Okay, I personally thought that the Twilight Movie was a load of...candy floss....

There was so many things wrong with it, that I nearly died from laughter - I only got the DVD for kicks as it always makes me laugh hysterically when I see Robert Pattinson's 'blood lust' face.

Here are a few things that I noticed was wrong with the movie;

- In the trailer Emmett goes "Its not right Edward, she's not one of us." With Edward leaning moodily against the car and correct me if i'm wrong, but where in the movie is that scene? - Even if it is from the extras...do you normally put those in the trailers?

- ...Where the hell did they get spider monkey from?

- Why does it sound like someone is standing next to Edward in the 'revealing of the sparkly skin' scene, with a musical triangle, standing there chanting SPARKLE SPARKLE SPARKLE

- Since when has Edward been a drift racer?

- If the vampires can smell Bella from anywhere (as they exaggerated) how come Alice and Jasper don't smell her in the hotel lobby and Alice doesn't see Bella's decision until 5 hours later?

- Why did Bella wack Jacob with the car door?

- When Bella stands in front of the fan, why does Edward cover his mouth like she has B.O.?

- Whats with the golden onion?

- Where in the book does it say the video of Bella is where she is hiding in the closet?

- Since when did they go on a field trip?

- Why is Emmett half-bald?

- Why does Jessica have straight, shortish hair, when its supposed to be quite curly?

- Why does the dance scene look so crap?

- Why is Jasper's voice so deep?

- (I laughed so hard at this part of the movie) Why does Tyler throw a liquorice at the back of Bella's head?

- What POSSESSED these people to play Robert Pattinson's music in the background of the dinner scene and then on the CD call him 'Rob'

- I love Charlie's moustache....and yes, I know its not a complaint.

- Why is Bella's bedroom so tiny, and then suddenly seems larger whenever Edward is in it?

Well - I think thats about it for the moment, I will probably be adding more points as I think of them, but if anyone has any suggestions or complaints too I would love to hear them!

Peace out!

Can I just say that some people complain so much...jeez...