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1. The big change.


Two weeks, two weeks was all that stood between Yale and me. Since I could remember, I wanted to go to Yale, get a degree in English and become the best writer in America. Since when did life ask me what I wanted? I lived in Forks, a small town in Washington. It almost always rained here, I hated the rain. You couldn't do anything outside and you were usually trapped inside a house. This didn't bother me so much since I was usually reading but sometimes you just wanted to do something different. Forks had a population of 1032, which meant everyone knew everything about everything and had a say about everything.

I sighed from where I sat in my windowsill, gazing out of the window but not really looking at anything. Why couldn't my mother have taken me with her when she left this Godforsaken town? I hated her for leaving me with my father. There was nothing wrong with him but he was so clueless sometimes. He didn't even know how to cook a proper meal. Ok maybe it had something to do with being the daughter of the Chief of Police but really all he knows how to do is his job and watch sport on television.

"Bells can you help me with a math problem? Please I'm begging here!" I smiled. Emmett would be so lost without me. He was my big brother and probably the only reason why I didn't beg my mother to let me live with her.

She lived in Phoenix with her new husband Phil. Emmett and I visit her once a year and each year I wanted to beg her to stay there. I never did, Emmett needed me to much. He was big and muscled but he had a heart of gold. He wouldn't survive on his own with dad. I always had to remind him to do his homework and to go to doctors appointments. I had to make sure his clothes didn't have holes in them and that he was wearing clean clothes to start with. It really was too bad he and Phil didn't get along well.

"Bella please, I know you can hear me!" I sighed and walked to his room.

"Emmett how are you supposed to learn if I have to help you solve all your math problems?" I asked as I joined him at his desk.

"I watch what you do and then remember it, it's not my fault you're the smarter twin." I sighed and began explaining the math problem to him. He really wasn't stupid. He was just lazy.

You wouldn't say we were twins. Emmett was the older one by three minutes and had dark curly hair. He played almost any sport but baseball was by far his favorite. He was at least a foot taller than I was and had baby blue eyes. He was a fun person to be around, since he took nothing seriously and gaming was one of his favorite pastimes. I on the other hand was built small. I had long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. I was good at athletics, Emmett found this incredibly funny since I couldn't walk over a flat surface without falling but once I start running, it's as if nothing could touch me. I liked to read almost any form of literature, but old classics were my favorite.

"Do you understand Emmett or should I go over it again?" I asked when we finished the first problem.

"No its fine, I can handle the rest. Why is it so easy when you explain it but when Mr. Smith explains it, it's like he speaking a different language?" He asked starting on the next math problem.

"Because, Rose isn't here to distract you." I remarked dryly, Rosalie Hale was Emmett's girlfriend and easily the most beautiful person in school. He smiled. "Emmett, concentrate on your work." I teased and stood up.

"Yes mom." He teased back. "When is the outing to the museum again?" He asked as I began to walk to my room.

"Tomorrow, it's going to be boring as hell." I walked out and went down stairs.

It surprised me that the town even had a museum. It was filled with displays of how the town came to be. There were also some old paintings about the local Indian tribes. I walked into the living room where Charlie had fallen asleep in front of the TV again. I sighed as I turned it off and covered him with a blanket. He grumbled something and began snoring softly.

I locked the front door and headed for the bathroom. I picked up Emmett's smelly old clothes and placed them in the laundry basket. I closed the toilet seat and finally took a warm relaxing shower. It was frustrating to share a bathroom with my father and brother but I stopped complaining about their smelly clothes and the toilet seat along time ago. They never listened to me anyway, so why would they start now?

I dressed in my favorite pajama pants and t-shirt and went to sit in the windowsill again. I had a wide windowsill and it was my favorite place to sit in my room. I would read or just stare out the window until I got tired enough to sleep. Tonight I began to read Romeo and Juliet again. Shakespeare was one of my favorite authors. I just began my second chapter when loud music began playing. I couldn't concentrate because the only thing I could hear was Last resort by Papa Roach.

Edward Cullen you are really the most selfish person I know.

I glanced at the house next to mine. I could easily see Edward in his room since he didn't close his curtains. This was one, of the many, nasty habits he had. Not closing his room curtains was one, playing to loud music was another. I switched of my room light and watched him for a while. He was sprawled out on his bed eyes closed not caring who he was disturbing with his loud music.

