The Diner

Chapter 15:

By: RedOnTheHead00

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Previously on The Diner:

"Bella," I repeated, louder this time. "My name is Bella, short for Isabella. Isabella Marie Swan." Edward had a mixture of emotions on his face, that I could not pick up on, as he said, "Okay, then." He hesitated. "Bella." I looked up at Edward's bright and mysterious honey golden eyes, and felt my stomach twist and I could have sworn my cold heart twitched a little! His face suddenly appeared to be coming closer, and before I could think of what was bound to happen…..

Edward's POV.

"I don't know if I can do this." Bella said quickly. "More like, I don't know if I should do this." Bella hadn't pulled her face away, so she was still only an inch away from me. Just an inch… "You don't have to do anything you don't want to," I told her automatically. Bella nodded her head slowly. She was having a conflict within herself; you didn't need Jasper to see that. I knew that because she had recently lost her daughter and had just found the remains of her two friends that now was not actually the best time for a relationship.

"I know you're not ready for a relationship and all, so-" My words were cut off by Bella's lips crashing down onto mine. My lips sparked and my body was ignited. It had been so long since I had been with Bella and to have her now in my arms and to be able to passionately kiss her without having to worry about hurting her felt wonderful. My hands tangled into her chocolate brown hair, which now had reddish highlights from the sun. Her skin glistened and glittered from the ray of sunlight that hit her, making her glow with beauty. Bella's hands tangled into my hair before she began to run her fingers threw it, scraping my scalp and causing me to shiver. "Come on," I said pulling away.

"What?" Bella asked slightly dazed. "Where are we going?" She took my hand anyways as I helped her off the ground. Still holding my hand Bella followed slightly behind me as I raced threw the woods. After awhile we finally found the place, my secret cottage that I had kept hidden from the family. The small house was made of thick stones kept together with concrete, the whole structure had a homey and warm feeling to it. I slowed my pace to a human walk as I led Bella towards the small cottage. I stopped when we reached the door. "I love you Isabella." I said softly to her, looking at her lovely, golden eyes. "And I you, Edward," She replied, her lips forming magnificently around the words. With that I opened the old oak door and welcomed her into the cottage and quickly followed her in, having every idea of what was going to happen that night.

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