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I glanced around, noticing as I did that the sun was sinking at an alarming rate, and the clouds were slowly rolling in, I rounded the next corner desperately trying to find my way back to the main street. No such luck, I felt like I was stuck in a maze and I was totally lost. I knew I needed to call Angela or someone before Ali saw me, lost and wandering around alone. This was the first time I'd convinced them to let me out without an escort, if she saw me I'd never be let out alone again.

I searched my purse for my cell phone, realising after a few short seconds that one; I was pretty certain my cell was in my jacket pocket. In Jessica's car! And two; I was being followed.

I turned left down a new street already knowing that I had no hopes of finding the main street, but at least hoping to find some people, or shops, anything to take me away from the two creeps behind me.

I rounded the corner and glanced up feeling my heart sink. It was a dead end, and there were two other men stood further up the narrow street, both nursing bottles of beer.

I picked up my pace and crossed the road, hoping to put some distance between myself and both sets of men, I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up as panic started to settle into my system.

Making me panic was a really bad move on behalf of these men, whoever they were. I almost wanted to turn around and ask them if they were out of their minds. I hated the fact that I couldn't scream.

"My family are in fact a coven of scary ass vampires, so back the HELL off!" Stupid secrecy rules.

I felt 4 pairs of eyes settle on me as the first set of men rounded the corner after me, at a much faster pace than they had been previously walking. They were catching up and quickly.

I felt a need for Edward settle deep in the pit of my stomach. My heart threatening to beat out of my chest. My body knew that he ought to be here, pulling my quickly away from this mess.

"Hey, what took you so long?" One of the guys in front of me shouted. I squeaked a little thinking he was calling to me.

"Sorry we got held up a little." I heard the men behind me call. I whipped around, the noise had been so much closer than I was expecting. The men were almost directly behind me.

I looked into the man's face, his murky blue eyes staring back at me greedily, his filthy black hair matted to his forehead.

"Hey baby." He smirked; while the two men leant further away against the wall wolf whistled and made their way towards us. The second one grabbed my arm, making me stumble to the floor. I tried to force myself to speak, unwilling to let the panic take over.

"I really wouldn't do that if I were you, my family won't be happy." I spoke, barely more than a whisper, but I was proud to say my voice didn't break.

I remembered what Edward told me to do if I was ever in trouble, and sucked as much air into my lungs as I possibly could while the 4 men laughed at me.

"Well you're not going to be speaking to anyone after tonight, sweetie." The man with my arm cooed to me.

I ignored him and let the air out of my lungs, screaming louder than I thought was possible.



I was so close; I sped through the darkened streets searching for her. I couldn't believe she'd walked off, alone, not even bothering to take her cell phone. I knew I was going to be in trouble for following her. She wanted to be independent, come out without an escort.

It wasn't my fault that today was the day that I desperately needed to come to Port Angeles for new CD's. Okay I knew she wouldn't buy it, but there was no-way I was letting her go alone, she could fall over thin air!

I knew I was almost there, I could feel her.


Her voice tore through the air like a bomb exploding.

I know it's impossible, but I swear my heart jumped at the sound. Her cry pierced through me like a blade straight through my chest. It felt as if ice was searing through my veins, freezing my body, shutting me down.

I pushed myself forward knowing that she needed me, wanting to know why.

Their thoughts burst into my mind, as if they were screaming them straight into my ears. The one called Mark had his filthy hands holding onto her arms, the other one Craig, bending down to touch her precious legs, restraining her.

Rage clouded my mind; the animal I repressed while in her presence took over. I let my instincts lead me. Snarls ripping through my chest as I jumped over the fence separating us. I slunk naturally into my hunting pose, on the floor feet away. The men hadn't noticed me yet, Bella had. Her eyes shot to mine.

"Please?" She begged.

I knew she didn't want me to hurt them, but I was having problems trying to ignore the monster in me. He was screaming at me to murder the men touching what was ours. She was MY Bella, my angel. The predator in me wasn't backing down.

A growl rumbled through my chest, it rung through the air, low, threatening, it was a warning.