Ever since I could remember, we didn't get along. We were always fighting over something. He was part of my group but not by choice. He was Alice's brother. They were also twins and in the same year as Emmett and I. Emmett are with Rosalie whose brother, Jasper, is with Alice. Jasper and Edward are best friends and Alice and I are best friends. Jacob is my boyfriend and he and Emmett are best friends. Apart from Edward and me, we all were good friends. Mostly I just ignore Edward but sometimes, like now, he just drives me insane.

Alice stormed into his room and shouted something at him. He sat up and turned his stereo softer. She went to sit down beside him and they talked for a while. She left, running her hand through his uncombed hair making it even messier. After she closed the door, he slouched forward resting his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. He looked so hopeless. Suddenly he looked up and straight at my window. I ducked down and out of sight.

There was no way he could have known I was here. My light was off, I glanced over the windowsill but his room was totally dark. Yes there was no way he could have known that I saw him. I lay down in my bed and l almost immediately fell asleep.

"Bella wake up. Come on sleeping beauty, time to wake up." I groaned when I felt Emmett shaking my shoulder lightly. "Wet Willy!" Emmett shouted and wiggled his wet pinky in my ear.

"Emmett! You'll pay for that!" I said launching myself towards him, but of course my foot had to get caught on my bed covers and I landed face first on the floor. Great, this was the perfect why to start my day. I washed out my ear in the bathroom and dressed quickly before I went to grab some breakfast. I just finished my cereal when my father entered the kitchen.

"Good morning Bells. Have you seen my car keys? I seemed to have misplaced them." I sighed and walked over to him to fix his tie.

"Your keys are in your front pocket. Please remember to pick up those groceries from the store, on your way back from work. Have you got the list?" He nodded already heading out.

"Bells, where did you put my clean socks?" Emmett called down the stairs.

"They're next to the drier. I haven't had time to put them away yet." He came down the stairs carrying his shoes in one hand and his schoolbag in the other. He grabbed a pair of socks from the pile of clothes in front of the drier. "No Emmett, red socks don't go with the white pants you're wearing. Take a white pair." I said shaking my head. He grinned foolishly at me and changed the red socks for white ones.

After he tied his shoes, he grabbed three Granola bars and we left for school. Emmett drove a huge Jeep. Charlie bought it for us when we turned sixteen but being Charlie he never thought that his daughter might not be too crazy about the idea of driving a monstrous Jeep. So I told Emmett he could have it if he promised to drive me wherever I wanted to go.

Emmett parked between Rose's red BMW and Edward's silver Volvo. Alice also got stuck with her brother's car but I knew she secretly wanted a 911 Porsche Turbo. Both Alice and Edward's parents were doctors. Money was clearly no problem for them. It will only be a matter of time before she got what she wanted.

A very old bus stood in the parking lot and Forks High's twenty-five seniors was crowded around it. I hoped the bus would at least make it to the museum seeing that it obviously belonged in one. Emmett and I joined our friends near the bus.

"Hey guys." I greeted them all in one sentence. They all greeted us in their own greetings as Emmett walked over to Rosalie and gave her a hug. I felt two arms slide around my waist.

"Good morning beautiful." Jacob said in my ear before he quickly kissed my neck.

I smiled at him just as our history teacher arrived. "Come on class and get on the bus. Let us not wait for the grass to grow. Mr. Black no physical contact at school." Jacob groaned but dropped his hands from my waist. We filed in and Edward just happened to sit in the seat behind me. He looked tired as if he hadn't slept all night. His bronze hair was a mess and there were rings under his eyes.

"Are you ok Edward?" I asked without thinking. He glanced at me frowning.

"What do you care?" He sneered and turned his face away from me.

"You're right, I don't care. As if anyone care why you look like shit." I shot back and began a conversation with Jacob. I couldn't help but notice the concerned look Alice gave Edward. I caught Alice's attention and indicated with my head towards Edward asking her what was wrong with him. She just shrugged and turned her attention towards Jasper. I frowned. This wasn't Alice's usual behavior but I let it go, concentrating instead on what Jacob was telling me.

About twenty minutes later, we arrived at the museum. We gathered in the foyer and waited for our tour guide to arrive, as if we even needed a tour guide for the three-room museum.

