Disclaimer: I own nothing. SM is the owner of the : Alright so I have decided to write a nice Rose and Em fic since there aren't tons on this site. They are such an underrated couple and definitely misunderstood, so this is a nice, fluffy story about the two of them, taking place after Breaking Dawn. It is just about the Cullens and Jacob isn't involved…..he never imprinted on Renesmee. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you think!

Rose POV

I don't think my life could be any more perfect than it was at this moment. As I sat by the window in our room I couldn't be happier. Tomorrow Emmett and I were yet again going to tie the knot and become husband and wife. We had been married several times before this and I still didn't get tired of vowing to spend my life with the man that was the entire reason for my existence. The day I saw him and ran with him in my arms to be turned by Carlisle was the day I knew I would love him forever, but even then I didn't know how much my love would grow for him.

My Emmett changed me in so many ways throughout our lives together and the best thing was we had eternity. Every time we made love…..which was at least once a night….every time I looked into his gorgeous golden eyes, I knew how lucky I was. The past couple of years were trying for us not truly as a couple, but as a family in general. The day Bella entered the picture was the day everything changed and at first I was not happy about that at all! Before she came into our lives, things were pretty simple. We all had a comfortable routine and even though Edward was the only one not paired off I was happy with how my life was. Now yes, Edward definitely needed to find his mate, but I gave up on that idea decades ago. He never seemed to care about it and it wasn't like I had the best or closest relationship with my brother in the first place.

We hated each other the first years of my existence as a vampire and Emmett was the only reason I even considered putting up with him. Besides Edward's brooding manner and always wanting to be alone, the family seemed to be just fine. I had my Emmett which for me was the only thing that really mattered, Alice had Jasper, and Carlisle and Esme were the parents we all loved in our own special ways. We all had our own routines of either going to school or in Carlisle's case, work, and then coming home and spending our leisure time however we felt was best, but our worlds were turned upside down when after decades of happiness Bella came into our lives.

Now sure, if Edward was telling the story he would say I was jealous because Bella was human and I wanted that ever since I was first turned. Yes, I wanted a child with my Emmett and I wanted him to be able to be a father but a few years after our first wedding my whole thought of being human totally changed. The way I was turned will never be something I appreciate for the obvious reasons but being human would mean that I would only be with Emmett for a small amount of time…..that wasn't good enough for me. In that world when I was eighteen and stupid I just wanted to be married no matter what. Love, happiness, and true contentment didn't matter only the materialistic things did. Even though Carlisle did turn me when I can honestly say I wanted to die I still knew even if he hadn't have turned me and even if that horrible night with those monsters wouldn't have taken place I wouldn't have had what I needed.

Emmett lived in Tennessee and I lived in New York, our paths would have never crossed and even if fate would have brought us together we would have died eventually. So no I didn't hate Bella because she was human and that was all I wanted to be…..Edward really needed to get over himself and his newfound love at that point….it was because she was messing up my life!

The girl really did make a bad first impression if you think about it. When Bella moved into town within a month we were constantly on edge. That month we almost had to leave the beautiful town of Forks because of her mere existence! Emmett and I loved it here and this human was going to be the reason we had to leave? Like I said…..not a good first impression and then even after the first hump of their dramatic relationship we had to protect her from James and Victoria! Emmett was putting his life on the line for Bella and no one….I mean absolutely no one…..risks my Emmett's well being. Then how can I forget Edward's total ignorant, wannabe self righteous move to leave her for her own safety. My brother was usually a smart person but he definitely dropped the ball there. Even I knew they were meant to be and yet there we were moving away from Forks because he couldn't bear losing her. Was I the only one at the time to realize that if the idiot would have just changed her when James bit her none of the drama would have happened? Or better yet if he would have changed her when they first met and she wanted to be changed that James wouldn't have even been interested in her? Men truly were stupid at times and Edward was in rare form.

Now the whole Italy thing was, yes I admit, my fault but Alice shouldn't have been so cryptic! That was insane! Only Edward would try to play the stupid Romeo instead of waiting it out and thinking logically. The sad thing is even after all of that there was still more drama. Of course by that point Bella was starting to grow on me, even though she was messing up my routine. The newborns thing was totally out of control and if Emmett would have been killed because of Victoria's army I know I would have gone crazy and killed Bella but not out of pure hate for her, just insanity. The rest of the whole drama was what drastically changed me forever.