The four men shot up searching for the noise. Their eyes landed on me, their natural instincts kicking in, to run, run away from me as fast and as a far as they could. Bella shot up as they released her. She started running to me but stumbled halfway. I shot forward and scooped her into my chest before she had chance to hit the ground. Her hands shot to my neck.

"I want to go home, I want to go home, I want to go home." She was chanting to me mentally. She desperately wanted to get away, but I could see in her thoughts that it was not for her safety. I was with her now; she knew she was in the safest place she could ever be. She feared for their safety. She knew they had little chance of living if they stayed within 50miles of me.

"MINE" I snarled at the four men. They were frozen, shocked into place, but the sound of my voice hit them like a tonne of bricks. They spun on their heels and set of running in the opposite direction.

I felt Bella stroking her hands through my hair, soothing me. She had just been attacked yet she was content, there was no trace of fear throughout her thoughts anymore. She just felt the need to soothe me. I relaxed my muscles, letting logic lead my thoughts rather than being controlled by the monster.

I smiled at her while lowering her to the floor.

"Are you okay?" I asked taking her arms gently, and searching her for bruises.

"I'm fine." She answered. I'm sure it was an automatic response; she tended to fall over daily, something that had me constantly on alert.

I looked at her sceptically, but how could I doubt her when I could see plain and clear, that she really felt fine in this moment. No fear, or worry, or shock, just a little tired.

"Lets get you home then." I said. She nodded and walked behind me to hop onto my back.

"I need to call Angela from your phone, she'll be worried. I should have been back to meet them by now." She whispered to me.

I jumped back over the fence, opting to go back to my car the way I'd come; avoid bumping into the men stupid enough to threaten my Bella. I cringed when I remembered thinking of her as mine. I didn't mean to, it just slipped out. I slowed a little pulling my cell phone out of my pocket and giving it to her.

"Damn I forgot I don't know the number." She thought.

"I programmed it in from your phone." I told her.

I saw a tinge of envy shoot through her mind as she saw Angela's name appear on my phone. She pulled her hand from my neck and grasped my shirt. I was instantly pulled out of her thoughts.

I was about to ask her what the problem was, when I heard the phone start to dial and call.

"Hello?" I heard Angela's voice question on the other end of the line.

"Hey Angela, look it's Bella I'm - "

"Oh my god Bella, are you okay? Where are you? I expected you back 20minutes ago, and you left your phone with us." She cut Bella off frantically, before pausing. " Wait…… Who's phone is this? Why is it a private number?" She asked cautiously.

What did Angela mean private number? I didn't programme it that way.

"That's what I was trying to tell you." I heard Bella speaking, pulling me out of my thoughts. "I got lost, looking for the book store. When I realised I didn't have my cell to call you, I found a pay phone and called home. Esme told me Edward was close by, so he came to pick me up. It's his phone I'm calling off. He set's it to private number automatically." She lied easily, so she changed my settings.

"Oh!" I heard Angela exclaim. "To be honest I don't blame him. Most the girls around here would do almost anything for his number. I had to hide your cell phone from Jess." She whispered. "She started talking about going through your contact list for someone to call. Yeah right!" She laughed. "So I take it you'll go straight home with Edward?" Angela asked.

"That's right." Bella told her, while I tried not to be sick at the thought of Jessica actually being able to text me all the dirty thoughts involving me naked she'd had. "I'm sorry for worrying you Angela. I had a really great time tonight. Would you mind taking my jacket and cell to school tomorrow. I can just get it from you there." Bella asked her, while I scoffed at the idea of tonight being a great time.

"Sure Bella, see you tomorrow." She said before ending the call.

I let Bella slide my phone into my jacket pocket before my curiosity got the better of me.

"So I automatically set my calls to private now?" I asked nonchalantly.

"Well I didn't think you would want half the girls at school to have your cell number, but you're right, since you're sneakily adding theirs I suppose they have the right to do the same." She said icily. I tried to take her hand in mine, to see what she was thinking, but my cell phone started to ring. I flipped it open and pushed it to the ear furthest away from Bella.

"Edward it's me." I heard Alice say. "Just wanted to give you a heads up, I saw her just as you got to her. I think Carlisle's theory is right more and more each day."

