I knew. I knew about the creatures, I knew they were not real. I'd known since infancy, that those horrid creatures had been our parents, the adults who loved us enough to terrify us about the real world. I had known that my Papa was always the one to creep outside of our door, since I always waited until the last minute to run to the hidden room under the floor. Under the same floor that the costumes were retrieved.

I was not afraid, nor was Lucius Hunt. I had crept out of my bedroom in the middle of the night when I was fourteen to stand with my arms out wide and my back to the forest, balancing on the stump at the edge of the village. My nightgown, thin and delicate, was all I wore, and then I saw it.

The faintest of colors, steadily growing closer. I did not move, just kept my back to the woods and betrayed no fear. And then the color stopped before me. I stepped down, taking one step closer and placing my hand on the color's shoulder.

"Lucius." I murmured, smiling.

"What are you doing here?" He asked in his low, hoarse voice. I smiled wider, wrapping both arms around his waist and resting my forehead on the expanse of his chest.

"Lucius, are you frightened?" I replied, letting myself yawn. Lucius stepped back, but I simply followed. I got no response.

"Lucius Hunt, will you kindly answer my inquiry?" I asked in a drowsily mocking tone. "You're wondering how I knew it was you." I told him, smirking just a bit.

"Iv- Miss Walker, it is much to late for you to be out of doors. I will escort you back to your home if you wish." Lucius' voice was much to formal, the way he spoke made my heart hurt. So I simply shook my head, stood on my tiptoes, and whispered something in his ear.

"Lucius Hunt, I believe you are worthy enough to know a secret." I began, and then dropped my voice lower. "I will marry you someday." And then I took off running, counting my steps until I reached my window. I crawled back in, my eyes closed now. I laid in my bed, rolling over to look out the window once more.

And then I saw him- a faint flash of gold in the darkness. And then I kept my eyes open, watching as the gold came closer and closer and was just beyond my window, sitting on my porch. He was brave.

I would never beat his record, even though I knew that the creatures were not real.