"Alice, is everything ok?" I asked my spiky haired friend, seizing the opportunity the absent tour guide created to corner her.

She smiled at me. "Of course, Bella. Why would there be something wrong?" She asked me innocently but her green eyes didn't sparkle like they always did. She had the same green topaz eyes as Edward.

"Just asking, Edward just seems run down." She shrugged and looked like she wanted to say something but our tour guide finally arrived and we had to stop talking.

"What is your problem Swan?" Edward suddenly whispered in my ear causing me to jump. "Usually you ignore me and that suited me just fine, so why are you interested in my sleeping habits?" We stopped in front of some old statue.

"Since your music keeps me awake at night! I can't believe how selfish you are and arrogant or should we add obnoxious too?" I whispered back angrily, glaring at him. Maybe if I stare hard enough he will turn into a worm. He just glared back at me.

Great, I try to turn you into a worm and you turn into a zombie instead.

"Both, so mind your own beeswax." He sneered at me and walked of.

I looked at the statue inhaling deeply to calm myself. I noticed a small sign on its side. It was an arrow but it had an arrowhead on each side, one pointed left and the other right. Isn't that funny? It was the story of my life, directionless and pointless. I rejoined the group in the other room and spent the rest of the school day listening to an old tour guide tell us even older stories. The whole tour lasted about five hours. It probably could have only been an hour long if the museum actually hired someone that spoke more then three syllables per minute.

When our outing was finally over, we filed back on the bus. Everyone was probably thinking the same thing, this was the first and last time I would visit this museum. This time Emmett and Rosalie sat behind Jacob and me.

"Bella have you and Edward been fighting again?" Rose asked glancing to the back of the bus where Edward sat next to Mike Newton.

Jeez, he must be desperate to get away from me if he is sitting next to the one person that irritates him more than I do.

I sighed. "We may have shared a few words."

Emmett chuckled. "What did you do this time, trip him into a display? Or did you trip into a display and he almost died laughing?" Jacob and Rose laughed.

"Ha, ha tickle me and I might laugh with you. No, actually I was concerned about him and asked Alice why he looked so run down. He overheard and overreacted, like always. Anyway, it's not like that's anything new." They nodded in agreement. Edward was known for being theatrical. The last school bell rang just as the bus pulled into the school parking lot.

Great at least the school day was finished.

"Come on Bells. Rose is coming over and my room is a mess." Emmett said as soon as we got out of the buss and he grabbed my arm dragging me to his Jeep.

"Ok, Emmett, I'm coming. I can walk on my own you know." I said and he let go of my arm. Of course, the sudden motion caused me to lose my balance and I slipped. I braced myself for the impact from the cold icy concrete but instead landed against a warm chest. Two strong arms circled around me crushing me against my savior.

Whoever it was saved both of us from toppling over, after we regained our balance I felt the person's arms relax a little but they stayed around my waist. I could finally breathe again and as I inhaled, I smelled an earthy sent mixed with a hint of mint. I looked up to thank whoever it was and froze. I knew those intense green eyes.

"I know you attract any kind of misfortune in a twelve mile radius but can you at least watch where you're walking?" Edward said rudely. I was still frozen and his hands were still on my waist. "Are you ok? Did you hurt yourself or something?" He asked suddenly sounding concerned.

"I'm fine. Uh… thank you." I was still looking in his eyes and I could see just how tired he really was. The skin under his eyes was a light purplish color.

"Bella, Are you ok? I forgot you're so clumsy. I should have been more careful, I'm sorry." Emmett said freeing me from the trance I seemed to be lost in. I pushed against Edward's chest with my hands softly and he dropped his arms from my waist.

"Yes I'm fine. Edward saved me from a rather embarrassing moment. Don't worry about it Emmett." Another pair of arms circled around my waist.

"Are you ok beautiful? Thanks for catching her Edward." Jacob said to Edward as I nodded answering his question. I couldn't help but compare his embrace to Edwards. There was something different about it but before I could ponder it, any further Jacob kissed my neck erasing any coherent thoughts.

"Sure whatever, see you tomorrow." Edward said and walked to his car, his fists were clenched together tightly.

I bet he was regretting that he had caught me. Did he really hate me that much?

"Come on Bells, I still have a room to clean." Emmett reminded me that he was in a hurry.