Eleazer had spoken to Carlisle about the possibility of Bella having the power of a shield. When she let her guard down and trusted someone, like her family, we were aloud inside her mind. But when she was feeling a strong sense of independence, like tonight, we were shut off from her completely.

"I know Bella pulled you away, and she was right to Edward, she wouldn't cope well at all if you were to murder someone. She sees you in such a pure light." Alice was whispering so that Bella couldn't hear. "On the other hand." Alice continued. "It's not going to be so easy to stop Emmett, Jasper and Rose from going and ripping them to shreds, Carlisle is doing his best, but I think it's a futile attempt." She added.

"And you?" I asked her.

"I already know what's going to happen." I could hear the smirk in her voice as she spoke. "Do you want to know?" She questioned. "You won't hide it from Bella, and she maybe upset."

"No, I don't see you at home." I knew they were going to come for them. My job was just to remove Bella and keep her safe, if she needed me to be good, then I would try my best to be that for her.

"You'll see us all in the morning. Carlisle and Esme are coming along too; they want to try another way to get Bella's justice." Alice replied sourly snapping the phone shut; apparently she felt the same need as the rest of us to torture the souls that had laid a finger on our angel.

"She's told them all hasn't she? Great, does that mean I'm never allowed out of the house alone again?" Bella asked, clearly still in a sour mood.

"Hey, if you think about it, I didn't really leave you alone tonight. I'm sorry for invading your privacy, but I didn't like it, and I'm glad I didn't stay away." I told her as I stopped at the side of the new Volvo I had acquired, much faster than the old one. I opened the door and let her slip in; speeding around to the driver's side and climbing in myself.

"About that." Bella began, turning to me with her best scolding look. I knew I was about to get reprimanded for following her without permission. I would have thought she was used to it now, but her teenage hormones were giving her an awful need for independence. She took a deep breath and her eyes softened.

"Thank-you for saving me Edward." She smiled sweetly at me. "Again." She added.

I smiled at her thankful for avoiding an argument. "I'm sorry for being mean, I know they're all going to ambush me when I get in, and I'm really tired." She tried smiling again, but it didn't quite meet her eyes.

"Not tonight they won't, they all stepped out. You'll be able to walk straight in and go to bed." I informed her.

"That's great." She answered, seeming relieved, but still not as enthusiastic as I would have hoped.

"What's wrong?" I asked. She was making me nervous. Had they really hurt her? I reached for her hand across her lap, but she pulled it away. She didn't want me to have access to her mind, I could only guess at what she was thinking.

"Please?" I begged her. I couldn't deal with seeing her hurting; it would likely drive me mad. She turned and looked at me, her eyes boring into mine they were filled with sadness.

"It's okay if you like Angela you know. She's a really nice girl. And clearly everyone in that stupid school is drooling after you, so you wouldn't have any problems." She rambled on quietly, stunning me into silence.

"Bella" I called grabbing her hand. She was jealous; I felt a surge of joy to know she was feeling jealous and possessive over me. Although I tried to squash it as I moved on. "I don't want Angela." I said.

"I'm sure you're right, she seems like a nice young lady, but I only take notice of her because you do!" I told her. "I would never even have learnt her name if you haven't bothered to." I carried on. That wasn't ultimately true, I couldn't help but know names when I had a photographic memory, and the ability to read minds, but I wouldn't have purposely learnt it.

"So why do you have her number?" She questioned, quietly.

"I like to be thorough, if she was going to be spending time with you, it seemed appropriate that I be able to call her to get into contact with you, in case… Oh I don't know you accidentally left your cell somewhere." I said with a little chuckle. She smiled too. "Besides" I added feeling an odd need to reassure her. "I only have room in my life to save one precious human girl." She blushed a little at my words, and I wondered why.

I turned the heater on to warm her up before taking us home, it was getting pretty late, and we did have school tomorrow.

I pulled up to the house and parked the car in the garage, sprinting around to open Bella's door before she had even taken her seat belt off.

"Do you want me to cook you some dinner?" I asked, realising she hadn't gotten a chance to eat.

