Title: Poisonous Kiss

Author: enchanted nightingale

Beta Reader: pussycatadamah

Timeline: Book 2, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Summary: When Harry frees Dobby, Lucius scares the house elf and the Saviour is left alone with Lucius Malfoy in an encounter with unforeseen results.

Pairs: Harry/Lucius

Disclaimer: The characters belong to J.K. Rowling. I merely use them in my plot for fun.

A/N 1: Harry is underage so it won't be anything explicit between him and Lucius, just kissing.

A/N 2: I like Dobby and I apologize for making him a bit of a coward for this story.

Dobby stared at the filthy sock in his hands, his large eyes wide with wonder and awe for the green eyed wizard.

Lucius Malfoy realized with horror that he had been played masterfully, by a twelve year old brat no less.

The blonde wizard glared at the child, because that was what Potter was, still a child, only months younger than his own son.

"You meddlesome, flee-ridden tabby," he hissed, his silver eyes thundering.

Dobby yelped in fear of the older wizard and his former master and disappeared with a loud crack, leaving his saviour alone with one very angry Lucius Malfoy.

Harry stared at the adult wizard with more than a little apprehension. However he refused to be cowed, not after what he had been through a mere hour earlier. His body was still sore but he ignored it. He felt like the poison had yet to leave him. Fawkes may have saved him but he needed sleep, lots of it.

Lucius, still angered beyond thought, took a minute to study the Gryffindor's appearance. Harry Potter was a short boy, barely looking ten, much less the twelve years old that he was. He was pale, scrawny, with thick black hair, torn clothes, wet, covered from top to bottom with grime and blood. Lucius had not seen so much blood on a person since his Death Eater years. Curiosity got the better of him even in his anger.

"What in Salazar's name happened to you Potter?"

Harry blinked owlishly. "Salazar Slytherin," he replied honestly.

Lucius was stumped. Harry could tell. It seemed like all the anger and spite had drained from Malfoy.

The teen sighed. "Look, Malfoy, I had to go down the Chamber of secrets, Lockhart was an idiotic coward, Riddle psychotic, the Basilisk was huge and now I'm tired, strangely hungry, really in need of sleep and mad as hell at you."

Lucius bit his tongue to keep from asking. 'Basilisk? It is impossible. Unless… No. It cannot be possible. A Basilisk under the school? One raised by Salazar Slytherin himself? It has been centuries since the Founders' time. That beast must have been huge!' Lucius clutched his cane hard; his skin had turned two shades paler. 'That monster could have attacked anyone! Merlin, Draco was in danger all this time.'

The aristocratic wizard came out of his thoughts and eyed the boy. He saw how pale and tired he looked. Also there was a hole in that blouse, like something had pierced through the boy's shoulder. The boy looked worn out but Lucius was beginning to understand how Potter as an eighteen-month-old baby could defeat the Dark Lord when braver wizards and witches had failed.

Harry's fatigue was getting to him. He tried putting more of his weight against the wall. He closed his eyes and sagged.

Lucius felt the need to curse. This whole plan was not going according to plan. He had not expected Dumbledore's return to school, nor the Weasley's retaining their good name, but his visit turned out to not be for nothing. Potter telling him that his machinations almost cost him his heir, his son. All that and he still had no idea why he reached out and steadied the Potter boy as he swayed. He tightened his grip slightly just to keep the boy up. Or that was what he would later tell himself.

"Get a grip of yourself," Lucius ordered promptly.

"Can't," the boy replied, blinking his eyes. "I'm tired."

An odd thought crossed Lucius' mind then. As he had his hands on those slim, almost bony, shoulders, those glazed eyes and disarrayed hair he thought that Harry Potter was a pretty boy, a very pretty boy. And while Lucius was a sensual man he was in no way a paedophile. He had never once felt drawn into boys or teens, not even when he was one of them. He was understandably alarmed with the direction his thoughts were taking.

'I did not just think that,' Lucius went rigid.

But it was true, those traitorous voices whispered in his mind. Those green eyes, those pink lips…

Before he knew it Lucius did something incredibly idiotic that rivalled every failure he had since he decided to join the Dark Lord.

He kissed Harry Potter.

There were no sparks or anything like that. Just the realization of how small the boy was and how truly sweet those lips were and how cold the body he hugged was and the need to warm him and protect him, if only to taste him once again.

Then the moment passed. Lucius thought that his lucidity came back but he kept his lips locked with the teen's this time knowingly, seeking what he had thought he felt before. He really had no chance with this situation. The boy was hard for someone to resist. And Lucius did not have the strongest of wills. The moment he tasted those sweet lips he was hooked and he knew it.

Those soft and pliant lips that were his to taste and he knew he was the first to do so, He lifted a hand and touched the hairless skin on Harry's face, pulling the younger wizard's chin up, using his perfectly white teeth to graze those rosy lips. Harry gasped and Lucius plundered forward, his tongue snaking inside Harry's mouth, tasting him better.

The Gryffindor gave into the sensations, accepting the older wizard's advances as that tongue tasted and teased him.

Harry had never been hugged like this before. The friendly pats on the back from his friends or the occasional group hug or the hug Hermione gave him the previous year before he went up against Quirrell, none of those measured up with the embrace given to him by Lucius Malfoy. He did not feel safe, not for a moment. But he felt a thrill down his spine. He felt he was wanted. He felt desirable. It was a novelty and Harry liked it.

Harry felt light headed when Malfoy released him. His lips still tingling. He brought a hand to his lips and hesitantly touched them. The Gryffindor then lifted those green eyes upwards to meet with grey ones and his breath caught in his throat. The way the blonde eyed him was so intense, so hungry.

Lucius inwardly groaned at the debauched look on young Potter's face. Those kiss swollen lips, the rosy cheeks and the dark green eyes that were wide and darkening were impossible to resist. Swiftly, he drew the teen back to him and kissed him again. And Harry went without a fuss, enjoying those hard lips against his. Lucius guided him through it trying to gain the reactions he wanted. And Potter was very responsive and quick to learn. Lucius absently remembered Severus bad mouthing the teen's learning abilities and how wrong the potions Master was.

They continued kissing languidly for several moments until a buzzing noise gained their attention. Lucius wanted to ignore it but it got progressively louder.

Annoyed, Lucius pulled back from the teen. He smirked at the sound of disappointment Potter made and rewarded him with a swift peck on those swollen lips of his.

Harry opened his eyes and watched as Lucius Malfoy straightened his cloak and stepped away from him.

"You are really delectable Harry," he said. "I almost regret my bout of conscience. Until you are older little snake."

Harry watched him go, robes billowing behind him. 'He looks like Snape only better,' the teen's fogged mind supplied.

Then what happened caught up with his mind and questionable logic and Harry groaned.

"I cannot believe I let him do that!" he said as he hit his forehead with his palm.

A wince from his shoulder where the Basilisk had sunk its fang alerted him to the state he was in.

"I better go to Madam Pomfrey. She might even have something for my brain," the teen muttered out loud as he began to walk down to the Infirmary.

End of story

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