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The whole team was out to dinner one night. They had just finished a case and Jane, of course, thought that they should celebrate, even though they solved cases all the time. It wasn't really a "special occasion" at all.

Everyone was enjoying their dinner. And just when Lisbon was going to thank Jane for taking them out to dinner, he smashed that idea with ten words.

"So, anyone have any secrets they want to tell me?" Jane asked suddenly.

Silence engulfed the table.

Finally, Cho said, "No, and even if I did have any secrets I wouldn't tell you,"

"Actually, yes. I do have something to tell you," Van Pelt said.

"Go on," prodded Jane.

"Well… um… I was a cheerleader in high school," said Van Pelt, a little too quickly. It sounded more like a question than a statement.

"You were a pompom girl?" asked Cho, surprised, with a hint of rare laughter.

"Oh, come on Van Pelt! That's not your secret," scolded Jane.

"Jane, she doesn't have to tell if she doesn't want to!" Lisbon spoke for the first time since Jane had asked that unusual question.

"Yeah, Jane. Leave her alone!" This was Rigsby, of course.

"Well, we all know Rigsby's secret," said Jane, a bit too knowingly.

"…What secret?" Rigsby, a little nervous. He didn't ever want anyone to know, especially the team.

"Oh, you know. The secret," Jane said, slyly.

"Oh, that secret. Yeah, well, thanks for reminding everyone," Rigsby said, relief slowly merging into annoyance.

"Anyways, back to Grace's secret," Jane said, "You were saying…"

"I was saying that I was a cheerleader, but that is not my secret," Van Pelt said.

"Well then what is?" asked Jane. It was really starting to bother him she kept avoiding the subject. He didn't think it could be that bad.

"Well" Grace began slowly, "My secret is… I cheated on an exam in college!" She started to speak faster until it was hard to hear what she was saying at the end of the sentence.

"Oh come on! That can't be your biggest secret! I think we have all cheated on a test of some sort," said Rigsby, for once eager to hear what she was really hiding.

"Well, you have cheated on a test of some sort" Cho said, a little annoyed. She can be such a goodie-two-shoes sometimes! He thought.

"You are one of the people that pride themselves on not having cheated on a test, but the rest of us have, so it's not as much a secret to us as it is to you," remarked Jane.

"I've cheated on a test," Lisbon had remained very quiet through the whole conversation but now she spoke up. At least it wasn't as bad as her actual secret.

She was not sure how people would react when she told them her secret. I could always tell them a lie she thought, but then she remembered that Jane was here and he could tell if you were lying.

In response to her small confession, Van Pelt smiled, assured. Rigsby's eyebrows shot up a little in surprise, and Cho remained silent… as Cho-like as he could get.

Jane glanced over at her from across the table and smiled his bright smile at her. Lisbon didn't know why he smiled, but Jane had his reasons. Lisbon couldn't help but smile back at him.

"Well, I believe that cheating is a very bad sin. What if that was a very important test and the only reason I passed was because I cheated?" Van Pelt replied, ashamed of herself.

"The teacher would have told you if it was a major part of your grade and it is not likely that the only reason you passed was because you cheated. You are a very smart person, Grace." Rigsby said, then immediately thought over his last sentence. Grace? Was that crossing the line?

He didn't want to think about line crossing at the moment. He was too nervous about his secret.

As if on cue, Jane called out, "Rigsby, my main man! Tell me," He raised an eyebrow and smirked, "What do you have to hide?"

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