Battle Maid Noel!

There were things that head maid Noel K. Ehrlichkeit didn't tell the family that she watched over, the Tsukimuras. It wasn't that she wanted to decieve them or anything, it was just that telling them certain things would be... unduly complicated. Unlike Miss Suzuka, Noel had been aware of Miss Nanoha's transformation to a magical girl as well as her chasing after the Jewel Seeds. How did she know? Well, that was the complicated part....

Her dark purple hair shimmering Noel leapt through the tree branches, her maid's uniform swirling around her long legs. A black dress with white apron and matching hat didn't normally lend itself to bounding from branch to branch, but a good maid learned to cope with these things. She alighted on a fairly sturdy branch, hidden in shadows as she saw the source of the disturbance she sensed on her master's property.

A young man with dark purple hair raised a mysterious staff, his eyes narrowed as the creature growled at him. In fact as Noel got a good look at him she realized he was barely a boy, not much older than Miss Suzuka, and worse it seemed the beast had him at a disadvantage. It was large and muscular, it's lizard like body twisting about as it circled the boy like a hungry predator.

With a hiss it lunged at the boy as he leapt with unusual speed, the stange staff he carried flaring with energy. "Blaze cannon!" the staff itself called in a mechanical voice as it fired off a powerful blast, sadly missing the creature.

The beast seized the change and dove at the boy even as Noel moved. 'The master would surely not approve this,' she thought grimly as she leapt, twisting in midair.

"What the...?" the boy looked stunned as he saw her flying through the air.

With long practiced skill Noel delived a two footed kick to the beasts head, sending it reeling. Bounding away she leapt off a tree trunk and landed gently at the boy's side, her skirts settling gracefully around her. "Are you all right, sir?" she asked politely even as she kept a eye on the monster.

"Ah... I'm fine, miss," he blinked at her, trying to gather his thoughts. "I'm Chrono Harlaown, Time Space Administration Bureau."

"Noel K. Ehrlichkeit," she curtsied slightly as she continued, "the Tsukimura's family head maid."

"Maid?" Chrono echoed, his expression showing he was having some difficulty grasping that.

"What is this thing?" Noel asked, watching warily as the beast shrugged off the blow, rising once more.

Chrono shook himself, getting back on track. "It's a creature that was transformed by a Jewel Seed," he explained, "I need to subdue the beast before I can reverse the change."

"I see," Noel nodded as she produced a simple duster from her dress, twisting the handle so that it telescoped into a battle staff. "Then I will subdue it so that you may change it back."

"Are you sure you can...?" Chrono had to ask.

Not answering Noel charged at the beast, leaping as it tried to lunge at her. With deadly precision she struck it on the back of the head, sending it sprawling. Using careful strikes she disabled it's joints while it was stunned, leaving it flailing uselessly on the turf.

"If you would, Mister Chrono?" Noel gave him a polite nod.

"Yes, ma'am," Chrono nodded with profund respect. Raising his staff he called out, "Sealing mode!" Within a few moments the gem the boy called a Jewel Seed was sucked into his staff, the monster reverting to a stunned looking garden lizard that staggered off into the brush.

"Poor thing," Noel noted mildly.

"Ah, Miss Ehrlichkeit," Chrono started.

She smiled as she said, "Just Noel, please."

"Noel," Chrono smiled, "I hate to ask, but could you not tell anyone about this? I could get into trouble if it became commonly known."

"You may rely on my discression," Noel nodded, "and I hope you'll be equally descrete about my own activities."

"Thank you, I will," Chrono agreed.

Taking a descrete look at her watch Noel's eyes widened. "If you'll excuse me, I really must be going," she said apologetically, "I have duties I must attend to."

With a swirl of her skirts she was gone, Noel racing through the trees with unerring skill. Arriving back at the house she straightened her hair and made sure her skirt and apron then headed into the house. At precisely the right time she put on the water, then finished up her preperations.

"Is the tea ready?" Suzuka Tsukimura asked, smiling her usual sweet smile.

"Yes ma'am," Noel smiled, relieved that the mild disruption had not disrupted afternoon tea.


Notes: Absolutely not canon, totally a product of my imagination. I'm tempted to do a series of short fics revealing that EVERYONE of the background characters in the Nanoha-verse has a secret life of some kind, if only because the idea amuses me. ^_~ We'll see how inspired I get.