Goodbye - Because I love you

I don't own anything. Title is taken from a line in Kate Chopin's The Awakening.

He looked down at her sleeping form, her face in slumber free from all the worries that rested upon her slip shoulders during the day. Her dark hair, unbound now, rested against the whiteness of her pillow. Hardly daring to move, but unable to stop himself, he reached out his hand and gently stroked her silky locks, as he had longed to do so many times before.

There had never been any time for them, and he regretted not making time. Now he would leave her without ever telling her that he loved her. His note would have to do.

Dawn was breaking and he had to go, but he didn't want to leave. But he tore himself away, laying the small scrap of parchment on her nightstand.

She didn't find it until late that night, after she had discovered his death.

'Goodbye - because I love you,' it read.

She wept.