This story is in the same continuity as "Sound and Fury," so by default the events of TFTM 1986 didn't occur the same way. As of now, this story is AU.

This chapter is set after "The Rebirth." Also, I'm going by the episodes that portray Cybertron as smaller than Earth.


Triggering the glass doors open, Wheeljack smiled and stepped out onto the balcony, where Bluestreak rested on a settee. Cybertron's golden-hued metal stretched for megamiles around him, shining in Earth's sunlight. After much discussion with both Cybertronian and Earth physicists and astronomers, they had used the space bridge to maneuver the small, revitalized planet into orbit around Jupiter as a moon. The ancient weather control and atmospheric devices had been fixed, giving the planet's citizens an azure sky broken only by a spattering of thin, white clouds. Jetformers arced in lazy circles, chasing each other through the clouds, and beyond them Jupiter eclipsed half the sky with its bold glow.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Bluestreak asked.

Wheeljack released his blast mask to show his bondmate his smile. "Totally." He settled beside him and relaxed, glad to be off shift. "I never imagined I'd see Cybertron enter a second golden age."

Leaning against him, Bluestreak rested his head on his shoulder. "Me, neither. I thought all I'd ever see would be the blackened ruins of cities like Praxus."

"I'm glad it didn't turn out that way." Wheeljack wrapped one arm around Bluestreak, pulling him closer. Before he could say more, however, their attention was drawn to the yelling, giggling sparklings playing in the courtyard below. Their apartment was on the third floor, so they had an excellent view of the crystal fountain and its pool, where the sparklings splashed water on each other.

"Who has sparkling-sitting duty today?" Wheeljack asked.

"Mirage and Hound." Bluestreak laughed. "They're keeping the sparklings well entertained with holograms and some game Daniel taught them called Hide and Seek. Except Mirage keeps cheating."

"I bet." Wheeljack had spotted Hound, but Mirage was apparently invisible. "I'm just glad Mirage finally agreed to have a sparkling."

The spy in question suddenly appeared, grabbing up Silverwind and making her shriek with laughter. The whole mass of sparklings dashed away, trying to escape being caught. Wheeljack could pick out Jazz and Prowl's sparkling, as well as Ironhide and Chromia's and very conspicuous set of red and white twins. What really captured his attention, however, was the sight of a small, winged sparkling.

"Moonglide?" Wheeljack glanced at Bluestreak in surprise.

"Yep. Powerglide got called in this morning." Bluestreak snorted. "I'll never get over that, by the way. Leave it to Powerglide to pick a vanity designation for his sparkling."

Wheeljack chuckled. "My daughter has questionable taste in mates."

Bluestreak rested one land on his chest and smiled up at him. "And when you tease her about it, you enjoy every klik of it."

"True." Wheeljack captured his hand, kissed his fingers, and then held it in his lap. When they'd been transferred to Cybertron, Bluestreak had nagged him until he'd asked Optimus Prime to repeal the ruling against him. Optimus had seen no problem with doing so, especially since Moonwalker had been killed in the attack by Unicron. As a result, he'd been able to approach Moonracer and reveal his identity, and now he was working on the first set of upgrades for Moonglide.

As though answering a silent summons, Moonracer rounded the apartment's corner and waved to Mirage and Hound. Moonglide ran to her and hopped up and down, holding out his arms in a request to be picked up. She hoisted him onto her hip, holding him there with one arm, and looked up at the balcony. Wheeljack and Bluestreak waved, and she grinned at them and waved back before heading away.

"Thank you," Wheeljack whispered, knowing Bluestreak would understand the reference.

"It was only fair." Bluestreak leaned up and gave him a quick kiss.

Wheeljack hugged him and then settled in to watch the sun set. He knew the Decepticons would return to hassle them, and likely the Quintessons as well. But Cybertron was whole again, home again, and Earth was just a shuttle ride away. What was more, he had his bondmate, his children, and his friends surrounding him. In his mind, it was magical.

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