We'll Get Along Just Fine

Chapter 1: Always listen to Alice

"Alice, hurry up! We don't have all day!" I screamed. Rosalie and I were waiting at the front door with our purses slung over our shoulders. We were leaning against the door and slowly sinking down, cursing the day that Alice, Rosalie and I had agreed to live together. We thought that it would be fun, hanging out with each other 24/7, going to places with each other, and staying up late watching sad romance movies. We should have known better though.

How could I, Bella Swan, an ordinary, boring, stubborn and serious girl ever possibly live with Alice Cullen, a fashion goddess, risk taker, and fun girl, and Rosalie Hale, a stuck up, spoiled, and self centered girl? Oh, that's right. We're best friends, and being the friends that they are, they forced me to do it. At first, I was hesitant. I wasn't sure that it would work out, but Alice and Rosalie weren't used to being turned down. They threatened me with the worst threats ever, and practically begged and pleaded for me to do it. Seeing Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale, the popular girls, beg and plead was a fascinating sight, so I had to agree. I was enjoying the begging way too much, and wished it could go on longer, but Alice had threatened to have my head if I let it go on any longer. So I agreed, and eventually I became excited. Hanging out with my best friends all day would be so much fun, or so I thought. I was a little wrong though, because it seemed that at least one of us would get completely annoyed at something.

Rosalie, Alice, and I were all nice despite out personalities though. Alice was always nice, except when she didn't have what latest style she wanted. Rosalie was only nice when we were sad, or when she was in a good mood. I was always nice, except when I was being forced against my will to do something I'd regret later. All in all though, we were all the best of friends, no matter what. Things could still be fun around here. Unfortunately though, Rosalie and I's friendship with Alice seemed to be slipping by the second as we became more and more impatient.

"Alice, come down here now! Seriously, how long does it take one person to get ready to go to Wal-Mart! Even Rosalie is down here waiting for you and she is into fashion just like you Alice!" I shouted angrily.

"Hold on Bella! I'm almost ready! I need to look fabulous no matter where I go!" Alice replied back. I sighed and went back to leaning against the door.

"We are so not Alice's friends anymore." I said. Rosalie nodded her head and we went back to slumping. About 5 minutes passed and Alice was still getting ready. We could hear the blow dryer making that awful loud sound, and that's when it hit us.

"Did Alice seriously just take a shower?" I asked, not believing what I thought.

"I think she did! That dork took a shower while we were waiting down here, nearly hurting our legs from standing so long! I am wearing heels Bella! You are wearing sneakers, so you don't know how I feel! I am going to kill her!" Rosalie fumed.

"No wonder it's been 30 minutes! She's been taking a dumb shower! We're going to Wal-Mart for Pete's sake! We're not going to a wedding!" I implied.

"If she's not down here in 5 minutes, I will personally rip her head off!" Rosalie stated. She looked really mad. She could kill someone and not care right about now. 5 minutes passed once again, and Alice still wasn't down. At least that horrid blow dryer sound had stopped. I looked over at Rosalie, and almost shrank back. Rosalie looked just about ready to burst, which meant that she was going to be talking, or yelling, pretty soon. Sure enough, she did.

"Alice Cullen! Move that behind down here right now! Stop applying 30 layers of make-up to that little face right now! I will kill you! We'll leave without you if you aren't here in 5 minutes! Then you won't be able to choose and buy any make up today!" Rosalie screeched. She really did know how to yell when she was mad. All of a sudden, Rosalie and I heard a door slam shut and little feet scurrying down the stairs. There Alice stood, looking like she was going to a party and not a simple Wal-Mart store. Rosalie really did know how to persuade Alice, and Alice really did know how to go completely overboard just for a trip to Wal-Mart.

"Alice, you look like a bride right now! You didn't have to waste all your time to do that." I huffed.

