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16. The last chapter.


My breath caught, my heart began beating frantically in my chest, my body temperature began to rise, blood began flooding to my cheeks making me blush and I began hyperventilating as adrenalin began streaming into my blood stream. My senses were heightened, all I could smell was Edward's minty fragrance from his aftershave, I could see every perfect feature on his face as my eyes began to focus on his lushes lips, I could hear my heart beating frantically and heard as his breath caught in his throat and I could feel the intense electrified atmosphere around our bodies.

He was standing so close that my breasts were pressing against his chest slightly; his hand was still under my chin as he silently gazed into my eyes. I was feeling all of this while his last sentence ran through my head over and over again. I love you; I could only gaze at his perfect green eyes, seeing for the first time that he had perfect thick black eye lashes. His fringe was hanging messily over his forehead. He reminded me of a Greek God; he dropped his other crutch and placed his hand on the small of my back. Slowly, as if to torture me, he began pulling me towards him, into him.

Passion smoldering in his eyes, "This would be a great time for you to say something, Isabella." I liked the way he said Isabella like that, his voice filled with something I have never heard before. It made my heart skip a beat, I shook my head slightly. There was so little space between us that I was forced to glance up to look him in the eyes. "I'm afraid I might spoil the moment by saying something stupid." I whispered standing on the tips of my toes bringing our faces closer together. His arms slipped around my waist and tightened around my back keeping me in place.

"Then tell me only if there might be a chance that you might just love me to." Edward whispered his lips moving only a couple of inches from mine. I nodded my head slightly, "Was that a yes?" He asked and I finally placed that emotion in his voice as lust. I felt electrified just to think that I had such an affect on him "I love you Edward." A small sigh escaped him before he closed the remaining few inches between us and our lips met, melting together as we final gave in to our feelings.

The moment that his lips touched mine softly, I knew that I am done for. Kissing Edward, feeling his firm demanding mouth on mine…it's beyond description. It started slowly, as we learned each others' rhythm, but I could feel the passion building. He moaned lightly and his tongue traced my bottom lip, I immediately granted him entrance. We moaned together as our tongues tangled in a dance of sorts, massaging each other. His hands found their way under my shirt, and he pressed on the small of my back bringing me impossibly closer to him.

As my hands got tangled in his hair I was once again lost in the sweet taste of his tongue battling with my own for dominance. I let him win. I could feel the effect I had on him as my hips moved against him, making him moan. There was a sudden knock on the door and I jumped away from Edward in fright, "Just a moment." Edward said his voice sounding hoarse as he looked around frantically; I smiled when I noticed his obvious discomfort. The person on the other side of the door didn't have allot of patience and banged on the door again. I took pity on Edward who only now managed to pick up his discarded crutches. I stepped in front of him just as the door was opened.

"What is taking so long?" Emmett asked as he entered the room switching on the light. I blinked at the sudden brightness in the room, "Why do I feel like I've interrupted something?" He asked grinning widely. "Because you're a shit head, is there something important you would like to share with us or did you just come in here to waste our time?" Edward asked his voice sounding like normal again. "Dad wants to leave; we'll be waiting down stairs. Don't take too long." He said emphasizing the too and closed the door again. I turned around to face Edward who was still very uncomfortable. "I better go, you stay here and I'll tell everyone you said goodbye. Maybe you should consider taking a cold shower first." I added and he smiled at me sarcastically.

"Ha, ha that's very funny, Bella." I shrugged walked towards him and placed my hand on his chest. I stood on my toes and gave him a quick kiss, "Goodnight Edward." I turned around and began walking out of the room; I stopped in the doorway when he found his voice again. "Bella, where does this leave us?" He asked and I turned to smile at him. "Well you are smart Sherlock, so why don't you figure it out." I winked at him and closed the door behind me. I walked to the living room where I could hear Charlie greeting Carlisle. Everyone looked up as I entered the room.

