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Chapter One: Long Time No See

Tomoyo Daidouji was a little bit nervous. This was a competition and she was one of the representatives. She was still in the back room and breathes in deeply. She's going to sing that song. That song that he had taught her when they were still a couple. It has been two years, two years since he have left Japan and went to England. "That long huh?" Tomoyo thought as she looked at herself in the mirror. She touched her reflection on the mirror, her face expressionless. "I'm not expecting him to come back to me…anymore". A knock was heard on the door as she turned around. "Come in".

"My dear we had a problem!" Sonomi Daidouji exclaimed as she came rushing to her daughter. "The pianist is sick! He can't make it!" her amethyst eyes grew in shock and calmed down afterwards.

"Is that all? Then I'll be the one to play the piano-"Sonomi raised a finger. "O-Okaasan?"

"The rules say: the singer can't play the piano and needs a pianist. NEEDS a pianist dear! Do you want to be disqualified from this contest?" Tomoyo just sighed on what her Mother said and leaned her hips on the table.

"There's no more time. The pianist and I are the only people who know how to play that song!" her Mother smirked as Tomoyo looked at her suspiciously. "Eh? Why are you smirking?"

"Because we are saved! When he knew that your pianist is sick and knew the song that you are about to play, he volunteered".

"And…how did he know there was something wrong? That my pianist would not be coming?" Sonomi looked at her daughter, a little bit shocked then gave a nervous laugh.

"It's a long story dear. Now", she pushed her daughter's back out of the door. "Now get on that stage because you'll be next".

"Hai, hai Okaasan. Wish me luck neh", Tomoyo said, smiling as she looked over her shoulder to see her Mother. Sonomi waved.

"Ganbatte dear!" the raven haired girl shook her head and went to the back stage.


Tomoyo and Eriol were in the music room after dismissal. Eriol was teaching Tomoyo how to play just one song on the piano. " Neh Eriol-kun, did I get it right?" the lass said as she looked at her boyfriend with a smile. Eriol smiled also.

"Hai you did Tomoyo-san. That was perfect", the Londoner replied as he messed his girlfriend's hair lightly.

"Gee neh, you don't have to treat me as a ten year old kid", his girlfriend said, fixing her hair while pouting. "You enjoy teasing me".

"If I remember correctly, it was you who enjoyed teasing me", he corrected. Tomoyo looked at him and stick her tongue out. "Play the song one more time Tomoyo before we leave", he said, his sapphire eyes softening. She smiled to that, while she didn't know his heart was already breaking.

"Hai Eriol-kun. This time I'll do my best". She placed her hands on the ivory keys and began to play the piano while singing the song. Eriol listened to her, studying her. His sapphire eyes never leaving her face.

"I love you", his heart wanted to scream out those words. "But I just can't…can't tell you how much I truly feel". He closed his eyes, letting the music and her voice take him away.


She was at the backstage, waiting for the emcee to call her name. She stole a glance at the piano on the left side. A man was sitting there but couldn't make out his face. "Who could he be?" she thought. "Thanks to him, I'm saved". The curtains were raised as the spotlight was upon her. Many people have watched her competition and she spotted Sakura Kinomoto with her father and brother. She even saw Li Syaoran. "Thanks for supporting me guys". Her eyes softened as she walked up to the microphone. "If only he was here, he'll listen to the song he taught me. Eriol-kun, I'm getting better now. Wished you were here demo it was my fault anyway, I've ignored you until you left". The pianist has started playing the melody all ready on the keyboard as Tomoyo closed her eyes. But memories of the past keep haunting her.

It's the quiet night that breaks me

I cannot stand the sight of this familiar place

It's the quiet night that breaks me

Like a dozen papercuts that only I can trace

All my books are lying useless now

All my maps will only show me how to lose my way


Tomoyo was looking outside the classroom, just studying the surroundings but her amethyst eyes was following the flow of the sakura petals. Her boyfriend, Eriol Hiiragizawa stood next to her, grinning. "Enjoying the scenery again, hmm?" he said. Tomoyo looked Eriol and flashed him a smile.

