Fandom: Jeeves and Wooster

Genre: utter crack

AN: A little something that sort of sprung upon me unexpectedly. Now if only the ideas for the longer fics were that quick to write down :-)

Disclaimer: I do not own Jeeves and Wooster. They belong to the wonderful P.G. Wodehouse.

Two pets to be given to new and loving owners. Prospective applicants should be aware that these two are only available as a set. Certain idiosyncrasies of the two are going to be mentioned shortly to ensure maximum comfort and happiness for them.

The dark one is very sensitive. Under no circumstances should he be confronted with bright colours (as in blankets and other fabrics around him). He reacts very strongly to that and is likely to fall into a depression if exposed for too long. Also of paramount importance is that the owner keep a very clean and tidy house. In messy conditions the pet is sure to wither quickly. He likes to be occupied so be sure to find tasks for him.

The light one is of a generally easy-going nature. There isn't much to pay attention to apart from regular meals. Two things are to be considered: he likes to sleep long into the day so under no circumstances disturb him - else face the consequences and bear the grumpiness. Also he likes music, especially light-hearted songs with piano accompaniment. Do not torture him with opera.

That said, as long as these two are together they are content and quite easy to handle.

As mentioned above these two only go as a set. If you decide to get them, do not separate them. We strongly advise applicants to consider if they truly want two pets. Taking the two and giving one of them back or to somebody else a few weeks later is not an option.

Contact: 039-4857857