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Chapter 35

The fallen demon king clutched Yugi tightly in his arms. A single blood tear dribbled down his face and he took a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. Lilac eyes watched him closely as the figure they belonged to leaned against the wall furthest from Yami. An awkward silence loomed over them for the longest time. Yami licked his dry lips and swallowed hard.

It was hard to find the words. It was hard to believe the very line Malik had recited to him. However, Yami glanced down at the deceased body in his arms and found the strength to form the words. "You can…you can save Yugi?"

Malik shook his head slightly before taking a sharp breath. "I am saving him but not in the way you think I am." Malik pointed out, crossing his arms. "That body will never breathe again just as those eyes will never open."

Yami hung his head, bring Yugi's lifeless body closer to him. The feeling as if he had been punched in the chest was growing stronger. But stronger than that feeling was the numb aura surrounding his very core. Yami shuddered and took a breath of Yugi's hair.

"However," Malik continued, "I can save his soul. In fact, he has already been saved."

Yami jerked his head up. "His soul?"

"Yes." Malik answered as his eyes broke away from Yugi's body and glanced up into hopeful crimson eyes. "The elders have decided that he is too original to discard. His soul has proven to be one of a kind, as he was created to be."

Yami dared to ask the only question that was crossing his mind. "Can I see him?"

"No." Malik answered immediately. Yami should have and would have felt rage but something was different. Without Yugi there, he didn't feel anything anymore. Everything around him just felt so numb and unimportant. Nothing made sense anymore. Malik cleared his throat. "I don't think that it is any secret that I don't like you."

"No." Yami whispered, burying his face in Yugi's hair again. "You've made that quite clear over and over again."

"Hm." Malik shrugged.

"You're doing this to torture me, aren't you?" Yami sounded with a very broken voice.

Malik snorted slightly. "Not exactly. The only reason I am here is because the elders have specially requested it." Malik straightened his pose and uncrossed his arms. "You see, they have taken a special interest in you. A half demon and half angel mixture has presented quite an interesting dilemma. They find your, shall we say transformation, very fascinating."

"My transformation?" Yami whispered, grazing Yugi's cold cheek with his thumb.

"Oh yes." Malik chirped. "Before you met Yugi you were a blood thirsty killer only interested in torturing any creature you could get your hands on. After the angel came into your life, you changed. Everything about you changed. You learned compassion, trust, empathy, and…." Malik bit his lip hard, "And love."

Yami blinked another tear out of his eye and watched as it fell into Yugi's hair. "It was all for nothing. The sins and crimes of my past have come back to haunt me."

"True." Malik said. "But the elders wish for me to bring a proposal."

The fallen king looked up. "What kind of proposal?"

"You would do anything to see Yugi again, right?" Malik asked, his tone very serious and his gaze firm.

Yami looked hopeful. "Anything." He pleaded.

Malik nodded. "You certainly are strange for a demon." He commented before getting back on track. "Your soul was to be forever condemned as payment for your killing spree. However, the elders are in a creative mood these days. Since you have interested them so much, they have decided to spare your soul from the gates of hell."

"Then, "Yami started and then glanced down at the limp form in his arms. "I'll be with Yugi? Our souls will meet in the same place?"

Malik gave a sideways frown. "Not exactly. Your soul will be reborn instead. By your choice, that is."

"I'm lost." Yami said. "You said I would be able to see Yugi again."

Malik nodded. "If you cooperate then you will. Now listen to the proposition I have to give you. The elders are looking for someone with a strong soul, someone with the potential to become king in this next life. They need someone how has strong leader qualities. Someone like you." Malik explained. "They need someone to be a god among men."

Yami furrowed his brow. "And they want me to be this king?"

"Yes." Malik said. "From this life you will jump to the next. You will be joined by your priests from this life in your next one. Everyone you know here will make an appearance sometime in that life. They may be your friend or your mortal enemy."

"So Yugi would be there?" Yami asked.

Malik shook his head. "Just listen. After that life, if you have chosen the correct path, then you will meet with Yugi again."

"The correct path?" Yami inquired and stared down at the body trapped in his embrace. So his soul was going to be saved from the pits of hell to become king again of another world? Yami frowned, it all seemed too perfect. Especially with Malik proposing the idea. "What's the catch?"

Malik smirked. "How perceptive of you." He complimented. He shrugged and glanced to his side. "The elders aren't giving you a free ride. You will face many heartaches in your next life. You will be mortal although you'll be worshipped like a god. However, there will be mass chaos in this world. A battle between the light and darkness has already begun."

"How does this battle involve me?" Yami questioned. He gripped Yugi's body tighter as if it was going to turn to ash in moments.