When Renesmee was born it was like a new part of me was born as well. I fell in love with my niece the moment I saw her and the whole idea of wanting a child grew even more important to me, but Emmett made it very clear that he wanted us and not just a child. I never even thought about that before that moment. It was always just a given to me that Emmett would want kids. He was a big kid! After he told me his true desire and everything was out in the open I can honestly say I fell even more in love with him. That was exactly why The Volturi coming was so scary. I wasn't ready to die yet. I couldn't leave behind my eternity with my Emmett. Yet, there we were facing death and I thought we were goners….thank God for Alice.

All of that made me realize how much I loved my existence and how much I wanted to marry Emmett again. It was different this time around. I experienced that feeling of almost losing him twice within a short amount of time and it showed me just how precious every moment I had with him was, even if we had eternity. I guess through it all I could thank Bella for that new perspective. The girl knew how to stir up things I would give her that and now after a year of her being a vampire I can truly say she is one of my best friends. Being her sister is amazing and our whole family is complete with her. Edward finally stopped his annoying brooding routine which always managed to piss me off royally…..talk about a buzz kill! I mean how I am supposed to enjoy myself after an amazing love making session with my Emmett when I walk downstairs to see him moping around while playing his piano. Note to self, must thank Bella again for coming into his life. Now after all of the drama, all of the life threatening situations, I am about to marry my love once again. Things couldn't be any better. I was quickly snapped out of my memories when I heard a small knock on the door and smiled knowing who it was.

"Come in my sweet Renesmee," I giggled and my little niece ran into the room. She was almost more excited than I was about the wedding tomorrow. She quickly hopped into my lap giving me that heart melting smile that I adored.

"Aunt Rose, when will Uncle Emmett be back?" I smiled at the question. My sweet niece had a small crush on Emmett. Edward didn't even want to think about that especially since Emmett was her uncle but at her small age she didn't think anything about that and it was all so cute and innocent.

"Well sweetie, Emmett is out having some fun with your daddy, Uncle Jasper and Grandpa Carlisle," I explained but she began to pout.

"I want to play with my Uncle Emmett," she said with her lip pushed out and her arms across her chest.

"Trust me I want to play with him too," I mumbled to myself. It was my own type of tradition where every time Emmett and I were about to get married sex became null and void much to his dismay. He hated the idea but it always made for a spectacular wedding night and it wasn't like we went without sex for long. It had only been a week but by the text messages he was sending me I could tell he was more than ready to get this show on the road. In the last one he suggested we elope and go to Vegas which he knew would only get a smirk out of me. He would just have to wait one more night after all. Renesmee huffed loudly bringing me back out of my thoughts of my gorgeous husband.

"Don't worry sweetie he will be back tomorrow alright?" She looked down still not happy with my answer and the look on her face almost broke my heart. I quickly pulled out my phone.

"Alright Renesmee you win, I will call him and tell him to come home for a bit until you go to sleep," I caved and she clapped happily. Emmett picked up on the first ring.

"Are we heading to Vegas," he teased and I rolled my eyes.

"Not even close big guy but you can have some fun tonight," I giggled and he growled into the phone. I quickly realized what type of fun he thought I was talking about.

"With Renesmee, Emmett," I explained and he sighed.

"Oh well fine I guess a good game of hide and seek will take my mind off of my sexy wife. I'll be right home…."

"Before you even make a move Em there are rules. You can come over but you aren't staying all night, only until Renesmee falls asleep." He sighed again and gave a small whine making me smile. It was such a turn on knowing how much he still wanted me after all these years.

"Fine, fine, I'm on my way." I hung up and carried Renesmee downstairs knowing he would be here soon.

Emmett POV

Damn I was so sure she was calling me to get lucky tonight! I have to have her, I can't wait anymore! This tradition of hers has got to go! She was totally cock-blocking her own husband! That would definitely be going into the ceremony tomorrow…..no cock-blocking her husband! Just the thought of her sexy lips pressed against mine turned me on and I quickly needed to calm down. I was in no condition to play with my little niece.

