Ouran High School Vampire Club

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There were many things that had proven to be difficult since Haruhi, female, human and poor, had joined the Host Club consisting of only vampires, namely immortal, male, rich and incredibly noisy (most of them anyways. And the silent ones weren't better than the loud). One of these difficult things was the fact that since then, other supernatural beings had taken an interest in her- not that since the encounter on her first day anybody had tried to harm her- but she could tell humans and other… races apart by the way they looked at her. As the supernaturals' curious and slightly surprised glances were bearable, Haruhi almost preferred them to the overwhelming affection she received from other female humans.

Almost. The more time she spent with any supernatural beings, the weirder she felt herself. Nekozawa had compared this with a culture-shock, but Haruhi could not care less about it.

It's just Highschool… I will pay off my debt and leave to study somewhere far, far away and never see any of them again…

Because the most bothersome thing that stole her precious time were not the customers or most of her supernatural fellow students. It definitely were the host club members that claimed every second of the time she spent in school. And as if that weren't enough, they had already tried every known way to persuade her into inviting them over into her apartment.

Needless to say that Haruhi would rather have spent all her time in the host club as the dog than to give away her home, the only place where she had more than one minute silence in a row.

Still, a few weeks after the winter ball, she learned that with the host club, the highest level of oddness was never reached. And if she thought the twins, Tamaki, Hani and Kyoya together (Mori was of course excluded as he was the only sane immortal around) were the highest level of noise and annoyingness possible, she was proven wrong by one single faery.


It started off as a rather ordinary day in Ouran. Haruhi spent the lessons concentrated and attentive, making a high art of ignoring the twins.

Then, oblivious of the slight jealousy radiating from her golden eyed best friends, she went to spend the lunch with the members of the black magic club. She had become good friends with Nekozawa and his fellow club members and really enjoyed meeting them. They had taken a liking to her as well and told her many things about their world she would have never learned from her slightly innerved and envious vampire friends. They also had promised to tell noone about the fact that she was a girl, so she would be able to continue working as a host.

The real oddness only started after lunchtime, in the middle of club time.

Hani and Mori were the first ones to notice, as always, closely followed by Kyoya, the twins and Haruhi.

"Look, a shy blossom." Hikaru commented. "Let's get her inside." Kaoru said cheerful.

A second later- I hate it when they sneak up at people like this- they were standing in the doorframe, approaching the girl that was lurking there and taking hesitant glances into the room.

"What does a pretty flower like you do outside?" Kaoru smiled charmingly.

"Won't you come in and join us?" Hikaru asked.

The girl only shook her head and stayed silent, looking at them wearily.

The twins exchanged a glance. Fairy. Hikaru thought.

Common fairy. Kaoru nodded slightly.

Haruhi, who stood next to Kyoya and Hani watching them, turned an inch to the shadow king. "What is a common faery, Kyoya-sempai?" she softened her voice so she barely heard it herself, knowing faeries had good ears from Nekozawa.

Kyoya rose an eyebrow. "They found that out? Well, they are not specialized in anything like for example flowers or springs. What again means they are not as mighty either but more flexible in their environment." His response was just as low.

Mother in heaven, this is ridiculous. And I actually stand here and believe all of it.

"My, my, princess, did these two devils scare you? I'm terribly sorry; please excuse their rude behaviour, hime." Finally, the host club king himself had taken notice of the new customer and approached her, shoving the twins out of the way, gentle smile and flying rosebuds in place. "May I invite you into our-"

"IDIOT!" the girl burst out and stormed inside, using the direct way over Tamaki's body.

With a red footprint in his face, he rose again, reaching out dramatically. "H-Hime…"

"Low! Useless! Too ordinary! Worthless!" the girl continued screeching very loudly. Her words were hitting the already crying Tamaki like arrows. Haruhi sweatdropped.

Oh no, that reeks like headache-causing trouble…

The fairy-girl came to stand directly in front of Kyoya. "Konichiwa, Kyoya-sempai. You're the only excellent person here."

She had a bright and slightly childish smile, long hair in the colour of honey and despite her lack of decent behaviour, warm brown eyes. Haruhi did catch a slight scent of flowers that caused an image of butterflies around her and something in the girl's aura was definitely enchanting, her movements like dance…

Now look at this! Our human is falling for this outrageous fairy's magic. Hikaru commented dryly. In his tone, something more than simple annoyance was underlining the teasing. The twins had walked back to them after Tamaki's failed welcome and now Hikaru and Kaoru inconspicuously stepped on either side of her, Kaoru looking at Haruhi while Hikaru watched the newcomer with slightly narrowed eyes. Haruhi shook her head like to clear her thoughts and noticed that Hani and Mori were staring at her- or were they? When she glanced over to them, they were looking at the fairy like everyone else.

