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A/N: This chapter was written by Domestica.

A Twilight / Weekend at Bernies cross over. Bella & Edward are best friends who discover someone has been embezzeling money from their company, when they inform their boss Mike Newton he invites them to his Beach House for a weekend of R&R as a reward. Arriving only to discover their boss has been murdered, Edward and Bella do the only thing they can think of.. pretend Mike is still Alive.

Becuase Mike Newton is just so much funnier dead.

Chapter 1.

It was a warm day in the crowded New York office that Edward and Bella worked in. The tiny television in the corner of the break room provided some random background noise while they both waited desperately for the coffee to be ready.

Ding! Finally!

"Ah shit!" said Edward.

In his excitement for his morning fix he managed to spill some flaming coffee on his brand new pair of khaki pants. Bella snickered quietly; grabbing the pot and pouring some in her own mug.

"I hate this job so hard. Did you know that the boss man is off in his home in the Hamptons right this minute??" asked Bella as they sat at the little round table pushed up against the empty soda machine.

Edward let out a long sigh and suggests they just get back to work to keep their mind off their own misery. It was going to be a long day. Especially with their supervisor, Rosalie, busting everyone's bowls because apparently she had some condition that kept her from conceiving with her husband. Rosalie definitely over shared her problems. She was especially cruel to Angela, five months swollen.

As the day carried on Edward stumbled upon a problem in the accounting reports that he was provided with every week. He had to tell his BFF Bella about this bizarre problem and that they should take it to boss man Mike hoping they would be rewarded with finding out that over the course of ten years at least two million dollars had gone unrecorded. They would have to wait till he got back from his vacation though.

He should be back tomorrow.