"Do you want to come over?" I asked Jacob as he dropped his arms freeing me from his embrace.

"Yeah, I just have to go home first. See you in an half an hour or so." He pecked me on the lips quickly before he walked to his car, Emmett honked impatiently and I managed to get to the Jeep without tripping over my own feet again.

Emmett went straight to his room when we arrived home and I headed for the kitchen. I started making dinner. It was the only thing we did together as a family. Charlie always watched TV or went fishing in his free time. Emmett was either playing games or with Rosalie. I was always busy with books, or writing, or listening to music. So sitting at a table for half an hour eating was the only family time we had.

I had just finished the salad when Jacob arrived. He joined me in the kitchen sitting on a small chair at the counter. I swear every time I saw him he was bigger. He lived on the reservation and was part of the local Indian tribe. He chose to go to Forks High to be with me. We talked about this and that while I finished the macaroni and cheese. He would sample something every now and then, Rose arrived shortly after Jake arrived and disappeared to Emmett's room. When I placed the pasta in the oven to bake, we moved to the living room. Jake turned on the TV and began channel surfing looking for something interesting to watch. As usual, he stopped on Discovery Channel. Jake was a huge fan of machinery, any machinery. He didn't even notice when I stood up to take the food out of the oven.

Rose and Emmett came downstairs sniffing the air appreciatively. "Dam sis, you really do have perfect timing. I'm starving!" Emmett said in his booming voice.

"You're always hungry. Rose you're welcome to stay for dinner. I made more than enough." Rose helped me to serve the food as Emmett began setting the table. "Jake food's on the table!" I shouted. Charlie arrived home just as we were about to sit down to eat and I quickly went to fetch him a plate while he placed the groceries he bought in the kitchen.

"Mm smells delicious Bells. So Jake how is your car coming along?" Charlie asked Jake once he was back in the dining room. Jake was busy rebuilding a Rabbit Sprint, it's been his pet project for the last year. Rosalie soon joined in to their conversation. She knew more about cars, than some of the boys at school. Emmett and I just rolled our eyes and listened to them argue about some car part.

After dinner, Rose helped me to clean the dishes while the boys went to play some game in Emmett's room. Charlie of course went straight to the TV. "Did you notice anything wrong with Alice today?" She asked as she dried a plate. I frowned I was so focused on Edward that I didn't notice any of my other friends. Did I miss something? Was there something wrong with Alice too?

"No I didn't, but Edward seemed rundown. He looked like he didn't sleep at all last night. Why? Is there something wrong with her?" I asked worriedly as I rinsed out a glass.

"I don't know but she seemed distracted today and when I asked her about it, she just laughed it off." I shrugged and reached for another glass but instead of grasping it like a normal person. I just knocked it over and watched as it fell to the floor. Like the klutz I was, I bent over reaching to grab the fallen glass and knocked my head against the sink, lost my balance and fell into the glass shards.

"Shit, stupid gravity." I sat up and looked at my bleeding palm. Immediately, I stopped breathing. Next to my clumsiness, the smell of blood was the thing I hated the second most. The metallic smell made my stomach churn and caused me to feel lightheaded. Overexposure to it usually caused me to faint.

"Bella, are you ok?" Rose asked crouching next to me. The men came into the kitchen to see what caused all the commotion.

"You know, I always find it funny when someone asks that, after you clearly did something unintentionally to hurt yourself." Finally spotting me on the ground with a bleeding hand and hearing my last comment the men began to laugh. "I'm glad I amuse you." I held my hand in the air and walked to the bathroom, after seventeen years of accidents, I was used to cuts and scrapes not to mention bruises. I used tweezers to remove all the shards and cleaned the cut best I could.

Rose helped me to bandage the cut and I went back to the kitchen to clean the mess. Jacob had beaten me to it and even finished cleaning the kitchen. "Thanks Jake. You really didn't have to go through all of the trouble." He smiled at me and pulled me in a hug.

"It was nothing. Mm, you know, I think Charlie should just buy a dishwasher. That way you can't cut yourself on anything. On second thought, maybe not. You'll probably end up in the washer and the dishes on the floor." I smacked him on his chest as he pulled away. "I have to head home. Try not to injure yourself, ok?" He said taking my injured hand in his. He brought it to his lips and kissed the bandage before he grinned at me and left.