Haruhi, be careful. Fairies in general are holding back with their magic unless they are in their territory, as it's considered kind of rude to influence humans in public places, but this one seems a bit… energetic. Kaoru warned her. Haruhi gave a barely visible nod.

From the edge of her sight she recognized the familiar flashing of glasses and knew that she had not hallucinated and Hani and Mori weren't the only ones that had been discretely looking at her. She did not know whether to be grateful or annoyed of the fact that they were that considerate of her.

They don't need to babysit me, mother in heaven; I can take care of myself!

"My name is Renge. I'm from France. And I am Kyoya-sempai's fiancée." The girl announced cheerfully when they had sat down, which earned the shadow king several surprised stares while the girl chatted about her spontaneous decision to attend school at Japan after seeing a picture of Kyoya, son of her father's business partner…

Haruhi did not even bother to try and pick up the exact reasons as why Renge had taken a liking to the questionable friendly attitude of the shadow king; it was something about a computer game and several cheesy vampire novels about romance and such…

What the hell? Fairies read brainless human novels and play computer games?

Not that it was that surprising, after all most races easily fit in with the human environment, but Haruhi would have known better ways to spend whole millenniums of lifetime than with things such as… vampire novels and games. Especially if one was a fairy. But it was pointless to think about it as it could not change anything- not the fact that Renge seemed to be a helpless romantic, worse than her father and that meant almost the worst, nor the fact that Kyoya had just laid the club's destiny into this helpless romantic's hands.

While in the background Renge was running around and adding to the list of things just what was wrong about the Host Club (continuously growing, mind you), Kyoya simply sat down and opened his laptop.

"I didn't know Kyoya-chan had a fiancé." Hani dared to throw in.

"Actually we are not engaged. Until today I never met her before." Kyoya stated matter of factly.

Sweatdropping his friends looked at him.

"You were completely friendly to her…" Hikaru muttered.

"Well, she is a business-partner's daughter. Furthermore her ideas are pretty interesting. It might gain us some merits if we let her do the marketing for the host club for a while."

This second, Renge approached her idol again. "Kyoya-kun, listen, I've got some wonderful ideas for your club."

In the other corner of the couch, Tamaki shrunk into nothingness through being gracefully ignored.

"You know, we could arrange you and your friends…" she continued to talk and Kyoya somehow managed at least to look like he was listening, although Haruhi suspected that he actually possessed the mental ability to really follow the blurred words of this vampire-otaku.

Then, in the middle of her cascade, Renge's eyes came to rest on Haruhi.

"Kyoya-sempai, does Haruhi-kun know about you and your friends?" she whispered very audible.

A vein popped out of Haruhi's forehead, showing her clubmates that she had very well heard the fairy's question. Nonetheless she proved her wits and acted oblivious, standing up yawning and going to prepare her table for the next customers.

"No, he is just a commoner who works for us." Kyoya answered and Haruhi snorted so lightly it could have been a firm exhaling.

"Oh wonderful! What a dramatic constellation!"

Looked like there could be no better idea for a story. In less than a day, Renge had planned a whole film-project, with script, crew and anything else.


The next day was spent with actual filming… Haruhi did not know what to find more ridiculous; the twin's basketball game and following tragedy when Hikaru got carried away hurt, and bleeding, and nearly dead, as if something like this was possible, hello, vampires?!? or Tamaki's newly added I-am-a-lonely-prince-deep-inside-act.

Panting she banned those thoughts from her mind while she ran along the way through the rain, came to stand and sunk down with her back against a tree.

"We finally found you." Hunni's voice was cruel and the expression on his face evil. "Now give me your money."

"Mitsukuni…" The only word Mori had in the script. Hunni glared at him… turned back to the innocent big eyed human looking up to him and glared at her as well…

And burst into tears. "Haru-chaaan!!!" He hugged her. "I'm so sorry. I did not mean to scare you!"

"It's alright, Hunni-sempai." Haruhi comforted the senior sweatdropping.

"Cut. CUUUUT!!! Why did you stop in the very middle of the act?!? You were perfect! The dark Hunni is awesome!"

Sighing Haruhi surrendered and listened to Renge's speech about characters and roles before they returned to filming again.