Malik smiled. "If you make the right choice, then it will involve you." Malik stretched his wings and smirked more. "When the darkness is released, a sacrifice must always be made to keep it at bay." Malik lost his smirk when he glanced down at Yugi's body. "Yugi has made the sacrifice this time. Will you do it in return to see him again?"

"Yes." Yami agreed without thinking.

Malik turned his head. "Don't you want to think about it? This kind of sacrifice won't be an easy one." Malik retorted.

"I don't care." Yami shook. "If it means that I can see Yugi again, it is a path I am willing to take."

Malik shook his head. "They think you have changed but I know that you're just the same demon you always have been. You act as if this means you're a savior of some sorts. But it doesn't make you a savior. It makes you selfish." He mocked before bringing his wings to his side. "You'll need to follow me if you plan to do this. There is no time."

Yami gently stood up, taking Yugi in his arms. "Where are we going?"

"You need to die first." Malik commented silently.

Yami felt a fist of dread knead his stomach and he couldn't ignore it. "How do I know this isn't a trick? How do I know you'll follow through with your plan? How do I know I will really see Yugi again?" Yami interrogated the angel walking towards his balcony. The angel stopped and turned to Yami. He said nothing. "I won't go with you otherwise."

Malik growled slightly. "You can see for yourself."

"What?" Yami hissed.

Malik shrugged. "You're half angel. Haven't you noticed some changes within your powers recently?" Yami blinked. He had noticed that he didn't have as strong of fire powers anymore. But he thought it was because Yugi was more of a distraction. Malik waited for a reply but grew impatient. "You're an idiot. Never mind. You don't deserve this kind of reward."

"No, wait!" Yami urged, getting a firmer hold on his angel's corpse.

"Now, Malik, why do you have to be so mean?" Yami heard a familiar voice and nearly jumped with joy. He turned to see Ryou standing at his doorway, his arms crossed and giving Malik a huge glare. Yami breathed a sigh of relief to see a somewhat of a friendly face. "Don't you dare walk away from this. You know this is much bigger than any of us."

"Ryou? What's going on?" Yami asked.

Ryou gave him a kind smile. "Malik is jealous of the love between Yugi and yourself. He doesn't want the two of you united so he is skipping out on some of the details."

"Like what?"

Malik growled. "He doesn't deserve this kind of redemption!" He barked at Ryou.

"Everyone deserves redemption. Even those who don't want it." Ryou corrected. He turned to Yami and gracefully walked up to him. He looked down at the body in Yami's arms and then sighed. "He's okay. I was just with him."

"You were?" Yami whispered. "How?"

Ryou nodded. "I was able to summon his spirit back home. He is weak and worried about you as always." The angel chuckled. He glanced over at Malik who had his fists clenched. "What Malik here was trying to rudely point out is that because you are half angel, you always have the ability of an angel."

Yami gaped. "I have an angel's power?"

The angel smiled and nodded. "Yes. Since you were raised a demon, the angel side of you as well as the power you possessed was buried. However, now that Yugi has brought the angel part of you to the surface, the power that was lost within you has also surfaced." Ryou explained. He placed a hand on Yami's shoulder and gazed at him softly. "Have you been seeing anything crazy lately? Some sort of déjà vu feeling?"

The ex-king thought for a moment. He had been feeling some sort of déjà vu feeling. But from what?

Ryou watched the demon for a moment. "Any strange dreams?"

Yami's head shot up and he nearly dropped Yugi's body. The dreams. The dream about Yugi's out of control demonic powers, the dream about Yugi's dead body, even the dream about his mother. All of them had come true. He had seen it before it happened. Yami turned to the mirror by his side and looked his beaten form up and down. Did he have the power to see the future?

"Yes, you do." Ryou answered. "That is your angel power."

Yami felt a warm feeling bubble inside of him. He was more like his mother than he thought. He closed his eyes and brought Yugi closer to him, breathing in his bloody but sweet scent.

"Concentrate, Yami." Ryou directed, gripping the ex-royal's shoulder harder. "Concentrate and you will see him. Direct all your thoughts on Yugi. Each emotion and every intention must be pure."

Yami felt that slow he had felt right after Yugi died. A warm and bubbly feeling that started in his feet and traveled the length of his body. Yami shuddered from the warmth and thought only of Yugi. He thought of his eyes, his wings, his body, his personality, and his voice. His wonderful voice. Yami pressed his forehead against Yugi's cold one and concentrated on that sound more than any other thing.

Then a bright light. Yami opened his eyes to see himself standing in a strange room. A cool blue coated the walls of the tiny room as well as a soft wool on the floor. Yami looked at it in confusion as he realized Yugi's body was no longer in his arms. Had the angel taken it away from him?

There were strange objects everywhere. Yami wasn't sure what they were or whether or not he could use any of them. His eyes wondered the room and his eyes settled on the one thing he wanted to see.

