A/N: A new fic from The EB authors; Scarlett & Khaki Crayons! A little bit more serious this time, it will still have its funny moments but we have decided to move away a little from our usual parody stories.

This is a futuristic continuation of Eclipse.

We do not own Twilight.

Escape From New Forks


200 years into the future the Cullen's are living in a post apocalypse time, a war spanning 137 years had ravaged the world. During that time the people of Forks had built a wall around its borders safe guarding the habitants from the war, renaming their City; New Forks.

The Governor, now seeking world dominance decides to destroy all that is left of those fighting against the war by unleashing a lethal army; thus setting the Cullen's on a terrifying journey outside the safe walls of New Forks to find the one person who can save everyone.