"Damn right," smirked Edward and I rolled my eyes. He, Jasper and Carlisle were running with me back to the house and I laughed at him.

"Hey it's not my fault my wife is sexy as hell and you are not one to talk. I see the way you drool over Bells every chance you get," I teased and he shut up after that. Damn right Edward you know you are as sexually charged as I am! That got me a hearty laugh from him as we walked onto the porch. We were about to walk in when I was quickly pushed back by a fierce looking Alice. Now I might be strong but I knew not to even think about messing with Alice. She, Rose, Esme and Bella worked extremely hard planning this wedding and I was supposed to be away all night. I put my hands up in surrender.

"Hey don't blame me I was asked to come here," I smiled and she frowned but I heard the footsteps of my sexy, gorgeous wife coming close. I couldn't help but to bounce up and down a bit from my excitement and Jasper quickly calmed me down. Rose walked over to me and quickly gave me a hug. I pulled her into my arms even more wanting to cop a feel before she could resist. She let out a small yelp as I squeezed her firm butt and she slapped my shoulder.

"Be good and don't worry Alice I called him over. Renesmee wants to play before she has to go to bed." As soon as Rose finished the sentence Renesmee was sprinting full force at me. She jumped into my arms causing me to laugh at her excitement.

"Uncle Emmett, Uncle Emmett," she smiled as she hugged me tightly then let out a sigh, "I missed you." She was the cutest thing in the world and having a niece to play with was awesome. I got the best of both worlds. I got to play with her without having to worry about acting like a responsible parent or have duties like if I was a dad….talk about lucky. I carried her into the house and Edward couldn't help but laugh.

"Um can daddy get a hug too," he teased and she jumped into his arms.

"You know I love you daddy," she giggled and Edward smiled even more. She quickly looked back at me.

"Ok come on Uncle Emmett hurry, hurry I want to play," she demanded and I covered my eyes to count. She gasped and quickly ran to hide not expecting me to start so soon. She really was adorable. I could easily find her scent within seconds but I always played along to make her think her hiding spot was superb. I uncovered my eyes and talked a bit with my family giving her a little more time to hide. Bella gave me a hug.

"She really loves you Emmett and even though Edward hates it I think she might have a small crush," she agreed with Rose and they both nodded. Edward rolled his eyes.

"She's only over a year old even if she looks about three," he tried but Alice shook her head.

"They're right Edward and it isn't even a big deal. It's all really innocent and there's nothing sexual about it so lighten up," she laughed as he sighed.

"I'm just saying maybe she just likes playing with him, he is a big kid." I pretended to pout.

"Hey am not," I said crossing my arms over my chest and sticking out my bottom lip. They all laughed and Rose gave me a kiss.

"Sorry Edward but Renesmee definitely has a crush. You should have seen her face when I said Emmett and I were having a wedding. She wasn't very pleased with me but I assured her she would get to dance at the reception with him." They all sat down to talk and I went to find Renesmee. I flared my nostrils then smiled. She was in the closet in Carlisle and Esme's room. I slowly walked up the stairs making sure my footsteps could be heard.

"Oh Renesmee, where are you? You are way too good at this game! Maybe you are in Jasper and Alice's room." I walked into the room and could still hear her giggling in the closet. I walked back out.

"Where could you be? Maybe my room," I called out and she tried her best to muffle her laugh even more. I finally walked into Carlisle and Esme's room hearing a little gasp.

"Renesmee…my Renesmee where are you," I sang out as I walked toward the closet door. I quickly opened it and picked her up into my arms tickling her. She laughed loudly and then gave me a hug.

"You always find me," she smiled and I nodded.

"Well I can't lose my Renesmee now can I," I teased and she giggled. I walked out with her in my arms and took her downstairs into the living room. I put her down and sat by Rose but Renesmee quickly hopped onto my lap causing me to laugh.

"That was fun Uncle Emmett," she began then looked down seeming to be deep in thought. I heard Edward gasp a bit and I looked at her curiously.

"What is it Renesmee?" She rested against my chest.

"Uncle Emmett can we get married too?" The women all let out a chorus of awes and I gave her a kiss on her forehead.

"Sorry Renesmee but I'm sort of taken," I said trying to look disappointed. Rosalie pulled her into her lap.