"Edward decided to call it a night." I said and said goodbye to Esme and Carlisle. Both of them gave me a hug, ten minutes later we walked into our own house. Seems my father was quite the chatter box and it took awhile before we could actually leave the Cullen residence. "Bella is everything alright?" Charlie asked me as I was about to climb the stairs to my room. "Yes dad everything is fine." I said turning to face him, "Ok I'm just making sure, you worry me sometimes you know." I smiled at him, "Dad everything is fine, stop worrying about me, the future looks bright and whatever happens I know you'll be there to support me." That seemed to please him,

"Of course honey. Alright then, off you go to bed. Remember that I will always love you." I sighed, "I know dad and I love you too." He nodded satisfied that his parenting was done and walked to the kitchen. I climbed the stairs and walked into my room closing the door behind me. I immediately glanced at Edward's room and saw that his room light was on, I spotted him standing at his window and when we made eye contact he blew me a kiss. I returned the gesture before closing the curtains to get dressed into my pj's. Just as I climbed into my bed my phone vibrated and I smiled when I saw that it was a text message from Edward.

"Shall I compare thee to a summers day …something, something…and I know there is something about stars in there somewhere…oh just forget it…I love you, Isabella Swan." Well he aint no Shakespeare but he is Edward and that was all who I wanted.

The End.

I closed my laptop and yawned widely. I could hear the faint noise of rain hitting the study window, just another typical night in Forks. I stood up and stretched my soar body before switching of the study light and walked up the stairs to my room. I remembered to skip the second step from the top because it creaked, afraid I might wake someone in the house. I closed the room door behind me before turning to my big comfortable golden bed; it was a wedding gift from Esme and Carlisle. I smiled when I saw Edward; he fell asleep while reading a book.

That said book was laying open on his chest and his reading glasses was half way down his nose. His hair as usual was standing in all directions, the little grey hair he had, shined in the light of the bedside lamp. I walked to his side of the bed and picked up the book he was reading, Romeo and Juliet. It was about the only play by Shakespeare he liked. I bookmarked the page he was currently reading and placed in on the bedside table, his glasses I placed on top of that. I switched of the light and walked to my side taking off my clothes before slipping under the covers.

Edward turned on his side and slipped an arm around my waist pulling my back into his body, his mouth was near my ear. "What time is it?" he asked his breath sending shivers down my spine. It surprised me that after all these years he still had such an effect on me. "It's much too late for what you have in mind, Mr. Cullen." I said. "It's never too late for that, Mrs. Cullen." He said and goose bumps formed on my arms when he bit down on my earlobe. I turned in his arms so that I could be face to face with him. "Are you trying to seduce me?"

He thought about it for a couple of minutes before he suddenly flipped me onto my back. He began kissing my neck and made his way slowly towards my jaw, he paused when he reached my mouth before sucking my lower lip into his mouth. He pulled at it with his teeth making me moan before he lifted his head, "I guess it all depends on whether it is working or not." His one hand imprisoned my hands above my head while his other slid up over my rib cage. I shuddered and he smiled at me seductively, "So Mrs. Cullen is it working?"

I shook my head and he cocked his eyebrow. His hand moved up until he reached my bra and with one swift movement he unclasped it at the front. Where were the days, that he swore that bra's were a choking device? He began to message my breast slowly and ran his thumb over the peak of my hardened nipple; I bit on my lower lip to keep myself from moaning out. "Would you like to change your mind?" I shook my head again, afraid that if I spoke I might not be able to control myself.

He began kissing his way down my neck and at the same time nudged my legs apart with his knee. Everywhere he touched felt like I was on fire, my nerves set alight with the smallest of touches. His hand left my breast and was replaced immediately by his warm mouth, my chest bucked forward as he sucked and bit on my nipple, his hand hooked around the waist of my panties and he removed it before settling himself between my legs. When I felt him, I couldn't control myself as I moaned out, "Please Edward." I pleaded and moved my hips against him.

I felt him shudder on top of me. "Please what." He asked his voice laced with lust. "Make love to me." His mouth came crushing down on mine and our kiss absorbed my moan as he drove himself in me. My legs instinctively wrapped around his waist as our hips moved in synchronization. My hands slid over his chest and around to his back as I moaned out with every thrust urging him on. His mouth found mine. Our tongues battled each other as we moved at a steadier pace, becoming faster and harder. I shouted his name just as he called out mine; he rested his forehead on mine before giving me a slow lingering kiss as we basked in the aftermath.

He rested his head on my chest listening to my frantic heartbeat, his hair was damp and our bodies were glistening in sweat. "I love you Isabella." He said when his breathing stabilized, "As I love you, Edward." He turned us on our side and kissed my forehead, I laid my head on his chest, basking in the love we shared I fell asleep.