There, on the side of the room, was Yugi. It was him but it wasn't. There were no wings this time. The boy looked tinier without them and slightly more helpless. Yami slowly walked over to him. He was using some sort of stick on scratch on a piece of parchment. He looked very concentrated on the task at hand and Yami wasn't sure what he was doing. The ex-angel wore strange clothing that he had never seen before.

Slowly, the ex-royal reached out and took hold of the boy's shoulder. Amethyst eyes glanced up at him in surprise and then compassion. "Mou Hitori no Boku?"

Yami gasped when he found himself back in his own body. He had no idea what Yugi said but it was beautiful nonetheless. The ex-royal opened his eyes to see Ryou smiling at him and Malik giving him another glare. Through bloody tears, Yami glanced down at the body in his arms and hugged it tightly. "I'm ready to do whatever I need to."

Ryou nodded and then turned to Malik. "Open the portal, Malik. The journey alone will kill him. We don't need to touch him." He directed. Malik snorted and crossed his arms. "Open the portal, Malik. We are all on the same side here." Ryou glared at him. There was silence among them. Finally, Malik waved his hand next to his body.

A white blue blob swirled in front of them. It was much like the portal he and Yugi had been thrown into before. Yami stared at it and then back at Ryou. "It's no trick, Yami. Through that portal leads to your next life. It's up to you from here on out. Make the right choices and you'll see Yugi again."

"How long?" Yami asked.

"Three thousand years." Ryou answered bluntly.

Yami wasn't sure how many rises that was but he knew it had to be a lot. But it didn't matter. He would see Yugi again, no matter what it took. Yami stared at the portal.

"Give him to me." Ryou urged. Yami blinked and gripped Yugi tighter. The idea of not being to hold that body for so long, not being able to feel that warmth was killing him. Ryou gave him a pitiful look. "I know." He answered Yami's thoughts. "But he is okay. He'll see you again. Love doesn't separate creatures. Hatred does." Yami looked at him uneasily and gazed down at the body in his arms one more time. He would miss holding him tightly while they slept. He would miss the sound of Yugi's laugh. He would miss their conversations and arguments. He would miss everything.

But he had to let go.

Slowly, Yami handed the corpse to Ryou. He immediately felt cold without clutching it to his body. He shuttered and frowned. "Where will I go from here?"

"To your new life, idiot." Malik crossed his arms. "Don't worry. Where you are going is hot and dry. You'll love it there. It'll be just like home." He mocked.

Ryou chuckled at Yami's thoughts. He turned to Malik. "You better stop acting like a smart ass. Yami is starting to like you." Malik gave Yami a vicious look before giving him a sideways smile. Ryou glanced at Yami who was looking at him carefully. Ryou laughed again. "Oh don't worry about me. You'll see me again and Bakura too. Even Malik over there."

"Where will you go?" Yami asked, curious.

Ryou shrugged. "I won't be in that world for a while yet. But I hear that the realm of England will be nice when I am supposed to be reborn." Ryou shrugged. "But nothing is final yet." He turned to the portal and nodded towards it. "You don't have much time. You have to go now before it's too late."

Yami's ears perked up when he thought he heard a woman scream. He walked closer to the portal, somewhat mesmerized by it. He smiled as a gentle warmth caressed him. He closed his eyes and continued to walk until the white and blue lights overwhelmed him. He felt a sharp pain throb through his abdomen but ignored it. He held onto the image of Yugi snuggled warm in his arms as warm darkness overcame him.

It was warm. That was all he knew. Very warm. And there were voices.

A terrified scream made his heart race. Where was he? What was he?

"Push!" Another woman screamed. "You're almost there! Push for the love of Re!"

A light. A light made his head feel cold. This didn't feel right. His face was wet.

"The head is out." Another woman yelled. "Come on, my queen, you can do this."

Another scream and suddenly it was very cold. So cold. He felt like he was falling. Then something was wrapped tightly around him. He felt warm again. He opened his crimson eyes as a cloth was gently wiped across his face.

He cried. It was cold. The cloth was cold and the lights were so bright. He wanted to go back to the warmth. He closed his eyes and just cried.

"Give him to me." A soft and tired voice demanded. He felt himself being handed off to the woman. "Hush, my little one. Hush, little prince."

Crimson eyes forced themselves open to see a woman smiling down at him. Jet black hair and beautiful green eyes gave him all the love in the world. He stopped his wailing. There was something calm about those eyes. Something so loving and kind.

"Oh, what a great joy, Queen Akiza. The Pharaoh will be pleased to have been blessed with an heir."

"Oh yes." The woman holding him smiled tiredly at the child in her arms. She kissed the infant's forehead. "Welcome to the world, my little Atemu."


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