"Well, I want to look fabulous! I care about what people think of me and how I look when people see me, unlike you! Look at what you're wearing! You and Rosalie look absolutely horrid!" Alice squeaked. I looked down at my clothes, and saw Rosalie do the same thing out of the corner of my eyes. I was pretty offended. I thought I looked pretty good.

"What's wrong with my clothes?" I asked.

"Look at you Bella! You're wearing dark blue jeans and a blue tank top!" Alice stated like it was a simple fact.

"Usually Alice, people say something like 'You're wearing jeans with a hole in them and a shirt with stains on it', not what you just said. My outfit is perfect for shopping!" I said. I had put some sarcasm in there, but not much. No need to get Alice worked up.

"That's what I'm saying Bella! Your clothes are good for shopping, but what if something happened and we went to a restaurant! You wouldn't want to go like that!"

"Alice, my outfit is good for anything, except weddings, parties and dates, which we will definitely not go on or to today!"

"Fine, suit yourself!" Alice huffed.

"Well then, what's wrong with my outfit?" Rosalie asked, obviously shocked that her fashion had gotten mocked. Her and Alice always go shopping together, so they are like fashion buddies.

"Your outfit simply won't do. You are wearing clothes that are meant for shopping, just like Bella's!" Alice stated.

"Well at least I'm not wearing rags and a paper bag over my head! Alice, when we went shopping together, we bought this outfit together! Alice, as much as I hate to say this, and no matter how unlikely this is of me, we don't need to be fashionable at a time like this!"

"Oh my god Rosalie," Alice gasped, "how could you? Fine then," Alice said while stomping her foot, "I won't try to make you look better! Suit yourself! Also, you and Bella don't even have make-up on! Do you want me to apply some for you?" Alice asked.

"No Alice!" Rosalie and I said together.

"Fine," Alice huffed.

"Besides Alice, Wal-Mart doesn't have designer make-up, so why are you so excited to buy some make-up from there, huh? Are you becoming less fashionable now?" Rosalie snapped.

Alice froze and stared blankly back at us. It took her a minute to respond back. "Rosalie, you should know better! I only buy designer make-up from the best stores and creators! I just simply want to see the selections that Wal-Mart has, nothing more. I want to see if there quality is good enough for poor hobos." Alice stated.

"What do you mean poor hobos? I buy make-up from Wal-Mart Alice!" I shouted.

"I was just joking." Alice whispered.

"Yeah, okay, we get it Alice! Can we just go and inspect some make-up now?" I pleaded.

"Yeah, whatever you want Bella. If people start giving you and Rosalie weird looks though, which they will, don't come crying to me. It'll be your fault that you guys look horrible and weird." Alice huffed.

"Um Alice, I think that you'll be the one getting weird looks, considering you'll be dressed up as a model at Wal-Mart." Rosalie shot back.

"Well at least I'll look good if a boy happens to see me!" Alice replied back, her eyes narrowing.

"Boys that actually matter don't even go to Wal-Mart Alice!" Rosalie said her glare more frightening than Alice's.

"Guys, can we just leave now? We've been wasting all this time arguing, and my feet are killing me! Besides Rosalie, your outfit is gorgeous. So don't worry about a boy seeing you and thinking you're ugly!" I whined. Alice and Rosalie muttered something about no fashion and no patience before they opened the door and walked to the car. I decided to drive, since Alice and Rosalie hadn't been to Wal-Mart in a while, and they probably forgot where it was. Wouldn't want another "Lost in the unknown" episode to happen the last time Alice was driving. Screaming was involved when that happened. Lots of screaming.

I started the car and we were on our way. It was pretty quiet, except for the occasional yawn and shrug. I decided to break the silence, since it was getting pretty uncomfortable.

"So Alice, what were you doing upstairs anyway while Rosalie and I were trying to regain the feeling in our legs?" I asked. Rosalie, who was sitting beside me, straightened up and tilted her head towards Alice, obviously wanting to know the same thing.

