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Sunnydale, CA

Mid May

Ever since moving to the small eccentric and quaint town located in southern California, it seemed that the month of May was always a very hectic and busy month for a young Slayer and her friends. Well looking at the facts that for the past five years living on the hellmouth located under the town of Sunnydale, Buffy Summer's life has been full of danger and excitement, well mostly danger, because the excitement only came when the slayer in her took over and let loose beating the evil beings that lived in town. And even if normal living here came with the danger of early death or magical possession the Month of May usually ended in chaotic battle with the forces of darkness and an apocalyptic threat that was won and stopped by a ragtag group that dubbed themselves as the Scooby's. And they consisted of Buffy Summers as the Slayer and leader of the group that over the course of the five years living in Sunnydale grew and thinned but always stayed true with the core group who consisted of the slayer's watcher and father figure, Rupert Giles, and her two friends, the female witch, Willow Rosenberg and her normal Xander shaped friend Alexander 'Xander' Harris.

And in this time the threat hit really close to home since a hell goddess, trapped within the body of a human male nurse named Ben, was after an energy source called the key which would allow said hell goddess to leave the prison and head back to her hell dimension to get vengeance on the two hell gods that exiled her. Even though this would have been taken as an opportunity to rid the world of an insane threat, the two dark downsides to this plan would have been that the key that was needed to open a dimensional rift/portal was human and that, that human just happened to be Buffy Summer's younger sister Dawn Summers.

Buffy was set in keeping that secret from the Hell Goddess, Glorificus or Glory, at any cost and many times came very close to being killed in Glory's plight in finding the Key, but survived due to the fact that she knew where the key was and that the key was human; a fact that was unknown by the Goddess for the longest time. And it would have been kept a secret much longer if it hadn't been for the fact that Glory had a flaw in her human prison; she was slowly going insane and needed to suck the minds of people to keep sane. This flaw was a more a very lucky tracker for Glory even though she didn't know it from the beginning, it had seemed that when she brain sucked humans it made those people insane and the fact was that insane people where able to see where the energy of the key was located when they laid eyes on the thing or being that hid the energy.

And it was because of one of these crazy's that Glory was able to locate the Key by mistake. A mistake that seemed to be very much as if it had been fixed up or prophesized to happen the way it did.

The cards were laid out and everything was put to motion on a mid May day where all it all fell together and Glory was able to find out that the key she was looking for has been in her sight since she met the young blonde Californian slayer named Buffy.

The players that lead to this discovery had been a handful of people that when seen clearly would of never had been obviously looked at as key players in this secret gone awry.

The Knights of Byzantium, where a sect of men who fought to destroy the Key, no matter what form it took, all to prevent the destruction of reality of this dimension and every other dimension. This sect was a holy one where men gave their lives to prevent hell from emerging into earth and vice versa. This time the Knights were late in arriving when the monks charged in protecting the Key had to send it to some else to protect from the Knights and Glorificus. It was one of these men who after being captured and tortured by Glory was brain sucked and sent to the mental ward in Sunnydale's hospital where Glory's alter ego Ben worked as a male nurse.

Ben was in his prime having been accepted as a nurse and intern in Sunnydale after leaving school. And by looking at the man you would immediately think handsome young man who is normal and respectful. But underneath all that in the surface within himself he held an entity that he was destined to live with till the day he died or she was sent home. And the prison and badness didn't end there what was set out to be a prison soon became a body share rooming where Ben had a life and job and went on through the day not knowing when Glory would emerge from him and take over his body not only mentally but physically shifting from male Ben to woman Glory. And though non knew what the other has done while they are each in control and it was because of this that when Ben found out that the key was a girl and that it was Dawn Summers, Glory didn't know because it was Ben's memory that contained that memory and not her.

But even if their mind wasn't shared like their body was they also had another thing in common; the short demons who worshipped Glory. They would care for Glorificus in her insane state and would go out and bring humans for their mistress to use and then when Glory shifted into the male Ben they would follow him and spy on him looking after him from afar against the young mans wishes. And during a spat between one this little demons and the nurse, Ben let it slip that the key had been changed not into an object but into a human. The demon let this be known to his mistress after he survived being stabbed by her alter ego.