"Don't worry Renesmee one day when you are all grown up you will find a special guy just like I found Uncle Emmett." Edward growled and Rosalie rolled her eyes. Bella gave him a kiss and then picked up Renesmee.

"Come on baby girl we have a long day tomorrow and you need your rest." Renesmee began to whine and I gave her a smile.

"You need to get some sleep if you plan on dancing with me after the wedding," I warned and she smiled before nodding her head excitedly. Bella gave me a wink and Edward followed them out with a smile. It was pretty cool how Edward finally had his family and I could tell he was finally whole.

As soon as they left I tried my best not to smile with excitement. It was time to put my plan to work. I was already in the house so that part was easy but plan Seduce Rosalie was still going to be difficult. I smiled sweetly at her and she quickly noticed the sparkle in my eyes. She got up and shook her head…..damn!

"Emmett, out, Renesmee is gone and the rule still stands. Sorry big guy but you are just going to have to wait until tomorrow night." I began to pout and gave her my best puppy dog face. If I couldn't win her with this then I wouldn't be able to seduce her at all! I heard her quick intake of breath. Bingo, time to execute!

"Baby," I moaned and pulled her into my arms pressing my excitement into her. She let out a small moan. "I just wanted to have a little bit of fun. Come on let's play. We don't have to go far." I could tell she was thinking it over in her head and Alice quickly stood up.

"Rose no, I see it….well thank God I don't see it…..but I see him coming out of the room in the morning with that damn I got lucky smile on his face. Be strong!" Damn it Alice! Yet another thing to add to the ceremony…..Alice can no longer cock-block as well! Damn that vision of hers. Rosalie cleared her throat to regain composure but I countered by picking her up and cupping her behind.

"Rose, come on now after everything we have been through and all the battles we have had to face lately are you telling me you can't even give your husband a little something, what happened to living every moment to its fullest?" She bit her lip and I smiled but she quickly pulled away.

"Tomorrow night big guy and you know I will make it up to you." I looked down defeated…..mission failed. She giggled seeing my look and gave me a kiss. I quickly pulled her closer and deepened the contact causing her to moan. I loved the sounds I could get out of her. She pulled away and pushed me out the door. Carlisle stayed behind to be with Esme….lucky! That's so not fair! But Jasper came with me.

"Don't worry we'll go hunt," he tried but I sped around the house still determined and with Alice's damn visions I had to act fast!

Rose POV

I locked the door and then made my way upstairs. That was a close call! If Alice wouldn't have stopped me I would have been in bed with Emmett all night…..like that was a bad thing. At least the tradition was going strong even though I could see why Emmett would be frustrated. We were already married and it wasn't like we hadn't made love millions of times by now. I felt my defense faltering and was ready to turn around to go let Emmett back in. We would have so much fun just like we always did but I still had some planning to do and I wanted to make sure my dress was just right. I walked into my room but gasped when I saw him in bed. How the hell did he...

"The window was plan B," he smiled and then quickly got up at vampire speed to lock the door. I turned and looked at him shaking my head. I had to give it to him though, he was clever.

"Emmett I have to finish up some last minute things with my dress," I tried but he took off his shirt….damn! Suddenly Alice was knocking on the door.

"Rose, be strong," she called out and I tried to focus but then he took off his pants. Emmett was going commando which he knew was a turn on for me…..double damn! Before I could think about it we were on the bed and my body was taking over. It was going to be a long night.

By the time the sun was coming up we were still going at it. My whole body was on fire and every ounce of passion we saved up during the week was now coming out. Screw the wedding night I needed him more with each thrust. After two more hours we finally pulled away from one another and he had that gorgeous smile on his face. It made me smile knowing I could make him look so satisfied and I never got tired of seeing it. He slowly got up and stretched giving me a perfect view of his sculpted behind. He pulled on his pants.

"So what you're going to hit it and quit it," I teased getting a booming laugh out of him.

"Well I need to hunt since I didn't last night because I am going on this amazing honeymoon tonight and I want to be full of energy," he teased back and I bit my lip. Emmett was always full of energy but knowing he planned on hunting to make sure he had even more just added to my already boiling over passion for him.

"Sounds like a lucky girl will be with you tonight," I giggled as I put on my black silk robe. He wrapped me in his arms and gave me a kiss.