When I woke it was about two pm in the afternoon, great that was the only thing I hated about writing. When I worked, especially until the wee hours of the morning, I slept away my day. I glanced to Edward's side of the bed and found it as empty as I expected it to be. What I didn't expect was the note on his pillow case. I grabbed the paper, Love; please remember that everyone is coming over for our twentieth anniversary. And by everyone I mean the whole shebang. See you later, I love you.

I groaned and rolled out of bed. I walked to our private bathroom; a house full of fifteen people was not what I looked forward to tonight. I took a long hot shower and after dressing walked downstairs to pour myself a cup of much needed coffee. I took a sip and sighed gratefully as the hot moister flowed towards my stomach. I have just sat down in the living room when the front door flew opened and was shut with a loud bang. I looked over at my red faced daughter.

"Hello Renesmee, what's going on?" She dropped her schoolbag on the ground, something she inherited from her uncle Emmett and flopped down on the couch beside me. She was about my length, had Edward's color hair but my long curls, my brown eyes, Grandfather Carlisle's temper and Alice's sense of fashion. "That boy is driving me insane. We bicker about everything and he takes every opportunity that comes his way to humiliate me. I swear I'm going to ask Grandpa to help me kill him. That way it will look like an accident."

I should have known that she and Seth was at each others throat again. "Well you know Nessie that your father and I were just like that before we got together. Maybe he has a crush on you." She snorted, "I'll rather die before I ever go out with him. Anyway mother are you done with that book yet? Since you started with it I haven't seen you at all." She said making a doggy pout face just as Edward came home. "Hello lovable family." He said before giving Nessie and then me a kiss. "Yes the book is finished, I finished it last night and if the publishers don't have a problem with anything it will be on the store shelves before Christmas."

I said as Edward sat down on my other side. "So what is it about?" Edward asked. He and I had a deal, he wouldn't ask what my latest story was about until it was finished and I wouldn't listen to what he was composing before the piece was finished. "Oh it's about a boy and a girl swapping bodies. It's called Vice Versa." Nessie made an excuse about doing homework and left walking to her room. "Such things aren't really possible are they?" Edward asked and winked at me. "No but it might be. Now I'm going to help Nessie with her homework, you should go lock your studio before Emmett and Rose's little monsters get here."

I said and got up to do exactly what I told him when his arms encircled my waste. "Not so fast, I would like to give you your gift before everyone gets here." He took me by the hand and led me towards his studio. We have barely entered it when he came to stand in front of me blocking my view. "Close your eyes." I sighed and did as he asked. I felt him lift my palm and then he placed something in my hand. It wasn't heavy but felt cold to the touch. "Ok open them now." I looked at the small metal box he had placed in my palm.

I looked at Edward and when he indicated for me to lift the lid I did so. Inside the box were five small objects. The first ones that caught my eye were two small dolls, the one obviously male and the other female. I picked up the male and noted that the t-shirt said Bella. I frowned and Edward picked up the other, on her t-shirt it said Edward. "They are supposed to resemble us, twenty years back precisely on this day we swapped bodies." I smiled and gave the doll to him so that I could pick up another item. It was a small toy silver Volvo that has been smashed in. "Is this supposed to be the car I crashed?" I asked and he nodded smiling widely.

I gave the car to him and picked up a miniature frame, inside was a photo of me, Edward and Renesmee. "Our family, together for always." Edward said as I handed it to him. The last was a small miniature bottle of water. I frowned when I saw it and looked at Edward for an explanation. "It's all the tears that we shared together, all the tears that made us a stronger couple. And just to let you know I look forward in sharing another twenty years with you." I smiled and placed all the things back in the metal box before sliding me hands up his chest and linking it behind his head.

"Have I ever told you how much I love you?" I asked before I kissed him passionately. "You have but I never grow tired of hearing it." We grinned at each other looking like love struck teenagers and nothing like the married couple we are. "Mom, dad Aunt Alice is here." Nessie called from somewhere in the house. Edward sighed, "Alice really has the worst timing ever." I stepped away from him, "Well I guess we better go greet them." He smiled and took my hand. "Just a little reminder…you are going to be in allot of trouble later tonight." I rolled my eyes as we walked to the living room.