Know knowing that the key was human Glory began to spy on the slayer and her friends trying to deduce which of the humans that surrounded the slayer was the key. The Scooby's where in danger and so were their significant other's who had over time become a part of the gang. Glory aimed at finding the key by using the closeness the slayer showed to her friends and the newness of their friendship. Because of this Glory first took aim at the vampire ally, Spike when one of her followers found out about a sexual relationship that was partaking between both the vampire and the slayer. But what they didn't know was that Spike was a vampire and that the 'slayer' he was boinking was actually a robot made to fulfill his sexual fantasies in the likeness of the slayer he loved but wasn't reciprocated. Yet Spike showed his loyalty to the actual Slayer by sustaining torture and keeping the identity of the key a secret.

Next Glory aimed her sight to the blonde witch girlfriend, Tara Maclay, of Willow Rosenberg. Glory managed to corner Tara in a street fair where she not only saw that the young woman was not the key but that she could send her as a message to the slayer. Well it was that and the fact that she had failed that was slowly sapping away her sanity and using the closest person to her she brain sucked the blonde sorceress. Leaving the broken woman sitting on a bench alone and confused was how minutes later her red headed witch girlfriend Willow found her. Once at the hospital to treat her broken mind and a crushed hand courtesy of Glory, Willow called the rest of the Scooby gang and it was there where decisions were made and futures were altered.

Willow looking for revenge broke into Rupert Giles' dark magic books and absorbed enough dark power to hurt Glory. Meanwhile the Slayer went out looking for the Knights of Byzantium to find out more about Glory and the key and if there was a way to stop Glory for good.

The young girl walked through a forest searching for someone using the darkness around her to hide from sight. She wasn't looking for blood, no she was looking for answers and having lived in the town that housed this forest she knew how to use this sight in her favor. The moonlight cast eerie shadows on the branches and the ground making it easy for her to move freely and unnoticed. The sounds of animals and other creatures covered the sounds of her light footsteps and breathing. She was a hunter and even without the help of nature it was very much possible that her own abilities could have been more than enough for her.

Looking into her surroundings and opening her ears to listen in on the noises that seemed out of place. She was sure that she was getting closer to her pray. Because as she walked further in the noises she had gotten used to seemed to have disappeared and other new and out of placed sounds took over. Willy the snitch was right, the knights seemed to have made their home in the forest where it was clear that they felt at home in, but to her it just made her raise an eyebrow at the predictable home these king Arthur wannabe's have settled in.

Pretty soon she began to smell fire and burnt meat, the camp she was looking for was very close by and she needed to either jump in sword a blazing or stake out for a while to see if the odd were in her favor.

Slowly and quietly she made her way up a tree which gave her enough height to look around for up to more that 100 yards at either side. And it was there that she spotted the knight's camp.

The place they had settled in looked to have a pretty large clearing allowing for many of the men to lie down and sleep without the hinder of a tree trunk or rock. Bed rolls were rolled up and resting in a pile to the side out of the way to give them room to spar or move freely. The only light flashing in through beside the moonlight was the bonfire lit in the center of the camp illuminating the men while they went around working on their routines of the day and by the look of a few of the more important ones they were also planning or working on some important thing if their animated gestures were anything to go by.

'Well there aren't many of them. The others must be out hunting or patrolling and if that is it then they must be really rusty in their work or they are becoming to trusting.' The young slayer countered in her mind running over all the options of attack that were open to her. The north end opposite of where she was hidden seemed to be open for her to take out some of the ones not armed giving her enough time to keep them surprised long enough for her to fight her way to the man that seemed to be the leader of the unit.

Running softly to her mark the moment she felt the ground under her she made short time, all the while pulling out her sword from out of her jacket where it was sheathed. Taking in a deep breathe she jumped out and with a punch kick combo she knocked out the first two men shattering their jaws. Jumping to the side she slashed her sword catching a knight in the side while she avoided the fall of a sword aimed at her neck.

The whole ordeal took very little time and by the time she walked to the fallen leader who was still conscious and nursing a deep cut on his arm and a broken leg. Breathing a bit heavily she stabbed down her sword into the earth leaving it close as she reached her bloodied hands to the man's chain mailed shirt and pulled him up and leaned him against a tree to keep him erect while she questioned him.