"You know I love watching the cherry blossoms fall", Tomoyo replied, her eyes returning to the petals. "Kirei neh". His sapphire eyes softened as he watched her still.

"Yeah, hontou ni kirei", Eriol muttered softly. She looked at him again, titling her head. "Eh? I was actually talking about the sakura petals Eriol-kun", she added. He grinned knowing that she was somewhat naïve.

"I know. I was talking about something prettier that caught my eye". She blushed when he said that as he chuckled.

"I see", was all she could say as her amethyst eyes turned away. She was still shy with him, he knew it. He smiled to himself as he secretly held her hand and at least she didn't mind.


Oh call my name

You know my name

And in that sound everything will change

Tell me it won't always be this hard

I am nothing without you

But I don't know who you are


"Sakura-san, have you seen Eriol-kun?" Tomoyo asked. Sakura looked at Syaoran then back to Tomoyo. Her face somewhat confused.

"Last time, we saw him walked out Tomoyo. Try to check him out in the music room", Sakura replied. Tomoyo nodded as she quickly ran to the music room. She opened the sliding door, panting. "Eriol-kun?" she saw him sitting on the floor, his back on the wall. "Eriol-kun!" she exclaimed as she quickly went to him. "Daijoubou? What's wrong? Don't you feel good?" she said, as she touched his forehead. Fever, a slight fever. Worried, she stood up. "I'll get something". But his hand had already held hers. He didn't look up as she looked up at him confusingly. "E-Eriol-kun…"

"Stay", his voice was soft, his fever having an effect on him. "Just…stay…"

"Demo you have a fever-"before she could say anything he slowly pulled her down-with her on top. His arms wrapping around her waist, her amethyst eyes grew in shock. "E-Eriol-kun!"

"I'll be fine. It's a slight fever after all", he replied, inhaling her scent. His arms on her waist tighten as he rest his head on her shoulder. "I just need you…"her face flushed as he said that. She sighed as her right hand wrapped around his neck.

"Then I'll stay…if you want me to".

"Arigatou". It was just her presence that he needs. Her and no one else but still words wouldn't come out of his mouth to tell her how he feels.


It's the crowded room that breaks me

Everybody looks so luminous and strangely young

It's the crowded room that's never heard

No one here can say a word of my native tongue

I can't be among them anymore

I fold myself away before it burns me numb


Tomoyo completely ignored him for the next few days because if she'll talk to him, it would only hurt to know that she remained in love with him. And to think that they have a play coming up-she as the Princess and Eriol as the Prince. Naoko planned it all, saying that it would suite them. "Of all the roles that we have to play, why do I have to be the Princess and him the Prince?" Tomoyo thought as she walked to where they would practice. She passed by the music room as the sliding door opened. Shocked to see it was Eriol, she kept on walking only to know that when she passed by him, he held her wrist.

"I wonder why you are giving me the silent treatment", Eriol began not looking at her. "Are you gonna play this charade?" Tomoyo's amethyst eyes were covered underneath her raven hair bangs as she replied in a soft voice, "It's better this way. So that we would stop ourselves from falling". Releasing her wrist, he faced her, his eyes almost blazing.

"Does this mean you don't understand how I feel?" he almost exclaimed but she still wasn't facing him. "Tomoyo-"he touched her shoulder when she moved away. "T-Tomoyo…"

"Sometimes there are things that aren't meant to be", she faced him, a wry smile on her face but she was already crying. "I guess…we weren't meant to be…after all". She turned around and ran, without looking back. Even if he had called her name and it was echoing in the halls.


Oh call my name

You know my name

And in your love, everything will change

Tell me it won't always be this hard

I am nothing without you

But I don't know who you are


After Tomoyo sang the song she bowed and everyone was cheering. Even the family of Sakura and Syaoran stood up and clapped their hands. The curtain had fallen as Tomoyo turned to looked at the guy who had rescued her. But she wasn't prepared to face the person who had rescued her. The guy inclined his head as he flashed her with that smile of his-that smile that she had grown to love and miss. "Long time no see…Tomoyo-san", Eriol Hiiragizawa said as he studied his ex-girlfriend who is always beautiful. Tomoyo couldn't react on what he said.

To be continued…