"Oh, well Bella, I was choosing an outfit to wear, and then I was applying make-up. Then when I was going to double check myself, Rosalie yelled at me. I'm sure I look great though, so the double check was probably not needed." Alice said.

"Well yes, you do look great Alice. I'm curious though, Rosalie and I heard a blow dryer on upstairs, and we were wondering why you had that on." I stated.

"Well, I just wanted to dry my hair even more so I could style it better." Alice stated.

"Oh really, because I think you're missing something? Don't you agree Rosalie?" I asked while smiling at Rosalie.

"Oh yes, Bella. I think Alice might have left something out. It wouldn't take her that long to do what she just said she did. Maybe she forgot to tell us that she did something like get jewelry, try on different outfits, OR TAKE A SHOWER!" Rosalie fumed.

"Okay, okay! You don't need to scream! Yes, I took a shower, but only because I was starting to smell!" Alice fought back.

"Alice, you took a shower last night! It was 3:00 am! No one can start to smell in 5 hours Alice!" I recalled.

"I just want to be sure." Alice whined. She sank back into her seat and Rosalie and I turned around. After about 5 minutes, we had reached Wal-Mart. We got out of the car, and a group of people stopped dead in their tracks to look at Alice. Rosalie muttered a low 'Oh Please', and I just rolled my eyes. No need to give Alice encouragement by looking at her too.

"Did you see that? People were staring at me because I looked fabulous!" Alice cheered.

"Are you sure they just weren't staring because you looked weird? I bet they have never seen a model at Wal-Mart before Alice!" Rosalie said.

"Yes Alice. You look more like a model than a regular and normal Wal-Mart shopper and customer." I stated.

"Oh, you're just jealous! They loved me!" Alice said, sparking with joy. We entered Wal-Mart and I took out our shopping list.

"Okay guys! We don't have a long shopping list. We only need a carton of eggs, 2 new pillows because the ones we had somehow got thrown out the window," Rosalie and I looked at Alice," and we need shoes for all of us and that'll be it!" I said.

"You know Bella, if we don't buy the pillows, we could save more money. We can just really wash the pillows until they're back to the way they were." Rosalie stated.

"Nope, I don't think the pillows will recover. They got it good." I replied.

"You know Bella, it's not my fault! There were these tiny black things on them, and I thought they were spiders! So I just picked the pillows up and threw them out the window. They just happened to fall in a dumpster." Alice said while crossing her arms.

"Actually, it went more like this Alice. You put 2 little black clips on the 2 pillows, and you forgot they were there. So when you were going to put your head down on the pillow, you thought they were spiders, and you started screaming. You started jumping up and down and hitting your body to get rid of the fake spiders, and then you picked up the pillows and threw them out the window. The pillows then landed in a dumpster." I said.

"Well, it's the same concept!" Alice said. Rosalie and I sighed and we started to shop. We first got the eggs, which Alice said looked like little medicine balls, which earned a disbelieving look from Rosalie and me. We then went to buy pillows for Rosalie and me, since it was our pillows that were thrown out the window, not Alice's. We made Alice promise that she would never leave small clips the color of bugs on our pillows, and if she did, she would have to leave it on her pillow. If she was ever planning to throw a pillow, the window always had to be closed. We also made her promise to never sleep on our pillows and to handle bugs maturely. She promised, but she probably wouldn't keep those promises. After that was done, we went to get shoes, which we knew would take a while. After 10 minutes, everyone had their shoes, and we HAD to talk about them.

"I love these shoes! They are so pretty!" Alice said about her new black high heels.

"Alice, the heels could poke someone's eye out!" I replied, astonished. I could never walk on those heels in my life!

"Well, I love my shoes. They are sexy!" Rosalie gushed. I had to admit though, her shoes were pretty sexy. She had bought red lace heels, which would fit perfectly on her.

"Well, I love my shoes!" I said. Rosalie and Alice just looked at the shoes I had, and then they looked back at me.