Well what the slayer found out wasn't really much helpful but was enough to give her team a more in-depth look at the key and Glorificus. And with this plans failure she headed to the magic box were her friends were more likely to be at, at this time well for the exception of Willow and Tara who should be at their dorm or still at the hospital.

The minute she opened the door she knew something was wrong. The faces of the Scooby's who were present at the magic store were somber, grim and worried. The older man having spotted her first walked briskly towards her and told her what had happened.

"Ah, Buffy, good you're here." Taking off his glasses and looking at her he continued. "Willow is missing, you're mother called about half an hour ago saying that Willow had left Tara at the house with her. And well asked if Willow was still here at the store. She never stopped by here and Xander is out scoping the streets looking for her."

"So Willow maybe had to take a breather and Xander or Mom should call pretty soon with news." Yet as the words left the young blondes mouth her expression still held worry.

Putting back on his glasses his brow furrowed and he gave her some unexpected news. "Yes, it wouldn't have us so worried if it wasn't for the fact that Anya found the dark magic section opened and books missing. There could be a slight chance that Willow is headed to Glory's lair looking for revenge."

No sooner the words were out that that she ran to the back and on her way picked up a random book from the table and then finally made it. The back room was ample and held many targets and fighting punching bags and the walls were aligned with so many weapons a person couldn't really look at the displays in anything but awe.

Everything turned out fine by the end, Willow having used Dark Magic on Glory was able to hurt her a bit and it gave her an idea on how to cure Tara's frail mind. Buffy arriving to stop Glory from killing her best friend when the magic began to dissipate, together they put Glory out of commission for some days. This small break made them realize that they had to take everyone out of Sunnydale, before Glory found out that Dawn Summer's was the key.

Their escape had to be put in motion much earlier than anticipated, when during Joyce Summers last routine checkup ended with a one of the many insane victims Glory had sent to the hospital saw Dawn as how she now was; a glowing green ball of energy. At that time Glory had emerged from her dormant state in the male nurse's body overheard the exchange and would have taken the key if it wasn't for a passing semi running her over in the street.

And during the escape she was attacked by the few Knights of Byzantium left standing and they wounded Giles while minutes later after having found shelter Glory appeared and took Dawn which hit the slayer hard.


Inside Xander's bedroom held two sitting girls, one a pretty short blonde and the other a medium height red haired girl, and standing nearby looking in at the two were two other women who were standing close by looking in on the two sitting girls in worry and

She knew that her best friend whom at the moment sat catatonic in front of her was going to be difficult in breaking her out of self pity stupor that had her reliving her failures. The red head knew that she had to bring her out because without the blonde they wouldn't have a chance in destroying the hell goddess, even with all of her power, the peroxide vampire and all of the heart and bravery all the others brought to the group; they didn't have a leader.

Buffy Summers has the will, the strength and the strategically mind, but today she proved to her friends and family that even with the slayer in her and the power she carries she was still human and like all humans; vulnerable.

Taking a deep breath the red head took her position on the small vanity bench and began to mumble a phrase in Latin and the next thing that she saw was a bright flash and white.

Hours Later

The group that called themselves the Scooby's or the Slayer and the Slayerettes at the moment were crouching behind some boxes that littered the site. The same site the blonde hell goddess, Glory, called her demon minions and her insane victims to build a tower high enough for her to bleed the key and leap into portal that would undoubtedly open so she could seek vengeance on those that exiled her.

To the group an army like that wasn't insignificant but it wasn't anything to do with numbers but with the ability to beat time and prevent the blood letting ritual. They had many weapons and secret weapons hidden on their person to use on the small follower demons of Glorificus and non pointy weapons to knock the crazies down with no deathly blood shed. But in the case of the pale read headed witch she carried her magic to take on the god but it wasn't meant to kill or destroy but to weaken and heal the blonde sorceress' mind that at the moment was in the construction site helping with the construction of the tower to make it a bit more resistant still.

Having been briefed the group separated to their positions and took post ready for the signal that Willow the green eyed witch was supposed to give out.

