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The Plan/Fornell

"Jethro?" Abby asked as she walked downstairs to the basement in search of her elusive boyfriend. "You down here?" When she got no reply she continued down the stairs, and sure enough there he was asleep by his boat with an empty bottle of bourbon on the work bench, next to him was an equally passed out Tobias Fornell. Abby began to think and then it clicked, it had been 5 years and now one day since Fornell had divorced Diane, 'ignoring me to celebrate Tobias' freedom when i had...plans for him' Abby thought before the wheels in her head started turning and she ran to the Kitchen and got a pitcher of water, before returning to the basement and tip toeing down the stairs. She had the pitcher poised above Gibbs' head, "Think about it Abs, and there will be NO caf-pow for a month, and don't think about the others, cus they'll be under instruction to not get you one on pain of head slapping." Abby huffed and put the water down.

"Tobias." Gibbs said as he sat up and kicked the sleeping FBI agent.

"Forneeellllllllllll!" Abby sang, her eyes met Gibbs' and she got the nod of approval, Abby grabbed the Pitcher on to Fornell's head. He sat up immediately before groaning, in post-alcohol pain.

"Gibbs!" he shouted, not realising it was Abby who threw the water

Abby cut him off, "Actually Fornell it was me. Not that I mind you passing out on the floor of our basement, but I really need to speak to Jethro."

Fornell looked between the two, "Our basement?" Gibbs just shrugged and put his arm around Abby drawing her closer to him. Fornell shook his head, "Jethro we will discuss this later." With that Tobias got up and left the basement and the house leaving Abby and Gibbs laughing as he did.

"See Babe" Abby said before she kissed Gibbs, "I told you the plan would be fun." Gibbs couldn't help but nod in agreement.


"Jethro, have you considered that it may be time to let people know about us?" Abby asked one night as they worked on his latest boat.

"Sure." He replied

Abby thought really hard for a minute, "We can have some fun with it"

"If you want." Abby was annoyed by his nonchalant replies, to what she considered an important point in their relationship.

"GIBBS..." she knew that'd get his attention; she didn't call him Gibbs at home unless he was in trouble, "Why does it seem like I'm the only one who cares about a problem you caused." She said angrily. Gibbs sighed and put down the tools he was using.

"Abs, if it makes you happy, then I'm happy and if this is something that'll torture DiNozzo then I'm all for it." He told her.

The expression on her face changed and Gibbs could tell that she was scheming. "Well then my silver haired fox listen up..." She went on and explained all the teeny tiny details of her master plan to out them as a couple. Gibbs listened patiently and when she was finished he decided to throw in his two cents.

"How many times do I have to say it Abs? With the grain!" his cheek was rewarded with a Gibbs slap and unlike other Gibbs slaps he'd received this was on the head.

"Ouch Abby! Don't worry, I got it, all the details of the plan are fully understood." He said in reply to the whack on the head

End Flash Back.


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