"I am definitely the lucky one in the relationship," he smiled and I kissed him passionately. I was about to get lost in him again so I quickly pulled away and pushed him out the door.

"Leave before I make you my love slave again," I said before shutting and locking it. I heard him laugh and whistle as he walked down the stairs. He was so amazing and I looked at my dress in the closet happy to be marrying him again today.

Emmett POV

Last night was so amazing! Every time I was with my Rose I felt alive, but now as I tied my tie and looked in the mirror I felt nervous…..crap! Why did I always feel nervous about another wedding? We are already married idiot calm down! Edward laughed at me as he walked into the room. We were at his and Bella's cottage since the girls kicked us out of the house. He straightened my tie for me.

"You are a pro at getting married Emmett don't worry," he smiled and I nodded but it didn't help. My stomach was full of butterflies. Tell the butterflies I am a pro at marriage Edward! He laughed and Jasper came into the room calm and collected.

"Yo bring some of that my way," I ordered Jasper and he laughed as well before winking. Suddenly I felt a rush of calm come over me and it helped a little. He patted my shoulder.

"Just focus on the honeymoon," he suggested and I smiled. Honeymoon, honeymoon, I started to chant in my head and Jasper and Edward were cracking up making me frown.

"What," I asked and they pointed at me. I looked in the mirror and realized I was bouncing up and down and doing a little dance with the chant. I shrugged and continued. Honeymoon, honeymoon, Rose naked, honeymoon, honeymoon, hot tub, honeymoon, honeymoon. They were doubled over from laughing so much and Carlisle walked in giving a laugh when he saw my dance.

"Doing the honeymoon dance I see," he smiled and I did as well. I always got nervous before my wedding and the dance always helped. It had nothing to do with being nervous about loving Rose or her loving me. It had to do with the fact that it was a really special and romantic occasion we were sharing with family and friends. This wedding in particular was going to be huge and everyone we knew was coming. The vampires coming all knew we were just renewing our vows but the humans coming thought we were getting married for the first time. Charlie was the only one who knew what we really were and Renee just assumed something was different about us but with her it was more like don't ask don't tell. I wanted everything to go great and that was why I was nervous. The butterflies came back full throttle and I did my dance starting to calm down again. Honeymoon, honeymoon…..damn I can't wait for the honeymoon.

Rose POV

It was almost time to go and I was pretty nervous. Today was a big day and Emmett and I usually had such small weddings. It would usually be only our family and maybe the Denali family as well but this time around Alice went all out. The woman was a Nazi! Everything had to be perfect and ever since Bella and Edward's wedding she had been wanting to plan ours…..I'll be thanking Bella for that later! Speaking of the devil, I smirked.

"You ready," smiled Bella and I slowly nodded.

"How many people are out there," I asked a bit nervous.

"Why Rosalie Hale Cullen are you actually nervous? You of all people should be ecstatic about the attention," she teased and I quickly flipped her off getting a laugh out of her.

"Our weddings are usually intimate settings not something for everyone we know to see," I explained and she smiled.

"Well you should have thought of that before you let Alice plan." We both looked at each other.

"Nazi," we giggled and Alice walked in.

"I heard that," she sang and we giggled even more. Esme walked in and I took in a deep breath knowing this part….it was time.

Emmett POV

Carlisle led me to the gazebo in the backyard to wait until it was time to begin. Honeymoon, honeymoon, strip tease, honeymoon. Edward was trying to not laugh too much as he finished seating the guests.

The backyard was lined with row after row of white wooden chairs. Each one had a white cushion on the seat and a satin bow across the back. The aroma of peaches and roses filled the air, bouquets of the fragrant flower were scattered everywhere you turned and a white, fabric runner, lined the center aisle.

There were a lot of people here! All of the kids we hung out with at school showed up and Bella's parents did as well. Most of the guests were vampires and I smirked imagining how the humans would react knowing they were surrounded by blood sucking vamps.

"Badly," whispered Edward as he came to stand by me. I was happy to have him and Jasper by my side. Jasper was doing a great job sending me calming vibes which I was thankful for.