The group was a rag tag bunch of fighters who night after night, year after year they put their lives' in danger by standing at ground zero fighting those that would see the world into hell. At this fight those present were a very unexpected group that given the choice the slayer would not have allowed them to put themselves in danger well most of them she didn't much cared if the bleached blonde vampire Billy idol look-a-like would help or disappear; okay that was before he had taken a beating and torture because he wouldn't give up the key, who happened to be her younger sister, Dawn.

Besides the vampire who stood crouched behind some piled bricks that hid him from view, hands clenching and un-clenching ready to jump into action to protect his lil' bit; as Spike would affectionaly call Dawn. Turning to where the blonde slayer was hiding he gave her an encouraging smile, his sharp high cheek bones, blue piercing eyes, prominent jaw, mussed up curly blonde hair and high forehead still sporting the cuts and bruises made him look like a protector who went to hell and back to safeguard one of the two person's she trusted too him if tonight she might not make it through.

Giving the man a small smile she turned to look for her mother who stood next to her reinstated watcher looking out to the mad citizens of Sunnydale mental ward work tirelessly and mindlessly to please the thing that took their lives. Her five foot eleven watcher toppled over her mother by about three or four inches, and where her mother had shoulder length blonde hair, her watcher sported a short cut of brown hair sprinkled with some grey hairs. For some reason the slayer while looking at the pair hoped that they could lean on each other when her time was up and some random demon got in that lucky shot which would end her existence. Trying to keep her thoughts on love instead of the secret she learned of the escapades her mother, Joyce, and her Watcher, Rupert Giles, had on the hood of a police car while under a mental de-aging spell.

Having made sure that the two adults were okay she peaked around her hiding spot and took in the way her best male friend hugged his ex-demon girlfriend with love and promises. They made an unmatched pair that became solid and strong by the feelings they both had for each other brought upon by trials and kindness. The one thousand one hundred twenty five year old ex-demon, Anya Christina Emanuella Jenkins or Anyanka, who specialized in scorned women and punished the men, who scorned them, found that not all men were pigs thanks to Xander Harris. He treated her with respect and didn't flinch at her forwardness and he protected her and made her human existence bearable.

She would have leaned back and cried at all that she has missed because of her calling if it wasn't for the first signal that announced Willows first step in the plan. Standing up a bit still semi crouched she sprinted to another hiding place while Willow gave her girlfriend her sanity, her troll hammer held tight in her hand she made it to the next part of the plan as she heard the mutterings of the cheap perm goddess and her voice distinctively flow across the ground as the other sprang into action weapons held high. She peeked over the stack of pipes she chose as her hiding spot she tried to locate the red head and Tara, the blonde Sorceress, after what she assumed was an extremely long minute she found the blonde dragging herself to breathing Witch.

Everything around her was complete chaos and she took the opportunity to pull out the leather bound book she had taken earlier in the week from the Magic Box her watcher's store. She opened it and found the spell she wanted and recited it until her body started humming with power that needed to flow out. The blonde slayer closed the book and in within a second disappeared back into its makeshift holster on her back thanks to the speed spell she performed.

Buffy POV

Wow this spell is working fast and wow, okay so I already said wow but if you could feel the way this is making my muscles hum and it would make an ultimate massage seem like crap. And doing spells are not much of a big deal at least it wouldn't have been a big deal if the previous summer I was a spell illiterate and ever since that crazy time in the ER when I almost died, dead that time I've felt an itch that I couldn't make it go away unless I had to do something. At first I had believed that it was still the remains of the spell Giles, Willow, Xander and I performed at the deep bowels of the initiative to call on the First Slayer, but no matter how much I sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night with insomnia and ran until I couldn't breathe or beat demons and vamps to an inch from being pavement paste it just got stronger and stronger.

That is until I was voted to help in the Magic Box looking through inventory and shipments that the curious part of me got out through my slayer defenses that screamed at me to take precaution, and I opened a spell book that had come in that morning. Looking at the book I still couldn't really understand what Willow and Giles saw in the reading of one, but I kept looking through it but the print was sketchy and a bit unreadable and I can at least recognize some of the written languages thanks to the demons that try to destroy humanity and then Giles makes me research no matter how much I tell him that I have to go out and patrol. Okay head shake and mental pout leaves and I'm back to magic learning, so I flipped through the pages and one by one the letters rearranged and in a crazy language there were spells that I was able to understand. That made me a bit weary but again curiosity got a hold of me and I mutter the first spell that catches my eyes, knowing full well that magic and Buffy were unmixxy things but once finished I look up and floating in front of me was my broad sword I kept in my weapon chest at home. Well to make this short I tried it again and again and it finally convinced me and since then I have been practicing in secret, not that I didn't want to keep it that way but I didn't want to be studied by the gang and my mom just because I picked up a new hobby.

