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Prologue- Demon King

Crimson eyes opened to pure darkness and a smug smile formed on the elegant features of the king of Va Hala. King Yami was able to sleep as long as he desired and whenever he desired for there was sun to ruin his habits. Crimson eyes blinked and the king let out a yawn. Slowly, he sat up and stretched his limbs, all six of them.

Huge black wings extended out of the king's back, lying limply at his side. Each one of the bat-shaped wings extended to be about ten feet long, giving the king about a twenty foot wing span. They were convenient for getting around quickly and, of course, for hunting. Hunting was the king's favorite sport. It didn't matter if it was another creature or one of his own kind, but as long as blood filled his stomach, hunting was a high for Yami.

Yami kicked off the blanket covering him and his naked form stood. Yami felt no need to wear clothing when he slept. The king rarely wore a shirt because of the heat in his world, his hell dimension. The king slipped on red leather pants when he decided he was no longer tired. He walked out to the balcony and sighed as hot air hit him in the face. This was exactly how things should always be.

The king gazed at his dimly lit kingdom. Since his kingdom existed under the surface of another world, there was no source of light. The only thing that gave the creatures light in the hell dimension of Va Hala were the small rivers of lava that ran through the city. It kept the air dry and hot, just like Yami loved it. The light wasn't needed for his kind could see in the darkest of nights.

Yami breathed deeply as he heard a knock on his door. No one was allowed to disturb him without punishment. There were only two explanations for the intrusion and their names were Marik and Bakura. Yami growled and bit his tongue in an attempt to keep his temper under control. It was the only character trait of the king that was truly terrible. When that temper flared, there was hell to pay if anyone got in Yami's way.

The king slowly made his way over to the door and practically threw it open. "It would be wise to your health as to not knock on my door again." He hissed to the person behind the barrier.

"Stop your bitching. You never sleep this long anyway." Bakura growled back, stepping into the king's room without permission. This was an act that took a lot of courage on Bakura's part, but he knew that Yami would do nothing to him. Bakura was as close to being called a friend as Yami could get. They hunted together, tortured together, and killed together. How could anyone get closer than that? Bakura stared at Yami, "When the hell did you plan on talking to Marik? He has been keeping our play toys busy for quite some time now."

Marik was the head of Yami's army. He made all the decisions when it came to attacks and invasions made by Va Hala. He was tough and reliable and considering Yami was the one who killed his parents, Marik would never disobey Yami in fear of his own fate.

Yami rolled his eyes. "I sleep when I want to sleep and I kill when I want to kill. Are you questioning me?"

Bakura sneered. "Of course not. But the mighty king never turns down an opportunity to make angels suffer."

Yami raised and eyebrow and felt a smirk meet his lips. "Angels you say?"

Bakura smiled back and licked his lips. "Yes, two were spotted along the kingdom boarders and taken into captivity by your guards. Marik has been down there for ages trying to get any information out of them." He sighed and leaned against the side wall. "Oh I miss their screams already."

Yami started out the door and made his way to the dungeon. Bakura followed from behind, his breath quick with excitement. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" Yami asked, his voice low with disdain and at the same time thrill. Angels were the most interesting of creatures to capture and torture. They always remained true to their king and no matter what methods of torture were used on them, they never yielded. But that didn't mean they were no fun at all.

Bakura walked ahead of Yami, "I knew you would be pleased."

The sound of an angel's scream could be heard two floors above the dungeon. Yami could help but smile with glee.

It wasn't that he didn't enjoy the torture of other creatures but angels were especially different. They were threatening his rule and his kingdom, this was not allowed. Angels annoyed Yami the most for they were pure creatures, creatures that spent their time doing good in other dimensions even if that dimension was swarmed by evil. They never stopped fighting and convincing, Yami guessed it was in hopes of tipping the balance of good and evil in their favor. Either way, Yami hated it when they appeared in his kingdom. This was his land. He had no interest in ruling other dimensions, and therefore, he was no threat to their species. Yet every few months, angels would appear on the outskirts of his city. They were looking for weaknesses in his hell no doubt.

This could not be tolerated.

Yami turned the corner and entered the dungeon. Marik stood over pure white wings with blood smearing his face. He moved aside when he saw king Yami enter. "We caught them looking through the city. I thought it best to teach them a lesson or two." He nodded towards the opposite wall.