Moments later, our mother came out the back door, beaming and I straightened up as the music began. Her face was full of pride and love as she glided down the aisle. Renesmee was walking with her placing roses on the ground and I smiled at my adorable niece. Edward smiled brightly and Renesmee came to stand by him. I gave her a wink before looking back at Esme who was almost in position. I looked over at Carlisle who was also our minister and he was smiling from ear to ear at his wife.

I took in a deep breath seeing Bella and Alice coming down as well but all I was focused on was the footsteps of Rosalie drawing near. I began to bounce a little and Jasper placed his hand on my shoulder causing me to relax. The vampires in the audience giggled a little and I rolled my eyes. Hey you try waiting patiently for the most beautiful woman in the world to come down the aisle to marry you!

I focused my attention on Charlie who looked really uncomfortable in his suit, tugging on the collar of his shirt. It was interesting to watch how at ease he looked even though he knew what we were. I guess he figured that if Bella was one of us and so was Renesmee we couldn't be that bad. He accepted the idea of us pretty well especially since he was always a bit curious about us and while he knew what we were that was as far as the information went. He didn't need to know anything else and as long as he didn't, he was safe from the Volturi. I looked at all the vampires in the rows who helped us against the Italian bastards and gave a smile. It was nice to know whenever we needed help we always had a kickass army. They knew we had their backs as well and that was one of the most reassuring things when it came to the Volturi. Our family scared them, but knowing just how many of our friends had powers and they would protect us too scared them even more.

Suddenly the vampires turned toward the entrance and I gasped realizing it was time. Only seconds had passed since I heard her footsteps but I was so entranced with my thoughts I didn't realize my Rose was about to appear. When I saw her, I stopped breathing. I took a step forward as my body was ready to run to her at full speed and kiss her madly but thankfully Jasper and Edward stopped me with smiles on their faces.

Rose looked amazing, no amazing didn't describe her. She looked beyond words because she always looked perfect and amazing but today was even better. Her hair was pulled up exposing her long neck…damn I want to lick her up and down right now! Edward cleared his throat and I regained composure. She slowly made her way toward me and my smile got bigger with every step. She walked up to me and I gulped.

"Damn," was all I could get out in a whisper and she giggled along with the vampires in the audience.

"You like," she teased and I slowly nodded. At that moment it took everything within me to not kiss her fiercely, put her over my shoulder and run into our bedroom. She saw the look in my eyes and gave me a wink.

"Easy big guy," she smiled and I took in a deep breath. This woman was trying to kill me! There was no way in the world she didn't know what she was doing to me and tonight I would show her just how much she affected me. Carlisle cleared his throat and I snapped out of my trance. We both smiled at him letting him know he could begin and my eyes locked back on my beautiful wife.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, and in the presence of these witnesses, to join together Emmett and Rosalie in the bond of matrimony. This bond is eternal, never ending, for all the days of your lives." I smiled at the words. It was the best part of the whole thing, knowing Rose was mine forever.

"Emmett and Rosalie have written their own vows," he said and I cleared my throat. Rose gave me a daring look knowing I tended to write pretty daring stuff when I thought about my vows but this time around I wanted to surprise her.

"Rose, you know I love you and I would do anything for you. We have been through some pretty insane stuff especially lately," I smirked and looked at Bella who gave me a wink.

"I know I'm not exactly the greatest with words, but this is coming straight from my heart. You are everything to me and I can't imagine my life without you. There is no me without you and you're right we should make the most out of all the time we have together because even though we have forever it will never be enough. I can never get enough of you. You're my whole heart, and my whole life, I love you." Rose was speechless, mission accomplished! I smiled proudly at my effect on her. Carlisle nodded surprised as well and looking very proud.

"Rosalie," he cued and she snapped out of her trance.

"Emmett, my life before you was, to put it simply, nothing. Then some miracle of fate led me to find you. We have been through so much and I love you with all of my heart. I am so happy to be spending forever with you and there aren't enough words in the world to tell you how much you mean to me. I love you, and I am entirely yours." I smiled at the words nodding my head happily at the words 'entirely yours'. She giggled and gave me a wink.

Carlisle showed us the two rings in his hand. I loved my ring and Rose was extremely attached to hers. I tried to get her a new one but she refused. I had to admit the one she had was perfect. I gave it to her on our first wedding day and she has treasured it ever since. It still looked flawless to this day.