"Um Bella, your shoes are sneakers." Rosalie clarified. As if I didn't know that already.

"Well, I could never walk in heels, so there!" I said.

"Bella, you could have just gotten a stylish flat shoe!" Alice said.

"Well, I know, but I didn't want to. I like sneakers better!" I replied. Rosalie and Alice muttered low 'whatever's. We were on our way to the checkout line when Alice suddenly jumped in front of the cart and stopped it.

"Alice, why did you just stop the cart?" I asked with honest curiosity. Alice almost never did this, considering a cart that I was pushing could knock her down. It was also very unlikely for Alice to just stop a moving cart out of nowhere. Then again, it would be very unlike anyone to just stop a moving cart out of nowhere.

"Bella, we didn't go check out the make-up! We have to go now!" Alice screamed.

I groaned. "Oh, that's right Alice. You would like to go inspect the poor hobo make-up, right?" I asked.

"Bella, you know I was joking when I said poor hobo make-up! Now turn this cart around before I push it into your body!" Alice threatened.

"Oh please Alice! You might be threatening, but you'd never do that!" Rosalie said.

"Well, let's just go check out the make-up. It can't be that bad." I said. Rosalie nodded her head and Alice just squealed with delight. It was so easy to make her happy sometimes. We headed over to the make-up section, and Alice started her inspecting.

"Hmmm. This eye shadow is close to perfect. This lipstick on the other hand is absolutely perfect! This blush is the wrong color for anyone, and this mascara is just horrid! See Bella, this would be perfect for a poor hobo." Alice said. I glared at her and of course she told me what she always tells me, that she's just joking. Occasionally, Alice would ask Rosalie and me about our opinion on a piece of make-up, and Rosalie and I always either said that it was great or horrible. After 15 minutes of criticizing the make-up and earning a few looks from Wal-Mart employees, probably because their customers were hearing about the bad make-up that they had, we left to go to the checkout line.

"Man Alice! You were really saying bad stuff about their make-up! A few people were putting down their make-up that they were going to buy because of you! You're just lucky that you didn't get kicked out!" I said.

Alice just smiled. "Bella, I am willing to sacrifice myself for the community. I was doing the right thing! Those women we saw did a good thing putting down their make-up. It would look absolutely horrible on them! I just saved them from having a fashion crisis! I did good Bella!" Alice replied. I just shook my head and ignored Alice.

"Oh, and Alice, you thought some of the make-up was great! Why didn't you buy them?" Rosalie asked Alice.

Alice's face fell. "Rosalie, I only buy designer make-up! I don't buy make-up from Wal-Mart! That would destroy my reputation!" Alice said. I could tell she was a little sad though. Wal-Mart had some designer make-up that Alice really liked, and it was cheap too, but Rosalie would never let Alice live it down if Alice had bought any of that make-up. Rosalie knew that buying Wal-Mart's make-up meant nothing, but for some reason, it always got on Alice's nerves. Alice would buy the same make-up if it was in JC Penney or another big department store, but not Wal-Mart. You could still tell that she was suffering and in pain because she didn't buy any make-up today.

Just then, Alice leaned over to me and whispered in my ear. "We are SO going to the mall soon! I need to buy some make-up Bella! I just need to buy something!"

I started laughing and nodded my head. "Okay, whatever you say, Alice." I whispered back to her. She probably didn't want Rosalie to hear, and I didn't blame her. I looked over at Rosalie, and she appeared to not have heard anything. That was good.

We walked to the checkout line, and while we were waiting, I saw the most handsome boy ever. In the lane next to me, I saw a skinny, tall boy with big muscles, and with bronze hair that was messy in a good way. I just stared at him, and then out of nowhere, the boy turned to look at me. I froze, and then I realized what I was wearing. I was wearing shopping clothes. Alice must have seen me look at my clothes and at the boy, because just then, she leaned in and whispered in my ear.

"Told you," Alice said.

Oh how I wished I had listened to Alice.