"I really just feel like getting a shower, and going straight to bed, I'm kind of cold, and really tired." She answered. She did look a little wiped out, I wanted to agree with her, but the medical degrees I had achieved were trying to get my attention. She should be in shock, scared; maybe I ought to beg.

"Please, Bella, for my nerves, just get a little sugar into your system. Please." I asked, pleading with my eyes.

"Will it make you feel better if I eat a bar of chocolate and have some coke?" She questioned giving in. I smiled and raced into the kitchen, bringing them back before she had reached the stairs. "Thanks Edward, Night." She said hugging me briefly again being careful not to come into contact with my skin. I realised as she walked off to take a shower that she had being doing that a lot today; I wondered what she was thinking that she didn't want me to see.

I walked upstairs and into my room, changing into some pyjama bottoms and a top out of habit. I grabbed an old medical journal of Carlisle's I had been reading the night before and laid in the middle of my bed.

I listened to Bella take a shower before she got into bed, her breathing evened out almost instantly, and I relaxed getting lost in what I was reading.

A few hours later I heard her start to stir, a crash of thunder sounded outside my window and I groaned. She hated the thunder; she was never going to get a peaceful nights sleep now. I heard her shuffle out of bed and walk the short distance to my door. I was about to get out of bed and see if she was okay, when she pushed my door open a little.

"Edward?" She whispered.

"Are you okay?" I asked putting the heavy journal down. She didn't answer me, instead she rushed over and climbed onto my bed, I could see the tears beginning to brim in her eyes. My arms instantly pulled her into my embrace.

"Can I sleep in here tonight, I don't like the thunder, and I don't want to be alone." She asked as she snuggled further into my side, hiding her face from me, although I could feel the heat of her cheek burn into mine. I wonder if she thought I would turn her down and that's why she was embarrassed, as if I ever would.

"Okay, but under the covers then, or I'll freeze you." I said trying to joke as she climbed in. I felt a bit strange having her climb into my bed. I couldn't really figure out why. I'd held her while she slept many, many times in her life, but always in her bed. I felt wretched for thinking it, but my mind kept processing the fact that her beautiful, womanly body was close to mine, as she cuddled into my hard chest, her arms wrapped around me.

"Thank-you for always saving me Edward." She said after she yawned.

"How could I not?" I whispered to her. It was too late, she had drifted back to sleep almost instantly as she was back in the safety of my arms. I felt thrilled at the way her body immediately reacted to mine. I brushed my fingertips down her delicate arm, revelling in her thoughts, beautiful and pure. She felt safe and loved, adored even while she was wrapped in my arms. I could see her mind shifting through the days events, I saw myself in her thoughts, overcome by the monster as I had been earlier that evening, I looked more fearsome to Bella than I ever had, yet she had never been happier to see me. I heard the growl of "MINE" snarl out of my chest the way Bella had heard it. I cringed at the memory expecting Bella to feel the same way about it. However she shocked me, she wasn't angry, or embarrassed at the way I had staked my claim over her, quite the contrary she liked it. She thrilled at the way I called her mine. I felt her luscious lips curl into her breath taking smile against my arm. I froze as I realised the path my thoughts were taking, I started feeling ashamed. I told Bella she was beautiful every single day, but this felt different. I was about to pull my arms away from her when she shifted in her asleep, effectively pushing her body further into mine, her face almost level with mine.

"My Edward." She sighed, blowing her sweet breath over my face in the process. Her dreams shifted. She was in a line up at school along with every other girl from our year, she watched with a big smile as I walked towards her in her dream, ignoring every other girl calling out to me. In her dreams I grabbed her hand and pulled her into my arms. "My Bella!" I announced to the rest of the school, and kissed her sweetly on her lips. I couldn't understand the thrill pulsing through my body at the idea of kissing her like that. I loved the idea of telling everyone she was mine.

"My Bella" I whispered into the top of her hair. She fisted my shirt in her hands with the intent of squeezing me closer to her; I shifted myself closer to her, following her lead. I couldn't understand what was happening, I'd never seen or wanted Bella as more than a best friend, the beautiful angel sent to be the centre of my Universe, but now, I suddenly couldn't control wanting more from her.