"These rings are a symbol of the unending love that these two share. The moment they met, they began this journey together and from this day on, they will continue together, side by side, as equals, for all time. May they be blessed with every one of the gifts they so rightfully deserve. May their love grow over time, may their love endure all things and may they never part." I smiled as Carlisle spoke and put Rose's hand to my lips. I smiled as she spoke.

"With this ring I thee wed, and commit myself to you, forever," she smiled and slipped the ring on my finger. I placed her hand back in mine.

"With this ring I thee wed, and commit myself to you forever," I nodded and slipped her perfect ring on her finger as well. I became lost in her eyes and then quickly looked at Carlisle urging him to hurry up. He laughed.

"Rosalie and Emmett, you have exchanged vows and rings, and consented to marry in the presence of your family and friends, by the power vested in me I now pronounce you husband and wife. Emmett you may now kiss the bride." He didn't have to tell me twice! I pulled Rose into my arms and kissed her passionately. She moaned and pulled me closer. I heard someone clear their throat and I slowly pulled away to see Edward giving us a look and Bella covering Renesmee's eyes. Everyone else was laughing and I shrugged.

"Sorry," I smiled happily and walked with my wife down the aisle.

Rose POV

What a wedding! Each time I married Emmett seemed to be better than the last. It was so perfect this time around as well and his vows made me totally stop functioning. He was so sweet and I would be showing him my appreciation later tonight. We planned on leaving for our cabin in Toronto after the reception and I couldn't wait. Usually we could leave right after the wedding since we didn't have a reception. It wasn't like we ate food or wanted to do anything but head to the nearest bed but Alice insisted on a reception since our human friends were coming. I didn't even want to invite them but Alice was right. We needed to keep up pretenses and they expected us to get married soon since they figured we were out of college now. It all seemed very human. I smiled as I watched my Emmett dancing with Renesmee on the dance floor. She was resting against his chest with a huge smile on her face. She was the only girl who could do that and get away with it. Bella giggled as she came to stand by me.

"I think she is stealing your husband," she teased and I nodded with a fake frown.

"I know, she's definitely my competition." We smiled even more and Emmett winked at me hearing the comment. I blew him a kiss and slowly made my way toward them not wanting to ruin Renesmee's moment. She saw me and lifted her head. I gave a curtsy.

"May I cut in," I asked and she slowly nodded. I gave her a kiss and wink.

"Don't worry I'll make sure you get another dance before the night is over." She smiled and nodded happily before going to dance with her daddy. Emmett gave a chuckle.

"I can't believe how attached she is to me." I rested my head on his shoulder as we danced.

"Well I can see why," I teased.

"I am quite a catch aren't I," he smiled and I giggled at his arrogance.

"As much as I would love to burst your bubble….I can't. You are definitely a catch and what you said during the wedding was amazing Em." He smiled even more showing off his gorgeous dimples.

"I knew you would like it. Does that mean I have some bonus points for tonight?" I ran my hand through his hair and pulled him in for a kiss. I heard him moan as I subtly rubbed against him. I reluctantly pulled away.

"Trust me I have a few things in mind." He grinned as only Emmett could and I felt a tap on my shoulder.

"It is tradition for the father to dance with the bride," said Carlisle and I nodded before placing my hand in his. Emmett began to dance with Esme and I smiled at Carlisle.

"I don't think we have ever done this," I giggled and he shook his head.

"A reception didn't seem to work for you two before but with all of these people," he said as he looked around, "I guess it was only proper." I nodded.

"I don't mind though it is actually really nice to be able to have a traditional wedding." He slowly nodded and looked down. I could tell something was on his mind. It wasn't like Carlisle to look like that.

"What is it?" He sighed and looked at me.

"You know when we were all on the battlefield and the Volturi were trying to decide whether to fight or not I was pretty sure at that moment we would have to fight. I thought some of us would survive but I knew we all wouldn't," he confessed and I didn't know what to say.

"Every moment of my existence ran through my head and I realized that with Esme I had always told her what I wanted her to know. We both knew we loved each other, with Edward he knew how proud I was of him, Emmett and Jasper did as well and Alice and I are always in some discussion so I knew all of them knew what I needed them to know…..that I loved them, but you Rose, I still had so much to tell." He looked down and cleared his throat.

