haruhi. "What a pity we can't feed on male humans, this one smells rather good." he said, bowing down to Haruhi. She finally managed to escape the twins' grip and went three steps backwards. Was he actually talking about eating me?

She didn't recognize the vase behind her until it was too late. It fell and broke but at the moment, Haruhi didn't care about that. She was trying to get to the door but the taller black haired and the small blonde stepped in her way.

"Actually I think this is the scholarship student Fujioka Haruhi who happens to be a girl." The black haired boy with the glasses once again commented.

The other five boys looked surprised at the girl that stood with a confused look in the middle of the room. "Would you mind telling me why I'm not allowed to go?" she asked.

"You saw me drinking a girl's blood, didn't you?" the blonde one said.

"Well I figured out that it's none of my business and that I better forget something like that, as I do not believe in supernatural stuff and that."

"Then we just might help you forget…" the blonde whispered in her ear.

The second time this day she got the strange feeling something was touching her mind, but this time it felt like a strange kind of tickling. She told herself that it must have something to do with staying up late for studying and decided to go to sleep sooner this evening.

"So am I finally allowed to go now?" she asked. This time the expression on the boys faces wasn't surprise, it was pure shock.

"It seems it didn't work." One of the twins said. "Our try to charm her earlier didn't work either." The other one added. Haruhi found herself in the focus of attention.

"What are you talking about?" she asked.

"Didn't you ask yourself, why somebody would drink someone else's blood?" the boy with the glasses asked.

"The only explanation I could think of is being a vampire or something like this but I didn't consider the existence of such things until now." She shot the girl that laid on the couch a careful glance. It seemed she was still alive and sleeping. And before the girl hadn't sounded afraid, more like the opposite, so Haruhi guessed she had been the one to bring herself in the situation of being… fed of? A slight shiver went down her spine when she looked six boys staring back at her.

"This is simply incredible. A human, a commoner also, finds out about us through our carelessness and we are not even able to remove her memories." One twin groaned. "The elders are gonna tear us into pieces if they find out about it." The other one said frightened.

"Er, so you guys are… vampires?" she asked in disbelief.

"You could say so." The boy with the glasses sighed seemingly annoyed. "If I may introduce you to our little club: The one you saw drinking a girl's blood is Tamaki Suoh. The two seniors over there are Mitsukuni Hanizuka and Takashi Morinozuka. The twins are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin and my name is Kyoya Otori."

"Um, I'm honoured to meet you…" she said. "So am I right if I say that you care about that I might tell others you are… vampires?" she asked them.

"Yes." Takashi Morinozuka said simply in his dark voice.

"Until now everyone who discovered it by chance got hysterical until we erased his memory." The smaller blonde said.

"Well as even Tamaki's special ability doesn't work on her it might not be bad that she isn't freaking out." Kyoya said.

"This is defintly not ordinary." Hikaru said. "Yeah, maybe there's something wrong with her human survival instincts." Kaoru added.

"Listen guys I don't even want to know about this charming and abilities. All I want is a quiet place to study. I will not tell anybody about you- besides, nobody would believe me. So I will go now." She said. Surprised they looked at her as she went towards the door.

"If you want to go, of course you are allowed to, but would you please pay the vase you broke first?" Kyoya asked. Haruhi froze. "Um, how much does the vase cost…?" TROUBLE her instincts screamed.

"Not this much, only eight million yen." Kyoya smirked.

"I don't think she's got eight million yen." Kaoru said. "Yeah, she wasn't even able to pay her own school uniform." Hikaru added, his voice being slightly contemptuous.

"Well, are you able to pay the vase?" Tamaki asked her.

"Er… no." Haruhi answered frightened. Why did this happen to her out of all people?

"So you will just have to work your debt off." Kyoya smirked. "As you already know about our secret you can help us in the club and after club activities… unless-" he stopped.

"Unless what?" Haruhi asked suspiciously.

"Unless you want to pay off your debt in blood." Kyoya answered narrowing his eyes at her calculating.

Unwillingly her hand got to her neck. She shivered. "I choose the first one." She said quickly.

"Then we will await you tomorrow a half hour before club starts." Kyoya said. "I think Hikaru and Kaoru are in the same class as you?"

"We are but we never talked to her before." The once again bored of the world twins said.

Haruhi sighed a mushroom sigh and decided that now it was really time to go. She went to the door and opened it. "I'll see you guys tomorrow then." She said suppressing the urge to add a sulking tone into her voice.

Why me? What did I do to deserve this much trouble?


"Huh?" she turned around and saw that it was Morinozuka Takashi who had spoken for the second time today.

"Be careful."

"What do you mean?" she asked confused.

"Well, Haru-chan, you know you really smell rather delicious and we are not the only vampires in this school." Hanizuka Mitsukuni explained to her.

"Um, okay. Thanks, sempai." She said.

