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Bella's POV

I was cleaning the counter of the old diner I worked at listening to the song that started playing- Hot 'n cold by Katy Perry. After awhile I started humming along then quietly singing to my surprise.

You change your mind

Like a girl changes clothes

Yeah you, PMS

Like a bitch

I would know….

I always laugh at that part but since I'm at work and trying to act mature, and humanI guess I shouldn't. Now in the diner there were only four people a couple, and two guys in the corner probably laughing at my lake of singing skills. Make that only two people- the two guys. I walked over to the empty tables to pick up tips and clean up as I tried to go human pace but it was hard I get really imagination with slowness. Since it wasn't a busy day I told the rest of the workers to take the day off, (I'm the manager) and that I would close up.

As I finished cleaning the tables and counted the tips I had a pay of fifteen dollars. Yeah! Well after that exciting event. I glanced over to where the two guys were still sitting. And decided to tell them they have 10 minutes till closing time. But as I walked up to them I noticed that they had topaz eyes, like me but I was wearing pearl blue contacts.


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