Sure today I told Willow that she was my ace in the pocket if anything went wrong I still think that because no matter what I've studied or learned my best friend has the years and agility in the subject that trumps mine. And today the only spell I was planning to use was the speed spell that would hopefully make me as fast as the hell goddess.

"The Slayer is a Robot, did anybody know the slayer was a robot?" the surprised blonde exclaimed.

That was my cue, so I flipped over the pipes and in a blink she was airborne thanks to my trusty troll hammer, note to self thank Anya for cursing her cheating boyfriend, and landed a few feet from the Buffy-bot, note two to self thank Spike for being a pig and getting a sex-bot made in my likeness.

"Glory has anyone told you you're an idiot?" okay not my best but it was the truth, am I right? Of course I'm right.

I don't let her get up and again I'm at her in a flash and punch, hammer hit, kick, and duck, back hand hammer hit and roundhouse kick she lands seven feet behind me and it's then that I hear my sister. I look up at the tower and I could see the blur that is my sister tied up and scared. I'm about three levels up with my super speed but I'm stopped and pushed off by Glory, but thanks to supped up reflexes I grab a chain and use the momentum to kick her off but my idea got through to her and we're running and climbing and swinging and one slip later we're dazed lying on the floor, wind knocked out of us and my hammer laid somewhere around me.

At the same time we got up and as launched my self at Glory I saw Spike make a run for the tower and he began gaining ground and getting up unscathed. Now I can focus on the Hell Bitch without worry. The speed spell is still going strong and I can block or dodge the blows headed toward me and it's making her angrier and more reckless. I can notice that because I've dealt with those types and at times even I'm like this so recognition check.

Now I'm on my butt and Glory is walking toward me blabbering about random blabs and I can hear the gear in the bulldozer and before I can quip the giant wrecking ball slams Glory into another building and spotting my hammer I run towards it pick it up and give Xander a nod in thanks at his rescue, sitting in the driver seat.

Short order from wrecking ball, I beat Glory, I threatened Ben her human prison, I run passed a bleeding and broken Spike, spot the gang alive and still kicking some demon butt, the crazies must have left when Glory retreated and now I'm at the top of the tower and standing in my way was an old man I paid not attention to rapidly threw him off the tower and took off her bindings. I half dragged her to the descending steps when behind me I hear the tear and crackling that announces the opening of the portal.

So this is it then? I ask myself as I turn to the massive energy spewing hole floating about ten to fifteen feet below me and my sister. I was late and it appears that the world is ending tonight, I'm not going to do what some ancient book says or what Giles says I have to do; it's not my duty. I'm not killing my sister and I'm not loosing her to some half assed guide. And I know she is real and not a figment of a spell gone awry no matter what Giles and my friends say, I found out during my catatonic epiphany. She existed all a long and wasn't created, that kidnapping and shoot out that took place last summer we both died and we were both changed and I'm not sure if for good or not.

"Buffy, it's started; you have to let me go." Dawn said as she tried to push me aside to let her walk through so she could jump.

"No, I don't have to, because I wont." I tried to push her backwards toward the stairs leading down.

And without a warning she tried again and if it wasn't for my supped up speed then I would have taken a side dive and she would have gotten her way.

"I know about the ritual, tt has to have the blood Buffy, blood starts and until the blood stops flowing it will never stop. I have to… look at what's happening." it has to have the blood, but who's?

I turn around and the earth is cracking, buildings are transforming into demon dens, demons are popping out of the earth and hey there's a dragon…maybe the dragon bit was the only thing not apocalyptic but awesome. Wait no scratch that last thought fire breathing on pedestrian is not cool so back to apocalyptic.

Okay back to the issue at hand involving an apocalypse, now I have to think hard on how to stop this dimension blending and bleeding before everything really goes to hell. But with chaos ensuing everywhere and blood spilling, okay there's something about blood it keeps coming up.