Mother in heaven, what is this mess I've gotten myself in?

She left the room and went down the hallway, not noticing the steps that followed her as she went to the exit of the building.


"I've never heard of a case like this." Kyoya told his club mates after the commoner human girl had left. "The general powers didn't work on her and neither did Tamaki's or my ability." He was nearly frightened about the way the girl had been unaffected by everything they had tried but he would never admit this in front of his friends.

"Kyo-chan can't sense her fears?" Hani asked surprised. "But my and Takashi's ability would work on her. I saw her weak points and Takashi could get her aura and sense every danger around her." He said frowning.

"This might be because our abilities work with the psychic energy and your ability with the physic energy, Hani-sempai." Kyoya explained to the senior.

"But it's simply incredible. You are right; this girl is the most special human I've ever met."

Kaoru said. "I would like to know how she manages defending against your gifts."

They all thought silently about Haruhi.

"Well we will have to ask her about that tomorrow." Tamaki said excited. "This is gonna be so much fun!"

"He's just the same as always…" Kaoru said. "Yeah, he always swoons about humans and commoners and now he has found one that could show him the myths of human living…"

Hikaru sighed.

Suddenly Mori stiffened and turned his head into the direction of the wall. "Haruhi!"

The other ones turned around to him and Hani asked him: "What's up with Haru-chan?"

"She's in danger." He just said and ran out of the room. The others followed him alarmed.


When Haruhi went down the hallway, first she ignored the steps behind her but when they caught up with her she turned around to see who had followed her the whole way.

It were two guys from the second year, kind of good looking but the gaze in their eyes was frightening. Haruhi stepped back a little and looked at them carefully.

"I'm quite thirsty." One of them said. "This one smells rather well. Though you look like a boy, I'm sure, you're a girl." He said, making a step in her direction.

This must be two of the other Vampires Hani-sempai talked about. Haruhi thought stiffening.

She made another few steps backward until she stood with her back on the wall.

He came after her. "Please help my friend and me. We are really in a misery right now."

He said and the pulling like when the twins had spoken to her returned.

Is he using this 'Charming thing' on me? Her fists clenched.

"No! I don't want to help you! Go away!" she said loudly and tried to get out of his reach.

"Wait a second, darling." He said and pulled her to his chest. "It won't hurt, I swear." He whispered.

No! Don't touch me! "Let go of me!" she suddenly felt something like a stream of energy flowing through her body and recognized the energy concentrating on the points where the vampire's body touched hers. A kind of lightening bursted out of her skin and then formed a shield around her. She breathed heavily.

This moment, Mori and Hani ran around the corner, closely followed by the rest of the host club. Before the two vampires could attack her again, Mori had stepped between them and Haruhi. Before they knew, they were thrown to the floor and circled by the other five.

"This girl belongs to us!" Tamaki said furiously and in his dark blue eyes a rare shimmer of red emerged. The two vampires recognized in shock who the other six vampires were that had interrupted them.

""Do not ever touch her again."" The twins growled in perfect unison, barely restraining themselves from destroying the two vampires who had dared to touch an unwilling human. And not even any ordinary human, their human. Unforgiveable.

"If you do, we will tell the elders about your actions and I will personally make sure that you regret ever having seen her." Kyoya said. In a way he was even more frightening because they knew it was the Otori family's gift to tell ones greatest fear.

"W-we won't touch her again." One of them said and quickly pulled the other one out of sight.

The six vampires turned around to look at Haruhi. Meanwhile her shield had vanished and she leaned against the wall, knowing she couldn't stand on her feet without it. She felt horrible tired.

"Haru-chan, are you okay?" Hani asked worried.

"Yeah, I'm just tired." She said smiling at him. "Thanks for rescuing me."

"What was this blue lightening around you?" Kaoru asked.

"I don't know. It suddenly came out of my body when the vampire touched me." She said but neither had the energy to wonder about it nor to even shrug and indicate this.

"But we touched you before!" Hikaru said frowning and exchanged a look with Kaoru.

"Yes, but there's still some difference." She replied. Her sight got blurred.

"What difference?" Kyoya asked interested.

"I know it's strange, but for some reason I never was really afraid of you guys." She said softly and with this her sight went black and she collapsed to the floor- well she collapsed into Mori's arms, who had sensed the danger of her hitting the floor a second ago.

The boys' looks went from surprised and shocked to worried, when they looked at her. They had thought her not normal but now it seemed she was a bit more. They all were older than any human could get and still they hadn't come across about somebody like her in all their time, this became clearer to them every second. The moment when they knew she was in danger; all six of them reacted on instinct. Though this didn't become clear to all of them. Only Hani, Mori and Kyoya recognized it immediately when they looked at the unconscious brunette in Mori's arms.

"Let's just drive her home." Tamaki said smiling softly.