"The night I found you…."

"Carlisle you don't have to….."

"Yes, I do because I don't want to go another eighty years without you knowing. I didn't do it for Edward, Rosalie," he confessed and I looked at him confused.

"I didn't turn you for him, I told myself I did but I knew that was a lie. When I saw you I had to save you no matter what because I felt for you what I had never felt before. I felt what a father feels for their child and it killed me seeing you like that." I was so happy I wasn't capable of crying because tears would have been streaming down my face.

"You are my daughter and I love you so much. I have watched you change into the woman you are today and I am so proud of you Rose. I know Emmett is the reason for that and I knew the day you told me to save him that he was special. I am so thankful for him not only because he is my son but because he gave me my daughter." I hugged him tightly and he smiled.

"I love you," he said and I looked into his eyes. I never said the words to Carlisle in my whole existence.

"I love you too…..dad." The smile on his face was enough to brighten the whole room and he hugged me again before pulling away. Emmett walked over to us with his arms crossed trying to pout.

"Hey this is my time," he teased and pulled me over to him, "get your own date dad!" Carlisle laughed and Esme walked over to him. We all smiled at each other and Esme sighed contently.

"I am so proud of you two. I love you both very much." Emmett and I smiled back. I gave her a hug.

"I love you too mom," I said and she stood there shocked. I pulled Emmett back onto the dance floor leaving Carlisle there to explain to Esme what just happened.

Emmett POV

Honeymoon, honeymoon, Rose moaning, Honeymoon, honeymoon, I was pulled out of my song and dance by Edward.

"The wedding is over why are you still nervous?" I shook my head with a smile.

"I'm not it's just a good song especially since I am about to go on my honeymoon, honeymoon, big bed, honeymoon, honeymoon." He started laughing and Bella walked over to him rolling her eyes at me.

"You are so sexually charged," she giggled and I frowned. I pointed at the sleeping Renesmee in her arms.

"Hey not in front of my future wife," I teased Edward and he punched my shoulder causing me to laugh.

"She's knocked out Emmett, the dancing wore her out," said Bella and I smiled before kissing Renesmee's forehead. I felt two arms wrap around my waist and I began to sway with the hips pressed against me.

"Honeymoon, honeymoon," sang Rose in my ear and I nodded happily as Edward and Bella laughed. Jasper, Alice, Carlisle and Esme all walked over as well and smiled.

"Well have fun, when will you be back," asked Carlisle and Rosalie sighed.

"Well at first we were going to make it a long honeymoon but since a certain someone would have issues with that…." She pointed at Renesmee, "…we'll be back in two weeks. That's as short as I am willing to make it." They all laughed and we smiled at Renesmee knowing she affected all of our lives so much. We gave them all hugs and I pulled Rose toward the door.

"Hey Rose, you know how I got bonus points for the vows?" She slowly nodded and I smiled.

"Well I plan on needing a lot of bonus points so I decided to get you something special especially since you wouldn't let me get you another ring." She looked at me curiously and I pulled her outside. She stopped dead in her tracks and I laughed at the priceless expression on her face. I loved being able to surprise her. There in front of our house was a sleek, black Aston Martin Vanquish. I placed my arms around her waist as the others walked out to check it out as well.

"Emmett….you…you didn't," she tried to speak and I smiled as I nodded.

"I even tweaked the engine so it could go the speeds you like baby, with the help of Edward and Jasper of course." She hugged me happily before hugging Jasper and Edward and then ran over to her new car. She ran her hand over its hood, stroking it and I walked over to her.

"I figured it would be perfect to drive up to Toronto in," I suggested and her eyes widened. I opened the door for her and she quickly got in turning it on and revving the engine. I said goodbye to the others for the both of us knowing she was in her own little world and then hopped in as well. She kissed me passionately and gave me the sexiest look I had ever seen. Her eyes were full of lust and desire.

"Oh Em, you are getting so lucky these next two weeks," she hissed out and my whole body stiffened with excitement. I began to bounce in the seat next to her as we took off.

"Honeymoon, honeymoon, bonus points, honeymoon," I sang as she laughed and we headed to Toronto. I love my life!