Fantastic Four (Movieverse) – Retribution

Summary: Doom seeks revenge on the Fantastic Four for defeating him twice. Are the foursome ready for such a personal attack? Johnnycentric :D

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Epilogue: Long Days Night

The Baxter Building

Without the larger than life personalities of the superheroes the Baxter building was very empty. Dr. Kayla Maiden felt out of place as she walked down the halls, her high heels tapping on the floor and echoing loudly. It was her first day, she hadn't had time to get used to the place and when she was alone like this, she kind of felt like an intruder. Like she wasn't meant to be there.

It had been over an hour since she had accidently told Johnny what was happening, and precisely 48 minutes since she realised he had gone missing. The young man was an adept sneak, letting her believe that he'd actually stay put while she went and checked to see if the team had come back. When she returned to the room, poof, he had disappeared. She knew when Sue got back she was gonna get an earful. For a terrifying moment she thought she might lose the job; but she wouldn't...would she?

For about the fifth time in the last thirty minutes she walked up to the large window that looked out over the city. It faced the direction that the fantasticar had disappeared, and so Kayla stood and watched and waited.

Suddenly, a small flying blip appeared on the skyline. Kayla recognised it instantly as the fantasticar. But there was no fireball following the craft. Johnny's not flying? She thought, panicking. She knew he had flown out of here, but he wasn't flying back. Something's not right. Kayla quickly ran down to the hangar where she knew the fantasticar would land and waited for the craft to arrive.

Finally the craft came in to land and hovered to a stop, followed quickly by Sue who levitated in on a force field. There were only four seats in the fantasticar, and each one was occupied. Reed was in the front, controlling the craft and Ben sat in the back in his specially designed seat. The middle was taken by a relieved looking Alicia and slightly pale Johnny. At least everyone was alive.

When Sue landed, her force field flickering from life, her expression told Kayla that she wasn't mad. But the doctor apologised anyway. "I'm sorry about letting Johnny out, I swear, I turned my back for a second..."

"Relax, I know what he's like," reassured Sue, giving Johnny a stern glance. "He's run away from me once or twice."

"I'm not a grounded teenager you know," retorted Johnny as he managed to climb out of the fantasticar. "I don't need babysitting."

Ben laughed gruffly as he helped Alicia out of the craft, his strong hands practically lifting her and gently setting her on the ground. "You could have fooled me kid. You look like you need some looking after."

Johnny just grinned broadly and pointed at Kayla. "Only if she's doing it."

Two Days Later

Things had pretty much returned to normal after that day. Reed still hung out in his lab, Sue organised everything, Johnny was back on his feet and being well...being Johnny. Kayla had taken up full-time residence in the Baxter Building striking up a friendship with Alicia. And Ben? Well Ben was feeling nervous; he'd been acting all secretive for the past two days.

The couple sat together in a quiet corner of Bernie's bar (A/N: The bar from the first film where Ben met Alicia) one of the only places they had found where they weren't chased by paparazzi. Alicia, as always, looked beautiful sitting opposite Ben, and once again he felt his stomach flip flop. He patted his pocket just to make sure he hadn't forgotten it.

"Ben? What's up? You've been acting weird these last few days..." probed Alicia. She took a sip from her drink, analysing Ben's behaviour.

"Err...n-nothing's wrong, I-I just...I j-just..." Ben tried to say but his nerves made him stutter in a way he never had before. This woman could melt right through his rocky exterior, seeing what no one else could. And that's why he loved her so much. Alicia waited expectantly for him to finish his explanation, and he decided now was a good time. He took a deep breath and pulled the small box from his pocket. He took Alicia's hand and guided her to feel it so that she could see.

He slid from his chair and knelt next to her. A smile lit up Alicia's face, filling Ben with confidence. "Alicia Masters, you are the most amazing person I have ever met. You made my life worth living when I couldn't, and for that I owe you my life. Will you do me the honour of making me the happiest man in the world? Will you marry me?"

Alicia smiled widely, a giddy laugh escaping her lips as she quivered with excitement. Ben opened the box and took the small shiny ring out. Alicia offered him her hand and gently placed her other hand on his rough cheek. "Yes, yes! Of course I will!"

Ben gently slid the ring onto her finger, his ecstatic expression matching his fiancé's. He gently hugged her, placing a kiss on her cheek. She found his lips and passionately kissed him. The small bar burst into applause, making the couple giggle with embarrassment.

From behind the bar, Bernie threw up his hands and announced "Congrats! Everyone! A round on the house to celebrate!" Another cheer erupted from the happy punters as drinks were passed round.

Doom Enterprises

A team of Doctors had managed to set Doom almost back to rights. He still limped on his left leg due to the fact it hadn't set straight, and his right arm sat crooked. Doom despised his reflection as he looked in the full length mirror before him. The surfer had healed the burns he had suffered from the supernova all those years ago, but now new scars marred his skin.

He hobbled over to his desk and opened the new package. It was from Latveria, as was his previous mask. He pulled out the metal masterpiece, gently placing it over his face. He turned back round to the mirror, glad to see that none of his scars were visible. Using the desk for support he walked behind his desk and sat in his chair.

He had suffered a defeat. A painful defeat. But those responsible wouldn't get away with it. He would see to it that he would get his revenge. Johnny Storm and Susan Richards would pay.

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