Yami was surprised to see a girl, not older than the age of fourteen, chained to the wall, watching the demise of the other angel. Yami turned his blood red eyes back to the angel now quivering at his feet. He couldn't help but laugh. The boy at his feet also looked about the age of the girl chained to the wall. They were mere children. The leader of the angels sent children to investigate him. Yami wasn't too sure whether to laugh some more or become offended. It didn't matter for the outcome and fate of the angels would remain the same.

He bent down on one knee and forced the broken angel to look at him. The boy had brown hair and green eyes. His wings were an off-white or almost vanilla in color. He shook with fear as he looked into the crimson eyes but Yami saw something else that amused him, courage. Yami stroked the angel's cheek as it starred into his unforgiving eyes. "Who sent you?" He asked, kindness lacing his voice.

The angel knew it was fake and looked away.

Marik cleared his throat, "You won't get any answers out of him." He glanced up and looked at the girl, "her either."

"Release the girl." Yami said.

Bakura looked slightly confused as did the child angel but did as he was told. Yami enjoyed the light shone in the boy's eyes as he watched his friend become released. Oh there was surely an escape for her, but not for him. The angels thought children would stop him? Yami smirked, oh how wrong they were indeed.

The girl fell to his knees and looked up sobbing. Her crystal blue eyes and blond hair were dulled slightly. The blond of her hair was streaked on blood from what looked like blows to the head. Yami cleared his throat and forced the boy to flip over on his back. "Why do you come to my world?" He asked, stroking the boy's cheek again.

The boy didn't answer but looked his at friend nervously.

"I advise you answer our king's question." Bakura sneered, digging his heel into the boy's leg, threatening to snap it if the boy made one wrong move.

Yami pushed Bakura's foot off the boy and smiled up at him. "Now is that any way to treat our guest?" He questioned, his voice thick with sarcasm. He turned back to the boy when Bakura chuckled. "If you tell me why you came, I'll let you go."

"Never." The boy spat.

Yami sighed. The smell of the angel's blood was intoxicating. Demons of his kind enjoyed the blood of all creatures but the purer, the better. Angels were as pure as you could get. The sweet taste the angel's blood would leave in his mouth could last days. Yami leaned in closely and whispered in the boy's ear, "Who are you protecting?"

"He'll stop you." Was the only response.

Yami pulled back, the smile still plant on his face. "No one can stop me."

"Go to hell." The angel whispered then spat in his face.

Marik moved in for the kill but Yami held up his hand. He wiped away the disgusting liquid from his face, the smile never leaving. He leaned forward once more and licked the boy's ear, who gasped and shivered in complete fear. "I'm already there."

The boy didn't have a chance to blink before the king forced his head back and forced his fangs into the angel's Adam's apple. The angel screamed and thrashed but Yami kept him still, enjoying every futile movement the angel made to get away. Yami kept his fangs still but quickly snapped his neck in the opposite direction, pulling flesh and tissue out of the angel's throat. Yami watched in amusement as the angel thrashed as bit more, blood spurting for the torn veins. He gasped for air but found that none made its way into his lungs.

Yami feed on it, the fear, the helplessness. All of it went right to the pleasure center of his brain. He watched as the angel clasped hands around his own throat in attempts to stop the bleeding but it was no use. The angel grew tired quickly as his blood painted to floor of the dungeon. The angel took one more gasp of air before allowing all limbs to fall limp. Yami licked the blood off his fingers and shivered in delight. "Simply divine." He whispered.

Bakura snickered and swept his fingers across the floor, gathering as much blood as he could before licking the fingers clean. "Damn." He hissed. "The younger they are, they better they taste."

Marik smirked but said nothing. He watched the blood in pure enjoyment, blood still seeping out of the boy's neck. "What about who sent them?" Marik questioned.

Yami stood and sighed, still living off his blood high. "Who cares?"

Bakura turned to the girl and brought her close. She screamed and struggled as he placed his fangs on the side of her throat.

"No!" Yami yelled. Bakura let her drop to the floor. "Let her go."

"Why?" Marik demanded.

"I want her to deliver a message to the others." Yami said. He bent down and glared at the girl. She shrank back under his crimson eyes and stared at the wall behind the king. "Tell your leader that no one can stop me, not children, not angels, no one. Tell him to send his strongest angel if he pleases. I have nothing to fear." He whispered.

The girl remained still even after the message was delivered.

"Go!" Yami yelled, his patience worn thin.

The girl raced out of the dungeon and the flap of her wings could be heard from where the three demons remained. Bakura turned to his king and laughed. "That is the first time you let a hostage go. Well I mean, head on body and all."

Yami chuckled, amused by the comment. "Yes." He hissed. "Perhaps I have grown too soft?"

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