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Temperance Brennan sat in her apartment casually flipping through 'anthropology monthly'. She was waiting for Booth to come over to take her to his new apartment. She was helping him move in and had taken a few days off work to do it, the lab could cope without her, she thought and she was on call if needed.

The summer breeze felt good on his face as he drove to pick up Brennan from her apartment. She had offered to help him move in as soon as he had told her, he knew he was lucky to have such a friend. He had decided to move closer to work and to Brennan although he hadn't admitted the latter easily and he was grateful she was helping him move. He pulled up outside of her apartment and made his way inside taking the lift up to the third floor.

She looked at her watch 8:59am, knowing Booth was never late she expected him at any moment. She continued to flip through the magazine not really reading it just looking. There was a knock at the door, on time as usual she thought smiling.

As she opened the door she found him leaning against the frame dressed casually and even though she had seen him like this on many occasions it still felt strange to see him out of his suit. Wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt she could see his muscular body and wondered where he found the time to work out. Booth looked at her in her shorts and vest, her skin looked soft and he wanted to reach out and touch her face.

"Good morning Bones."

"Morning Booth." she moved aside to let him in.

"Well the last of my stuff is in the car the rest is already there, you ready to go Bones."

"Sure just let me grab my bag and keys."

She took her keys from the dish and followed Booth out to the car.

"So Bones what did you get up to last night."

"Booth, you know I had a date last night."

"Oh yeah, completely slipped my mind." he looked away from her, not wanting to think about some guy taking her out. He wanted Temperance to be happy but he couldn't help that he hated thinking of her with other men.

"If you really want to know it wasn't so great, he spent most of the night trying to slip his hand up my dress and leering at me, I swear he didn't once talk to my face." She wondered how she could have made such a bad judgement in accepting his offer of a date in the first place.

Hearing this made Booth angry and Brennan couldn't help but notice his knuckles had turned white on the steering wheel.

"You should have called me Bones."

"Booth I can take care of myself you know, besides I decided to leave when he went to the bathroom although not before ordering a bottle of the restaurants most expensive Champaign."

This cheered Booth up a little although his anger soon returned when he thought how this jerk had treated his friend.

They rounded the corner and parked up. Booth jumped out and opened the trunk, it wasn't very full as most of his things had been dropped off yesterday.

"Hey bones, grab that box will you."

Picking up the box, she followed booth into the foyer. While they waited for the lift to arrive she studied his face. He was handsome and could have any woman he wanted, she couldn't understand why Angela thought he was interested in her, protective maybe, but not in love with her. The lift arrived and Booth stood aside to let her in. They took the short ride up to the fourth floor and Booth opened the door to his new apartment.

"Welcome to my humble abode Bones."

"It's looks bigger than your last place."

"Yeah it is and the view is better."

Booth pointed to a small park across the street, they stood for a few minutes watching three small children playing with their father, Booth wishing Parker was there with them. He would love to take him to the park today but he agreed with Rebecca that it would be too hectic to have him while he was moving.


"Yeah Bones." They both stirred from their gaze.

"Does it bother you that I went on a date?"

Booth tensed slightly at the question but decided a truthfull answer would be the best.

"Yeah Bones I do, I don't want to see you get hurt. You deserve someone who will treat you with respect, who will love you for you and won't want to change who you are."

Brennan opened her mouth and closed it again, it was very rare she didn't know what to say.

"I just want you to be happy Bones, that's all."

She wanted to be happy too, she felt happy in Booths presence and started to wonder if the feelings she had been having lately had been changing from friendship to something more. She couldn't deny that he was a perfect example of an alpha male, his bone structure was excellent and his build was strong.

"Well, let's get started Bones."

She moved to the kitchen and started to unpack. She couldn't stop thinking about what he had said, why would it bother him if I went on a date?

"Bones, you there."

"Yeah sorry just thinking."

"You think you could help me with the bed?"

"Sure.......Booth, Angela says there's sexual tension between us do you feel it?"

Booth was caught off guard.

"Err...err... I suppose...you know Angela likes to make something out of nothing...can you get that box there." He quickly tried to change the subject; he hadn't worked out what he wanted to say.

"Booth I think we should talk about this."

"What is there to talk about?"

"Look I must admit I have had some feelings towards you lately that I cannot explain."

"Whoa there Bones, you have feelings for me."

"I did'nt say that I said I have been having feelings for you that I cannot explain."

"That's the same thing Bones."

"No its not. Look I'm just saying that something has changed between us Booth."

"Something bad?"

"No, I think it's good" She wasn't sure what she was saying, she was speaking from the heart though, she knew that much.

Booth stood inches from her, she loved the way she felt protected by him, maybe she felt love for him. She tried to dismiss the thought but couldn't shake the feeling that she had unearthed something inside of her, something that she had not let her heart feel before. Her brain was telling her to be logical, she would know if she felt something for Booth she was a highly intelligent woman and for her to not see something like that was surely impossible.

Booth cupped her face in his hands. She was beautiful, her pale face and blue eyes, he could look into them forever. He wished he could tell her how he felt, wished she knew how much she really meant to him. When would he tell her, when would he say those three words that made his heart pound and his mouth dry.

He finally spoke, heart beating so hard he was sure she could see it almost jumping out of his chest.

"I have kinda been having feelings for a long time now Temperance."


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