Welcome back to the wonderful world of my mind : Part III


I watched the Twilight movie again recently, and I noticed another couple of things that had errors in them.

- Has anybody else noticed that on the credits it spells Emmett with one t? (Emmet if you can't work that out)


- Oh and also, when Bella buys the book before being cornered by the 'gang' she throws her bag into Edward's car before being dropped off with Charlie. But then she never gets her bag back from Edward. And then she somehow has the book when she arrives home.

Its plain weird 'yall.

- Another thing...I was laughing at this so much in the cinema actually when I saw this...Kristen (Bella) goes cross-eyed when she's pretending to be "burning from the venom".

I thought it was pretty funny to be honest.

- Isn't Victoria supposed to have "flaming red hair", while the actress has blondish hair....................and a tumble weed suddenly rolled past.....

- It was hilarious how everyone and I mean everyone in the Twilight movie mumbled "Quileute"

(spelling?), because I bet nobody really knew how to pronounce it...oh and also Carlisle, I think they mumbled his name as well.

- There's one extra in the film, a guy with glasses and wavy hair, who stalks the rest of the cast. Its amazing how he gets away with that.

- Whats with the compost drink?

- Was the guy who played the Biology teacher more important in the plot than Victoria? Because when they listed the actors/actresses he came before her....ooh, burn ey?

Some things about the New Moon trailer:

I'm quite excited about this film, mainly being because my favorite animals are wolves and I don't really like Pattinson, but anyway...

- I was quite confused as to if I actually saw this, but on the trailer at first Jacob has no top on when jumping over the porch to "save" Bella, and then he's running topless (If I remember correctly) but then when he phases, he's wearing a shirt.


- I think the wolf dudes look hot. Especially where they have done that one shot where they are all topless, so much better than PATTINSON!

- I hate the girl who plays Jane, Dakota Fanning (I keep going to say Richards) or something like that, I just recognise her and she's so irritating!

- I'm glad this movie has a new director, does anybody else?

- Who hopes they have a better soundtrack this time?

- And maybe better settings, and scenes, and acting skills...

Ugh well, its 2:36 am and I think thats all I can remember at the moment, so if you feel like dropping a review then knock yourself out.

Oh, and also check out my other ff which is actually a fictional story, called Bedlam, it seems to be getting pretty popular.