In the break she met up with the other hosts who were rather satisfied with their acts so it seemed. In the next part of the cheesy script, they were supposed to be attacked by vampires and get turned and then they had to work together to survive at Ouran…

Haruhi rubbed her temples. How stupid can this story get?

Truth to be told, very stupid. Apparently, Renge had not thought of fitting villains and was right now recruiting them- meaning persuading two students with questionable background into joining the movie.

When Haruhi came to her for a simple question, she immediately noticed that for one, the two students were vampires, something Renge had to know being a fairy and all, and that for two, Renge did not seem to care one bit about the fact that vampires could be dangerous.

"So, you two will play the villains!"

"What? You're joking, annoying fay." The latter was muttered. Haruhi frowned at his scowl and looked around. She did not like the fact that expect for Renge, the two guys and her noone else was here.

"I will not accept a no! You will do as I say!"

"The hell!" the other vampire pushed her against the wall were a ladder and a few iron-made frames and spotlights were standing. While fairies could stand the contact to iron, it still was painful for them to touch it and Renge was too surprised to react.

"Be careful!" Haruhi shoved the slender girl out of the way, reacting on pure instinct.

Alarmed, Tamaki came running around the corner. He took in the scene, Renge and Haruhi on the floor, iron frames fallen down and Haruhi CRYING and glared at the two low class vampires. "You will pay for what you just did-"

"Tamaki-sempai, it's alright. I only lost my contacts." Haruhi said calming. She found them on the floor and put them back in her eyes. That was when she noticed the camera that had taken everything in and her clubmates standing behind it. She did not miss the slight weariness with that Hunni and Mori had observed the situation, but obviously, it had been rated relatively safe.

"Great! This is exactly what the movie needed!" Renge cheered.

The sound of breaking glass shattered the dumbstruck silence.

"I'm sorry but we cannot allow a scene in this movie where one of our members is involved in violence." The icy chill in Kyoya's voice almost made Haruhi shiver.

Renge stared at him surprised just like the others. "B-but that's not what you're supposed to say… you should say 'It's all right, you're doing fine'…" Haruhi could see tears in her eyes and immediately felt terribly sorry at the sight of this girl being so down and sad...

"You alright, Haru-chan?" Hunni patted her shoulder and when she looked in his light brown eyes she recognized she had fallen for it again.

"Renge-san, don't you think you should judge people for their true characters and not for what you think they are like because of some books and games?" Haruhi asked her gently while she stood up.

It was Renge's turn to stare at the friendly smiling human and then slowly she nodded.

"You're right, Haruhi-kun. Thank you for saving me." She hugged the surprised Haruhi-kun who once again felt the fairy's magic overwhelming her, like a mix of joy and sleepiness and blur…

"Well then, we should end this project now." Kyoya's firm voice took her back into reality and she quickly concentrated. "It's alright, Renge-san. Let's go back to the clubroom."

The bright smile Renge gave her was full of newly found appreciation for the human member of the host club. "Hai!" her unbroken spirit showed fully while she dragged Haruhi back into the direction of the clubroom, chatting again.

"Look, my beautiful daughter found a playmate. Now she will finally turn out to be a proper girl like daddy wishes for his little girl." Tamaki was starry-eyed. "Through the friendship with a gentle female being, Haruhi will finally accept her being a girl…"

His inner mind theatre showed the image of Haruhi, in a white dress, holding hands with Renge giggling, running through a field of flowers and doing whatever girls did in a field of flowers on a bright sunny day…

"If Renge-san knew, Haruhi couldn't work as a host." With one dry sentence Hikaru had destroyed Tamaki's vision.

"I wonder why she is immune against our gifts but falls for the simplest radiance." Kaoru stated thoughtful.

Nobody answered, but they all were more or less worried about their friend- in the end, Haruhi was sucked into their world and that would heavily complicate her life-

A life that without proper protection could be pitiful short.

Even though Kyoya had abruptly ended the filming, the movie was a huge success among the host club customers.

Should have known he would not waste money for nothing… Haruhi sweatdropping watched the girls chatting about the movies, Renge in the middle of the crowd, heating the mood with what the guys had called a 'radiance', a natural aura that faeries could influence with their mood- and right now, Renge was in her best moe-mood, creating an insanely hyper atmosphere. Her fellow host club members were watching everything with slight boredom, safe Kyoya who was sitting in front of his laptop smirking while ha calculated the newest profit rates.

Well I guess it could have gone worse… mother in heaven, what a bunch of immortal idiots.


