John Sheppard's: How To Take Care Of A Duck 101


Author's Note: I got this idea from my friend because...she has a duckling (such a cute ducky!).


"John?" Jack asked.

"Yes sir!" John replied.

"What are you doing at my pond?"

"Um...I" And then he saw something it was a little duck's nest and it looked like it still had a duck's egg in it.

"What are you looking at?"

"This..." He pointed to the egg. "It's a duck egg."

"Where is its mother?"

"I don't know..."

"I wasn't asking you..." he stared at it. "We can't just leave it here..." Jack said. He picked the egg up and carried it back to his house, and went and got an incubator for the duck.

"Are you going to keep it?" John asked.

"At least until it can survive on its on." A few weeks past and the egg stared to crack and then a few days later the duck came out of its shell.

"Look at it it's so cute!" Rodney said. "It's a good thing my cat isn't here."

"What is it?" Ronon asked.

"It's a duck!" John said.

"What is it's name?" Teyla asked.

"Jeffery Effery," Jack replied

"Why would you name him Jeffery Effery?" Ronon asked.

"Well...It was the name on the duck in Charlets Web," Jack said.

"Aw, look he fell asleep!" Rodney said.

"May I hold him, Colonel O'Neill?" Teyla asked.

"Of course!"

"He is so fluffy," Teyla said.

"Yeah..." Jack said.

A month passed and Jeffery Effery was all grown up and was as big as all the other ducks...

"Well I guess this is goodbye old buddy..." Jack said.

"Bye Jeffery Effery," John said.

"Goodbye, my little friend," Teyla said patting him on the head.

"Bye..." Ronon said.

"Good...bye...Jeffery...Effery..." Rodney got all choked up...

"Well...come back soon...we're all going to miss you," Jack said putting Jeffery Effery into the pound. "Bye..."


The End


Author's Note: This story kinda shows the nicer side to Jack and to everybody else.