"Really Aunt Alice he is a fucking arse and then he even has the notion of calling me a pencil neck virgin." Edward hissed under his breath as he realized that someone even attempted to insult his daughter. "Renesmee watch your language." I scolded her. "Ok he is an A-class jackass. See mother there was no fuck in that sentence." I just shook my head before Garrett took up al my attention. I picked up Alice's three year old. "Aunt Bella, happy annewesawee. Mom says an annewesawee is a mawidge biwthday. Is that twue?" I loved and tickled him. "Yes I guess it is."

I looked over to Alice and Jasper. Alice's hair was still short and in complete spiky disarray but Jasper's hair was getting a little thin, especially on top. "He still can't say r?" I asked just as Emmett, Rose and their twins walked through the door. I placed Garrett on the ground to hug my brother and Rose. The twins immediately walked to Nessie and they disappeared to the social room, Garrett followed them with bright eyes. He sort of idolized them, particularly the twins. Nessie was only a year older than them and they liked to play Xbox against each other whenever they had the chance, somehow Nessie always seemed to beat them.

I knew that Garrett would be chased out of the room in the next minute or so. The older kids didn't have much time for him. I have just listened to Rose complain about how the men in the house was driving her insane when Esme and Carlisle arrived. After everyone received hugs and kisses we talked about this and that until my cook announced that dinner was served. Nessie moaned that living with famous parents was not working out to well for her stomach, since we got so caught up in our work we tended to forget about our bodies needs. So Edward hired a full time cook, I must say that the chef did come in handy.

I looked around the dining table at my family and felt that warm feeling of comfort. "So Bella, Nessie tells me that you finished your book. Is it going to be another best seller? How much is that now….ten?" I laughed at Carlisle's little joke. "Yes it's finished but it's a children's fantasy book, I don't know about best seller but I did want to write this particular book for some time now." I winked at Edward without the others seeing. "So Nessie have you decided in which parent footsteps your going to follow, the best selling author or the world wide known pianist?" Emmett asked teasing his niece as always.

"Neither, I'm going to study fashion and then design my own clothing line." Alice smiled at her brightly. "So what do you guys think about her plans?" Jasper asked. Edward placed his hand over mine and smiled at Nessie before answering the question. "We will support her in whatever she chooses." He said and winked at Esme. Everyone went back to bickering and afterwards Emmett helped me to clear the table while Edward poured a night cap for everyone in the living room. "Dad would be so proud of you." He said handing me the plates. "Thank you, did you miss him tonight?" I asked and he paused momentarily before picking up the next plate.

"I miss him everyday; I visited his grave this morning. I told him it was your anniversary and I swear I could feel him smile." I placed the plates on the table and gave him a hug. "He's proud of you too, Emmy-bear." He chuckled and we finished up with the dishes before joining the others. It was way past midnight when everyone left and we just locked the door when a rambling sound much like thunder was heard on the stairs. "Nessie how many times do I have to tell you to not run on the stairs?" I asked as she skidded to a stop in front of us. "Sorry but I almost forgot, you have to sign this permission slip. The school is taking us on an outing."

Edward took the pink slip she was holding out to us, "Where are you going?" He asked as he lifted his pen from his pocket. "The Forks museum, it's going to be boring seriously I didn't even know we had a museum." I looked at Edward before turning back to my daughter. "Do me a favor, you and what's-his-name….Seth, don't fight with him when you are there" Nessie frowned, "Why, plus it's not like I start the fights it just happens when he is around me." Edward sighed and signed the slip. "Trust us ok, ignore him while you are in that museum. Especially in room two, there is this weird statue and ….just promise us, ok."

She nodded and took the now signed slip form her father. "Whatever, I'll try my best and believe me that is the best I can offer you. I swear I would have thought he had some crush on me if it wasn't for the fact that he insults me. Especially when Paul and I are together….I hate him." I sighed as she disappeared around the door, "Does that sound familiar?" Edward asked sliding his arms around my waist from behind me, kissing me in the neck. "For her sake I hope not, maybe you shouldn't have signed that note."

He sighed, "Relax Bella, it worked out fine for us. Let fate run its course." I stepped out of his embrace and turned around to look at him. "You think fate brought us together….I think it was bad luck." He smiled again and pulled me into him.

"And you are such a big magnet for bad luck." He said before he kissed me.

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