It was dark outside except for the moon behind thin clouds while the black car drove through Tokyo's dimly illuminated suburb, place for the rich and famous population to build mansions suited to their tastes. Tastes that could be kind of special as the rich and famous population only outwardly consisted of only humans.

The car turned into another street and came to stand in front of a modern house. The windows were reflecting the white moonlight and the residence seemed to radiate a silver gleam, matching the futuristic architecture as well as creating a mystical aura, both totally fitting its owners.

Two people stepped out of the car, guided by three servants in black suits. One of the visitors was tall, the other one small, but both had the servant's respect which was obvious while the two made their way inside.

When Mori used his gift to search for his friend's auras he recognized that they were the last ones and, more important, that everyone else of Kyoya's family seemed to be out today.

"We're late, Takeshi." His cousin reminded him and impatiently pulled Mori into the house and towards the door that hid the stairs behind it.

Mori didn't answer while they quickly went downstairs. The furniture in the Otori mansion was simple, stylish and expensive.

"Welcome." Kyoya's calm voice came from a group of armchairs in one corner of the room. Next to him behind a simple styled metallic fireplace, flames were illuminating the area of the room in warmer colours than the electric blue light that was bathing the rest of the library in a cool glow. The annals of the Otori clan were a little legend in itself, at least among the people who knew about them. The biggest collection of records and documents concerning the history of the supernatural beings that existed. Right here the files that didn't need special treatment were kept, but Mori supposed that the more fragile documents were not so far away. It was the biggest prove of trust Kyoya and indirectly the Otori clan could give them to invite his friends here.

"We're sorry to be late, Kyo-chan." Hunni stated and sat down on one of the two remaining chairs.

"We just arrived a moment ago as well." Kaoru shrugged. "So." He turned to Kyoya. "Did you find out anything?"

The shadow king frowned. "Not really."

"What did you research about until now?" Tamaki's voice was serious for once and right now, without the act he put up to amuse himself and others, it was easier to believe that he was a few hundred years old and heir to the royal bloodline of vampires.

"Special gifts and the immunity other races have against us. At first I considered the opportunity that she could be a hybrid of some kind but everything we know stands against this." Kyoya pushed up his glasses.

"But what else could it be? Humans can't do what she does; it is simply and plainly not possible." Hikaru stated frowning.

"Haru-chan is no ordinary human, that's clear enough." Hunni said seriously. "But what really bothered me was the way how easily she fell for Renge-chan today."

"Which is the reason why I invited you here." Kyoya said. "We have to decide what to do about her. We can speak openly; I took care of possible threats."

The others sent him approving glances. He was death serious about this matter if he went to such lengths.

"If you ask me, Haruhi is in constant danger as long as she attends Ouran." Hikaru admitted unwillingly. Kaoru looked at his brother and then at the others. "It was the right decision to shield her from the council's investigation, but I fear we did not take in account that she could be vulnerable to other races."

"If she is only immune against vampires, other races could see a potential weapon in her." Kyoya frowned and his friends tensed.

"Ridiculous." Mori stated in a low and angry voice. Kyoya pushed up his glasses. "I did not say that it would be sensible, I just think it is possible once it gets known she is unaffected by vampire gifts."

"I will not let anyone use Haruhi, be it the council or anyone else." Tamaki's determination was underlined with fury at the pure thought of what Kyoya had said.

"So in conclusion she is even more in danger." Hikaru's eyes had darkened.

Kaoru nodded. "And we still don't know anything about why she has this ability that endangers her."

"Anyways, our ambitions are clear." Tamaki said firmly. "We'll keep her out of trouble and try to find out more about her at the same time."

The others nodded agreeing, all thinking in their own way about how this poor mortal girl had been able to change them within a few months to caring and protective friends while they had been just slightly stoic, egocentric and bored vampires before.

"Do you think we should tell her?" Hunni asked softly.

"Not yet." Kyoya answered, his voice just as low. "We need to know more about her background first."

Surprisingly it was Kaoru who broke the silence with a chuckle. "Well then, I guess it is unavoidable to visit her, huh?"

Unwillingly the grin took over on his brother's face and then infected Tamaki who leaned back in his prince-manner. "It was time to check on her living standards anyways…"

"She'll kill you if you say something like that to her." Kyoya stated dryly but could not hide his own amusement wholly. "Still I think we should spend a day with her somewhere else first, just so it's more inconspicuous."

"In other words you already planned everything." Hikaru stated grinning. The smirk Kyoya threw him didn't lack wickedness. "Of course I did."


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