Sitting at the metal staircase at the magic shop earlier that night Spike is responding to a question Xander asked about why did it have to be Dawn's blood to stop the ritual and his answer was typical vampire, "'Cause it's always got to be the blood"

Some weeks before this night Dawn found out about her being the key and ran away to the Sunnydale Hospital looking for answers to her new found keyness, from the mental ward since she deduced it that the crazies could see her, or better yet how she truly looks. Glory somehow ended up with Dawn and in a slayer, vampire, witch and goddess fight Buffy was wounded and showed Dawn that it didn't matter is she was created or born in the family, "It's Summers' blood it's just like mine."

After Spike gave his two cents on the matter hours earlier that night Buffy tries to convince her watcher and friends that Dawn wasn't created but without going into the details all she can say is, "She's me. The Monks made her out of me."

About a week earlier from the portal opening her mother almost died from a brain tumor but was able to beat it and by some unknown sense she was numb and didn't feel the happiness that her sister and friends showed at the news. All she was able to feel was relief so she went to a slayer retreat to talk to her guide or the first slayer who in turn told her that she was closing in on her death wish and then went on to say, "Death is Your Gift."

End Flashback

Still holding on to the Dawn's arm's I looked into the portal and at the sunrise and finally understood what the first slayer meant, death was my gift to give to my family and the world. Dawn and I share the same blood because we're sisters, Dawn didn't have to die…I do. Do I have a death wish? Can I willingly jump and save billions of beings by giving up my life? Turning around to my sister, looking into her innocent face and tear stained cheeks I know that I would do it in a heart beat.

"Buffy, NO." well I guess she might be a mind reader or I don't have a decent poker face.

"Dawnie I have to." I'm trying to keep my emotions in check by now.


"Listen to me, please there's not a lot of time please, listen." What can one truly say in a matter of seconds before you kill yourself? Well last time I left that job to Miss Calendar to tell Giles and in turn he could tell my friends and my mother. But this time it's up to me and by deducing portal closage it just shows that I can work well under pressure so after a short suicide verbal passing and one last kiss to my sister I turn to the portal and well I guess people can guess what happens once I hit.

Well since most people have not done what the slayer set out when she swan dove of the platform atop of the tower. The moment her body hit the swirling energy spewing out darkness, all she felt was a burning sensation as if someone had meticulously thrown her into a power plant, organs and skin cooking and boiling, sharp sensation in her head like if someone was standing in her head with a spear just going to town in there stabbing all over never focusing on one spot. Her breathing was a bit labored and her heart pounding so fast she knew she was either having a stroke or was just overdosing on adrenaline. And finally her eyes close and with blood trickling out of her ears eyes and mouth the portal closed and along with it her body.

Once the newly freed key walked down to where everybody stood looking at the piece of bloodied scraps of material that once belonged to the blonde slayer. The scraps were flowing as it was a planted flag belonging to the winning team that delivered such a bittersweet victory. The world stands now with a few extra demons to kill but minus a champion's life.

Joyce turned to her youngest daughter, eyes blood red tears falling like waterfalls and a look twisted pain only a mother could feel by outliving their children, she ran to her and enveloped her in one of the tightest hugs both grieving but not alone. In a semi circle stood those that were ready to mourn and break down.

The right of the Summers girls stood a grief stricken young man carrying in his arms his newly appointed fiancé who took a pretty hard knock to her body when random debris fell on her. The man was grieving silently and crestfallen but yet he felt the horrible feeling of being happy that his lover, Anya survived the night and he hated that because his best friend the girl who changed his life for the better was dead, and he should be weeping like his red headed friend or at least like his love silently weeping or like the bleached vampire who without a soul shed tears of loss.

The redhead witch stood next the hetero couple leaning against her girlfriend who was still in shock from regaining her mind. They both leaned on each other and with great pain the blonde maintained her composure so she could be her lover's rock and support that was bound to make the red head fall apart.

