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Chapter 1

The begining

As a certain blonde ninja sat on the Hokage monument, his legs dangling over the sheer drop below him, he considered how it had come to this, what he was to do.

'Probably that day' he mused


Naruto – age 8, October 10th

Pain, pain and again pain flashed through the youngsters mind after receiving yet another beating. Blood was his next thought, lots of that too.

As his vision darkened, a masked ANBU was all he saw, then darkness.

***Naruto's mindscape***

'Am I dead?' was his first thought.

His second was 'why am I ankle deep in water?'

Followed by a 'what is going on?'

Followed by 'man those have got to hurt' as he came face to face with claws, big claws at that.

Then he saw what was attached to the other end of those claws, a monstrous fox, far larger than the boy, with nine tails and demonic crimson eyes

'Finally you come, young one'

Stunned silence met the demonic growl, pin-drop kind of silence.

"And you are?" was the hesitant reply.

Laughter filled the sewer-like room, a demonic laugh, amused demonic laughter.

'I believe that in your world I am known as Kyuubi'

A fainting blond was the response to this statement.

'Perhaps I should have eased him into this one', mused the demon. 'It was amusing though', as the boy hit the ground

***Real world***

Naruto's apartment, a day later, October 11th

Light met the youngster's eyes as he slowly awoke.

"Huh..? Where am I..?"

"Back home," was the reply. The warm kind face of the Third Hokage met the young blonde's eyes.

"Owwww" groaned the blond, 'Sitting up, very bad idea' he thought, as soon as coherent thought was possible.

"Easy there," warned the old man, "It's only been five hours since you were attacked, even you can't have healed that fast, a day at the least, it was quite bad this time."

A sigh met the end of the statement, before a smile came to the boy's face, "No class for me then, huh?"

I can have you healed in an hour

Naruto paled.

"Perhaps you best rest some more" frowned the old man

"Yeah, will do, old man" the boys voice had a slight waver to it.

"Well then I best get back to my work…" said the old Hokage as he left the youngster. What he had left him to... that would remain a mystery. 'For the boy's mask to have cracked that badly, whatever it was it has got to be bad.'

'Healed in an hour' was all the blonde Jinchūriki could think, before his vision went black.

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