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Angela and Hodgins walked over to a very happy Father talking to his daughter and her new husband, they were sipping Champaign stood in the gardens while the photographers packed their equipment away. The photographs were going to be beautiful and Angela had taken some of her own when people were just caught up in a moment.

Angela pulled Booth in for a hug "Hey you guys, that was so beautiful I could hardly hold back the tears." Then she hugged Brennan. "Congratulations, I'm really happy for you both."

"Thanks Ange and thank you Hodgins, this is such a beautiful place to get married."

"Hey it's no problem Dr. B, like I told Booth earlier I was glad to help my friends out."

"Booth!" Cullen called as he made his way from across the lawn. "Congratulations."

"Thank you sir, I'm glad you could make it."

"I wouldn't miss my top agent getting married to a squint for anything." He shook Booths hand and gave him a pat on the back. "You look radiant, Dr. Booth." He smiled, knowing she probably would want to retain her own name.

"Actually I won't be taking Seeley's last name." Brennan interrupted.

"Your one feisty lady and I expect you to keep Booth on his toes." He smiled at them both.

"Oh I can assure you that I will." Brennan took Booth's hand and gave it a light squeeze.

They chatted some more before the announcement for dinner was made and they were being driven up to the house where the feast had been prepared.


The dinner and reception went by quickly and Brennan and Booth only had eyes for each other, they danced to 'Thank you for loving me' as the bride and groom's song and before they knew it, it was 1AM and the guests were making their way home. Zach had left hours ago as there was only so much sway the FBI agent and Deputy Director had and Brennan had cried when it was time for him to go but promised him she would visit him again as soon as they got back from the honeymoon.

"So stud, are you and Bren going to consummate this marriage cause I know you've been dying too since you said 'I do'."

"I thought we could take a little walk around the grounds actually before we go to bed."

"Oh you really are a romantic, well have a good night and you both looked beautiful today. I will see you in the morning and don't worry; Jack will take Parker back up to the house to put him to bed." Angela pointed to the huge chair in which Parker had fallen asleep on a few hours ago.

Booth smiled at Jack who was struggling to lift him without waking the sleeping boy "I kept trying to take him to bed earlier but he didn't want to leave the party."

"Yeah he gets that stubborn attitude from you I think." Angela hugged Booth and said good night to Brennan who was kissing Parkers head and whispering goodnight to him.

"So I was wondering if my wife would like to take a walk with me before bed?" Booth held out his arm and Brennan linked hers with his.

"I think I would like that very much, it's so beautiful here." They set off walking towards the back of the house.

"Yeah it is. Do you think Parker had a good time?"

"I know he did, he showed me the St Christopher's medal you gave him too."

"Yeah well my dad never marked any special occasions or gave me anything other than broken bones and bruises." He sighed and stopped walking, turning towards Brennan he took her delicate hands in his "I want my son to have a good life and I want to be the best father I can be. I want it to be a family tradition, like the ring you wear that was your mothers."

"I think that's a very good idea Booth, I look forward to making more traditions with our family." Brennan kissed him softly on his lips.

"I think I'm ready for bed now how about you?" Bringing his arms around her waist he pulled her closer and kissed her again. "I heard that what the bride wears underneath the wedding dress is well worth the wait."

Brennan laughed "Oh I can assure you it is." Lifting her dress slightly she turned and ran towards the house with Booth not far behind.

Angela watched them running away and although she hadn't heard the conversation the newlywed couple just had she knew it was about their future together.


Brennan slowly took of her dress as Booth watched from the bed he was already naked as he didn't see the point in prolonging that part, it's not like he had any special underwear on for the wedding. She stood at the foot of the bed in a champagne coloured Basque and knickers and a garter.
"Oh Angela was right, this was worth the wait."

Brennan slid into bed beside him and kissed his chest. Her hand coming down to stroke his already rock hard cock.
"Oh that feels amazing, I've been waiting to feel your soft skin against mine all day."

"Me too, you look sexy in that tux you know!"

"You look sexy in and out of that dress." Moaning as she stroked him fast then slow he could feel the control slipping away a little. "I want to pleasure you too you know! You should stop before I loose control."

Sulking a little she released his huge manhood but not before licking the pre cum from the head. "I need to get out of this thing, I need you inside of me."

Booth was all too glad to help, undoing the clasps all the way down the back. Brennan quickly shed the knickers too and climbed onto his lap.

Kissing him hard she rubbed herself along his length moaning into his mouth.
"Wait, I have a condom in my bag over there, let me go and get it." Booth tried to move out from underneath her.

Brennan put her finger over his mouth to shush him and slid herself onto him.

They lay tangled together panting for breath, Booth pressed a kiss to her forehead. "So did you take a contraceptive or are we trying for a baby?"

Once Brennan could breathe a little easier she brushed her lips against his. "I didn't take anything." She kissed him again. "I think we should just carry on as normal and see what happens."

"I think that's a very good idea Mrs Booth."

"Booth I am not taking your name..."


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