The slayer's watcher stood a few feet from where the sullied rags rested and his only conclusion was that this time he had lost his slayer, okay he had actually considered her more of a daughter and that hit real hard. He wasn't supposed to get attached to her and he was to keep her at arms length during her training and job. For about two seconds he considered heading back to England now that there was no more slayer and he was pretty sure that there was nothing left here in Sunnydale for him to stay. Well if when the third second came by he hadn't heard the hushed reassurance the matriarch Summers gave to her youngest he would have considered running from the town. Turning around to the side he spotted the two surviving relatives of his slayer and he knew that he did have something to stay in town for; he needed to protect them.

The bleach blonde vampire fell to his knees the minute he saw the display about a yard away from his hiding spot under a shade to block out the rising sun. He tried to ignore the feeling that his slayer wasn't dead, the bloody rags covered with blood and ash weren't hers but his nose didn't lie. He could smell the burning flesh and the ash mixed in with blood, blood he himself knew belonged to his unrequited love. The tears fell, one, two, three, and so on until he was bawling like a human, which he wasn't, how is it possible for him to understand that his heart was breaking and that his soul and demon where dying of grief. His heart was supposed to be dead and his soul gone from him while his demon should have thrown a party at the slayer's death. Every inch of him was in agony in the first time in over a century his whole being agreed in the need to mourn.

"Is she really gone?" came from the bleeding ex-demon.

"Yeah, Ahn, she's…" the brunette man tried to get out.

"But how, why did she jump wasn't it supposed to be Dawn's blood? How did she know what to do?" the Watcher asked himself because no matter what he would always be a watcher who needed answers.

"She knew, she told me to tell you." The young girl stated and caught the attention of all the others. "'I love You, I will always love and mom, but this is the work that I have to do. Tell Giles I figured it out and that I'm okay.'"

The watcher caught off guard by what his slayer said figured it out himself, well at least what his thick headedness lead to. The young Summers was just that, what his slayer kept telling him, she was her sister and that broke his barriers and a tear fell and his face contorted in pain.

"'Give my love to my friends, you have to take care of them now, you have to take care of each other. You have to be strong, Dawn the hardest thing in this world is to live in it, be brave live for me.'" Eyes closed she delivered her sisters final words. "She didn't cry, she was strong and she didn't let me jump. Why didn't she let me jump?"

"It's 'cause she's a slayer, lil' bit, it's her job and she didn't want you to go through that pain." The blue eyed vampire said in one of the most poignant voices eyes still stuck on the remains of his reason to be a better man.

"What he means sweetie is that she didn't want you to die for something that wasn't and shouldn't have been put on your shoulders. Dawnie you're not the key and I don't think you were created and you have been real all this time. I never really saw the key mixed with your essence as I would have seen if you weren't real, but all I saw was the power of the key; green and your soul held together by a small tether." Tara said to Dawn.

Ambulances and police patrol units arrived at the scene and they all gathered the runaway mental patients and took care of the wounded without batting an eye at the destruction or at the dead body of a man's body infused with that of a woman. Half of his face showed that of a young male nurse and the other that of a woman's whose half sported blonde curly hair.

Oz, The Vinkus

Ember 1891

The weather at the Vinkus was thunderous and windy, making the rough terrain dangerous to those caught within the storm. The flashing lightning, the roar of the thunder resounded throughout the dark sky, the wind that made the pouring rain feel like tiny needles stabbing their bare and covered skin. The few trees that grew at the country of the West creaked with protest standing their ground against wrath that was befalling.

Many men were caught unaware and unprepared by the sudden storm and change of weather, while they had been off hunting and patrolling the outskirts of the territory that belonged to the tribe of the Arjikis. The Arjikis owned much of the land in the West but shared some part of it begrudgingly with some other smaller tribes who were much too weak to take on the massive collective members or to stupid to hatch a plan to remove the royal families by underhanded means. And at this time of the year there were many hunting groups out stranded and fighting the wrath of Lurline or that of the Unnamed God or to whatever deity they worshiped attempting to find shelter and move away from the eye of the storm and from the flashing lightning. But this was no unique gathering at this time in the year the Arjiki King and Arjiki Prince set out with some of the men to go hunting.

When it seemed that the heavy branches and flying pebbles where never going to stop somewhere above the group that the two royals were apart off, there was an explosion and the lightning falling around the bright orb that was formed by the explosion, seemed to be absorbed and electrical phenomenon. And as soon as it appeared it began to pulsate and the men saw the outline of a figure be spit out before it was sucked into itself.