Great why don't they just lock me in a padded room? That way, I can't have any accidents even if I wanted to.

Rose must have left while I was in the shower because Charlie was the only one down stairs and Emmett's room was as dark as night. I locked the front door and kissed Charlie on the head as I passed him.

"Night dad, remember to turn of the TV before you go to bed." He grunted his attention already back at the game.

I shook my head as I climbed the stairs. Charlie only lived for his children and his job, other than that he was an easily pleased man. I turned of my room light and went to sit on my windowsill. It was raining softly and as the wind blew the raindrops against the window, it sounded like sand falling on a tin roof.

I could sit for ages and listen in wonder as nature fought a battle of its own kind. I glanced over at Edward's room. It was lit by his night lamp and the soft light caused shadows to move across his room as he moved about it occasionally. Right now, he was reading a book on his bed. He was dressed in navy blue pajama pants and a white t-shirt. I could see his well-formed arm muscles from here.

I remembered how he caught me at school and held me against him. I gasped in astonishment. I knew what the difference between his embrace and Jacob's was! When Edward held me, I felt safe. I have never felt safer in my life than those few moments I was in his arms. Why did I feel so safe with him and not with Jacob? I looked at him again. He smiled softly as he read something that amused him in the book. I frowned. I didn't know that Edward read.

His room door opened and his father Carlisle walked in. Carlisle was blonde and looked far too young to be a doctor. He was married to Esme, but I knew that little fact didn't stop the nurses at the local hospital from throwing themselves at him. Edward looked up angrily from where he lay on his bed. Carlisle said something to Edward, Edward didn't say anything back. Carlisle said something again and this time Edward almost looked like he was screaming at Carlisle. Carlisle turned and slammed his door so hard I could hear it through the stormy weather outside.

I watched as Edward closed his book and threw it on the bedside table. He slammed his fists into the bedcovers next to him before he turned on his side and switched of the light. For the first time in my life, I wished I knew what Edward was thinking. He and Carlisle almost never argued about anything and this was the first time I had seen some form of conflict between them. I listened to the roaring wind as the storm outside became fiercer. I began to shiver from the cold and went to bed. Once I was nice and warm I thought about Edward briefly, before I fell asleep.

I woke up to a loud shrieking noise. I frowned. Did we have an alarm I didn't know about? I sat up and looked at my clock radio. The red letters glared at me, seven am. After some of the fuzziness wore off, I realized the screeching noise was coming from the alarm clock.

"Emmett I'm going to kill you." I mumbled as I reached out and hit every button in sight. Eventually the screeching stopped. I never set my alarm because Emmett usually wakes me every morning. He was probably playing a prank on me.

I sat up and ran my hand through my hair. I was waiting for my fingers to be tangled in a knot but to my surprise, my hand went straight through. I frowned and ran my hand through again. It went straight through short silky hair. Wait a minute. I did not have short silky hair. I looked down at my body, I was wearing a white t-shirt but my chest looked funny.

Oh my fuck, my chest was flat. My chest was as flat as a board. I pulled up my shirt and stared at a flat muscled stomach. This was not my stomach. I jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror against the wall. I stared in shock at the face that was reflected back to me. I gazed in horror at my bronze disarray hair, green topaz eyes that were now widened with shock and a sign of morning stubble. I opened my mouth but no sound came out, I stared at Edwards face. I registered a ringing noise coming from behind me, I turned and searched for the new source of irritation and finally found it under his pillow. I glanced at the screen.

Incoming call…Bella.

Edward had my number on his cell phone?

I only pondered over this for a second before I answered quickly. "Hello." I listened in wonder as Edwards voice came from my mouth. Stupid did you expect your own.

"Bella please tell me that's you." I heard my own voice over the phone.

"Yes it's me. Edward Cullen what did you do to me?" I shouted into the phone.

"Great, Bella! Of course, it's my fault. I wanted to end up in your body." Wait Edward was in my body! He was in my girl body! Oh my fuck.

"Ok, ok… uh I'll get dressed and come right over, just don't do anything, ok?"

I scanned his room to find his closet.

Edward, I hope you put on a pair of boxers last night.

"Just hurry ok." The line went dead. I threw the phone on his bed and headed for the closet.

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