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"Let's have some fun with the elf lord..."

"Dark-Angel, lead the elf warriors up the left staircase." McGee ordered into his microphone

"Got it Elf Lord." He heard in reply

"Hey babe" McGee heard being shouted in the back ground as a door closed, he was shocked because it sounded like Gibbs. Who would Gibbs be dating, that'd play this game?

"Dark-Angel did you hear the boss in your mic?" McGee asked Abby, he got no reply but could faintly hear what sounded like making out in the background

"Dark-Angel I need your sit rep." McGee tried again

"Hey Elf Lord, Dark Angel is... whats it called..." McGee sat in shock as Gibbs spoke to him in the game and he heard Abby in the background mumble something

"...AFK, thanks babe" Gibbs continued. McGee then heard a squeal and laughing before declaring himself AFK and running to the phone to dial someone, when he realised what would Gibbs and Abby do to him when they found out that he was telling people about their personal lives and as big as the gossip was, it wasn't worth his life.


"Let's have some fun with the elf lord!" Abby declared as she was signing in to the MMORPG she played with McGee.

"And how do you plan to do that?" Gibbs asked from his work bench, as he was pouring himself bourbon

"Well you can start by not drinking that!" Abby shouted as she snatched his drink away. It was the closest Gibbs ever came to Gibbs slapping her (on the head that is).

"Then you go get in your car, go get me a caf-pow..." she stopped when she saw the look he was giving her, he didn't believe in caffeine after 9pm if they weren't at work. "Why drink coffee when you can have alcohol?" he'd asked her.

"Ok, then go find something to do, like circle the block a few times, or the city with how fast you drive and come back and interrupt the game any way you want, but make sure he can hear you before you do." Gibbs smiled at her plan, it seemed win-win to him, he got to drag Abby away from her computer (to do other things, he considered fun) and she got to act out her scheming.

Abby sat on the couch and smiled when she heard the door close.

"Hey Timmy let's storm a castle" Abby typed in to her private chat window with McGee. Together they joined a quest with two elf warriors.

"Dark-Angel online." Abby said

"Elf Lord online." McGee said, happy he got to do a quest with Abby, she seemed to be on less and less these days.

End Flash Back!

"Abs you there?" McGee asked in to his microphone

"HEY ELF LORD! FOCUS!" one of the other players shouted through the game

"Elf Lord offline." McGee declared and left the game. How could he focus after hearing that?


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