The prince was the first to step out of his stupor and taking off in a run he followed the falling figure's trajectory. As he was running the first thing that the grey eyed pale skinned prince noticed was that the wind, lightning and thunder disappeared but what didn't was the torrential rain that kept falling.

Minutes later after many slips and falls he finally arrived to the spot where he figured the shadow fell to. Slowly as if afraid of stirring the figure he made his way stepping hard on the balls of his feet to keep himself from falling he crouched down a bit and with the little bit of light that fell from the full moon that hid behind the dark clouds that were dropping the wet bucketing rain. Reaching into his trousers pocket he pulled out a small vial which he uncorked and set aside and within a few seconds the bottle began spewing out enough light as if the there next to him was a small tiny star illuminating about fifty feet on each side of where he positioned the bottle.

Arriving to the scene where the young prince was crouched over his father looked in at what had taken his sons attention. Putting his hand over his hunting knife, ready to be pulled out in case anything would jump out and attack him and his son; he looked closer and saw a young girl about the same age as his son.

"Father, this girl fell from the sky. I saw her she came with the lightning and fell here." The boy said as soon as he felt his father near.

"She fell from the sky? Are you sure son?" the older man tried to made sure he was hearing right.

"Yes, didn't you see that flash and the falling figure it was her and she's breathing; I touched her face and she's warm, really warm."

Bending down to touch the young girl's forehead he felt the heat radiating from her skin before he laid his hand. The girl was burning up and looking closer he could see her small body shivering and shaking. Turning behind to the men in his group he picked up the young girl and handed her to his strongest soldier and gave the signal to start moving and then pulled his son to his feet and both then followed the men who had started on ahead while those that stayed behind ran after the king who in turn kept himself a step behind his son to look over him.

The men were keeping an easy pace maneuvering around the moving tree branches trying to stop them in their trek back home. Reaching a small clearing the King pulled out his emergency flare potion and running near a tall stone he let the potion bottle hit the stone and once he heard the distinguishing crack he threw it up in the air where the pulsating light broke the glass bottle and the light flew up in the sky letting the sentry who stood at the castle's wall immediately went to fetch a healer.

As the men reached Kiamo Ko in a record forty time dragon minutes the healer was already waiting for the hunting party to look in on whoever was injured. And standing there next to the healer was some of the healer's assistants as well as the King's wife and mother to the Prince; who immediately gasped at the sight of small girl wrapped in some animal skins to keep the cold air and the still pouring rain off of her. Once the healer took the girl the men in the hunting party took off to change out of their wet clothes. Turning to her husband once the healer took the girl away with the Prince close by looking at what the healer was doing to make her better; the queen not caring about her husbands wet and muddied hunting attire she embraced him in the tightest hug she could muster and whispered into his ear.

"My dear, Fyodor you've come back safe and unscathed and have brought Fiyero in the same conditions." Sofiya pulled back and continued. "When the healer was fetched I had thought the worst my husband."

"I'm sorry for scaring you my love; the storm caught us by surprise. Hard downpours are supposed to stick in the growing months and not in the snow days. I fear that whatever that explosion was in the sky it played a part in making this weather so unpredictable." Fyodor said.

"Well, let us get you to the bed room to get you out of the wet cold clothes so you won't catch a cold. I sent one of the servants out fetch Fiyero a change of clothes and I can be pretty sure he won't willingly leave the young girls side."

With a smile at their stubborn son they walked into the castle over the crossing the drawbridge the made their way to the oval room that had four entry ways that led to different parts of the castle as well as a staircase that gave way to the upper levels that housed the bedrooms of the Tiggular family. The entry ways were located two at the right and two on the left side while the staircase was located straight ahead and led up in a circular fashion. The table in the main room held a wooden table and the bust of the ancestor of the Tiggular family and first leader of the Arjiki clan. There were tapestries and hanging all around the circular room and if looked correctly the woven figures seem to tell a story, while on the floor where rugs of fine woven fabric of deep red and green entwining patterns. Once at the staircase the couple separated and the King began to ascend up the stairs, while the Queen headed to the farthest door to the left to go check on her son to make sure he had changed and wasn't pestering the healer.

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